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Beautiful model Lilia Spinoza

You may have seen Lilia Spinoza on Clare Fonda’s new spanking movie “Exclusive Education 6” where she plays a naughty cheerleader. On her website she says “I’m a full-time college student, part time belly dancer and model… My sense of humor ranges everywhere from dorky/ditzy to morbid/macabre, so I’m not easily offended, very easily amused, go-with-the-flow, and pleasant to work with.” Despite her day job of learning Lilia has already an impressive portfolio as a model and bellydancing and is set to take the spanking world by storm. While she may be new to spanking infront of the camera, she is well used to spanking…

I hardly know anything about you at all, can you tell me a bit about you please.

I’m a NERD, I draw fangs and smiles on my lab face-masks, I’ve been belly dancing since I was 13, I love roses, I like movies that don’t have happy endings, I put hot sauce and/or lemon on almost everything I eat, I love traveling, I LOVE tattoos and will get me some (eventually), I have sound effects, I was born and raised in LA, I want to move to Mars for its 25-hour-days, I like to draw (and am somewhat good at it), I’m a night owl, I like creepy/weird stuff, I’m a good listener, I like corny jokes, I would celebrate Halloween again on Christmas (and not just because it’s my birthday), I’m a visual learner/thinker and I would prefer to communicate via telepathic finger-painting if I could, Keroppi is my favorite Hello Kitty character, and I don’t like spam.

What came first for you, being a model or being a belly dancer? How did it all start?

Bellydancing came first. It all started when I was 13: My cousin was taking a Hawaiian dance class, and was constantly boasting about her tiny waist. Being the self-conscious, insecure, adolescent girl that I was, I too wanted a tiny waist, and I promptly went to my local parks and recreation center to sign up for Hawaiian dance. The class was full, so I signed up for belly dance, which I thought would do the trick as well. I kept at it, and after a few years, I got pretty good at it. It turned into an artistic exercise outlet for me. When I was 17, my teacher encouraged me to perform in showcases. I did, and it all snowballed from there.

When I was 22, I took my first steps into BDSM. I frequented the L.A. clubs quite a bit. Inevitably, I stumbled upon rope bondage, and quickly became an avid fan. I was lucky enough to meet and play with DonSir, who invited me to do my first photo shoot. It all escalated from there: I met models and photographers, and gradually started to shooting on a semi-regular basis..

Lilia Spinoza posing in a belldancing-style photo

We’re obviously not an expert at this but your bellydancing is very sexy, is it the same style as has always been danced or is that a modern style?

Most of my training has been classical Egyptian style. However, I also thoroughly enjoy bellydance “fusion”, which is the combination of styles and techniques of other dance forms with bellydance.

I like your portfolio, there’s one photo of you in a woolly hat crossing your eyes. Do you have any other special talents?

Yes! I can roll my tongue into a taco, and I can raise either eyebrow individually.

In Exclusive Education 6 (on Girl Spanks Girl) you appear as a cheerleader in Clare Fonda’s epic classroom spanking movie. Had you done any spanking before that? How did the shoot go?

I had done spanking before that: I had shot with Assume The Position Studios a few times prior to that. I had also done PLENTY of “recreational” spanking in BDSM. The shoot went delightfully well. Clare Fonda is wonderful to work with, all the girls were very helpful and friendly to each other, and the atmosphere was fun and easy-going. I had a wonderful time!

Lilia Spinoza plays a naughty cheerleader in Exclusive Education 6

What made you decide to try a spanking shoot?

I had been encouraged before by a few photographers and some models to try it (they all said I have the butt for it). Additionally, spanking is something I really enjoy doing.

Do you like getting spanked? If so, what is it you like about it?

I love getting spanked! I like pain, I like the endorphin rush I get after experiencing pain, I like being submissive (to certain people), but I think my greatest contributor to my love of spanking is that I like having my bum played with.

What would be a perfect spanking for Lilia Spinoza?

I LOVE over-the-knee, bare-handed spanking; preferably by a male authority figure. After nice warm-up, I do like to progressively increase the intensity, with little breaks

Does spanking turn you on?

It depends on who is spanking me. My butt cheeks are like two giant “ON” buttons when the right person touches them.

Big-bottom cheerleader Lilia Spinoza gets spanked at the front of the class by Clare Fonda

Do you/would you switch?

Yes, I do switch. Although I haven’t done so for a shoot… yet 😉

What other fetishes do you have?

I’m into Kinbaku (Japanese rope bondage), D/s, and pain in general.

What spanking implements do you like and which do you not like?

Bare hands are my favorite. My least favorite are paddles.

Any plans to do any more spanking shoots?

Absolutely 🙂 I’ll be shooting again with Clare later this month.

You can see Lilia Spinoza’s portfolio and contact her at her website and you can see Lilia in action in Exclusive Education 6 at Girl Spanks Girl.


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