Erica Scott

Erica Scott

Sometimes when I’m thinking up some questions to ask for this website I don’t know much about them other than having seen them in their spanking scenes on the internet. From reading Erica Scott’s blog I feel like I almost know her already and I think she may be the only person I’ve interviewed so far with an autobiography “Late Bloomer.” As the title suggests, Erica came to spanking later in life but seems to have taken to it like a duck to water. Erica is a lovely tall, slim brunette whom you may have seen on websites such as Shadow Lane, Northern Spanking and Sarah Gregory Spanking where she plays on camera, and she also plays recreationally. I’m sure everything I have to ask will either be covered either on the blog or autobiography but hopefully it’ll be a starter pack for people who don’t know Erica Scott yet.

We were lucky enough to ask Erica some questions in November 2011..

The blurb to your book mentions the troubles you had to overcome before you got into spanking. Are you better now?

I am much better, thank you. The eating disorders have been well under control for several years now. As for depression, that will always be with me to some degree, but as I said in my book, my worst days now are still better than my best days back then. Fully accepting my kink and immersing myself in the spanking scene worked wonders for my self-confidence and esteem.

Did you always fantasize about spanking, or what was the spark that put it into your mind?

No spark that I can recall; it’s always been with me, even when I was a small child and had no idea what I was feeling. You can add me to the endless list of people who, as children, looked up “spank” and all its synonyms in the dictionary, felt belly-flops when they saw a spanking scene on TV or in a movie, etc. I was kind of a strange child to begin with, so I thought this was just more of my weirdness.

I’ve just been reading some of your blog, you talk a lot about John and ST. Who are they please?

John is my boyfriend; we have been a couple since 1996, but we don’t live together. I met him when I placed a spanking personal ad in a local free paper (this was before I got on the Internet). This was shortly after I first “came out” as a spanko, so my relationship with him grew alongside my growth in the scene.

ST is my friend and play partner. He goes by the name “SpankoTango” on FetLife, which explains the initials. For a long time, I called him “New Guy,” but after a year, that seemed a little ridiculous. He comes over to my place every Monday and we have a spanking session, which I then blog about. Readers have come to enjoy that regular feature and I enjoy writing about our adventures.

Erica Scott spanked by Steve Fuller in Shadow Lane's The Spanking Professor

In a recent post you were talking about getting spanked by ST and you were saying how you were trying to be quiet because you have a new neighbour. How loud are you normally during a spanking? Does muffling your cries change the experience of a spanking?

I am normally quite loud, as my fellow party-goers will attest to! When being spanked at a party or a shoot, I will holler, sass, swear, make a lot of noise before I settle into the scene and quiet down a little. But in my apartment, I have to be careful. I figure my neighbors can hear the smacking sounds, but if they don’t hear any accompanying screams or protests, they can’t quite determine what’s going on. I must be doing something right, because I’ve been playing in this apartment for over 15 years and have never had a complaint.

Muffling my cries has a bit of an effect on the experience, because part of my mind always has to be aware of my sounds and reactions and I can’t fully lose myself in the scene. But I’ve been doing it for so long, it’s fairly automatic. That said, it’s really a treat when I get a chance to let go and be noisy!

Do you find that being spanked helps you deal with ordinary life better? If you go without being spanked for a period of time what happens?

It isn’t pretty, let me tell you. I am a very moody and mercurial person, and regular spanking helps me release stress and manage my wayward emotions. If I go without spanking for a while, not only do I miss the sensation, the special attention, etc., but I can feel angry, weepy, restless, depressed, prickly… sometimes all of those. Like I said, it isn’t pretty. That’s when my blog gets particularly snarky.

For me, spanking has the same effect as vigorous exercise; it releases endorphins along with the stress, and I feel much calmer and happier afterward. Unfortunately, the effects are short-lived and I always need more!

Erica Scott punished by The Villain at the Spanking Court

What is the “Spanking Court”?

Spanking Court is the brainchild of Alpine Sierra Studios, run by Cali and Heinz. They’ve been shooting for over a year and their premise is simple: People with a dispute, a claim, an issue that needs resolving, come to the Court and present their case to the judge. Topics addressed have included speeders, rude neighbors, perpetrators of malicious pranks, exam cheaters, and errant wives. The judge passes sentence (a number of strokes from 100-300 with the implement of his choosing), and the defendant is remanded to the bailiff (Dana Kane) and the court disciplinarian (The Villain) for the punishment. The sentencing room is formidable, with spanking benches and two walls filled with implements. The spankee has to count the strokes out loud.

I was lucky enough to shoot with them this year, a story arc with six scenes. My last scene was shot on November 5. Spanking Court has been headquartered in Hollywood, CA, but they will be relocating. I will miss them, but hope to be flown to their new location sometime next year for more. You couldn’t ask for a nicer, more fun group of people!

Can you tell me what is it you like about getting spanked?

In a word: everything. But I guess that’s a boring answer.

Physically, I love the sensation of the impact, the pain that blends seamlessly into pleasure. The feeling of his hands, his thighs under my belly, the sound of his voice. Physiologically, I love the endorphin surge and all those delicious feelings that ensue. Emotionally, so many things… the power exchange. The pretense of not wanting it when we both know I do. The game of it: the tease, the anticipation, the banter, the push and the pull, the struggle—all the while knowing that he will win (and because of that, of course, so will I).

It’s sexy, it’s naughty, it’s (somewhat) forbidden and it’s fun.

What makes a good spanker for you?

Powerful hands, dexterity with implements, a calm voice and demeanor, a strong presence that commands to be taken seriously. A man who knows the difference between assertion and aggression, confidence and arrogance, and who can read me and know when it’s time to push and when to back off a bit. Someone strict and firm but caring, who knows how to caress as well as chastise. He respects limits, but knows when he can challenge them a little.

But what takes him from good to excellent is a mutual attraction, an emotional connection, and trust.

Erica Scott and Sarah Gregory punished together with the ruler by Paul Rogers

Do you/would you switch?

I do not; it’s not in me. I have a toppy personality, but I don’t have the capacity to inflict pain, no matter how much the other person wants it. I tried many years ago with John (he is a switch). I got dressed up in black lingerie and heels, and he had me flicking him with a riding crop. What a joke that was; every time he flinched, I’d stop and blurt, “Oh, honey, are you OK?” Some top!

I topped once on video, very briefly, and I still can’t watch that scene. I will never do that again.

Some people say that going from bottom to switch is a natural (and somewhat inevitable) progression in the scene. Not for this girl.

What spanking implements do you like and which do you not like?

I’m more partial to leather than to wood. It’s hard to say which implements are my favorites, since there are so many sizes, shapes and materials and no two are quite alike. I do love a man’s belt; not just the feel of it, but the snapping sound, the ritual of his unbuckling it, yanking it from the loops and doubling it. Hairbrushes hurt like crazy, but they work well with OTK and their classic look in a spanking scene is undeniable. I like some thinner, lighter wooden paddles that pack a sting, but one of my hard limits is the thick, heavy “frat-style” paddles.

Generally, if it stings and snaps, I like it, but if it strikes with a dull thud and feels like I’m getting hit with a 2 x 4, I’ll pass on it.

Erica Scott lies over the bed next to some spanking implements during a private session with ST

What does the future hold for Erica Scott?

I have no video plans at this point. Every time I do a shoot, I think it may be my last, because I’m a lot older than most video bottoms and my “career” has been a bit of an anomaly. But then someone or another always comes along and yanks me out of retirement, so who knows? I absolutely adore shooting, so I hope that will continue.

I’m toying with the idea of collecting all my “Correspondence Hall of Shame” entries from over the years and creating a book out of them. And of course, lots more blogging and lots more spanking!

You can see and read much more about Erica Scott’s spankings at her blog: Erica Scott: Life, Love & Spanking and you can find a copy of Erica’s book here!


5 thoughts on “Erica Scott

  1. Great interview with Erica! She’s still one of the all time great spankos in the scene! I love Erica’s blog, and if you’ve not read it.. her honesty, and sense of humor will hook you in the first read and you’ll become a follower! Speaking of reading… Erica’s autobiography, “LATE BLOOMER”! is wonderful insight into this incredible and diverse woman. It’s a page turner you won’t want to put down!

    Thank you for the interview, as Erica is someone to look up to in the scene, and it quite the role model and mentor to many newbies just coming on the scene. ♥


  2. Thank you for this interview with Erica Scott, a true spanking enthusiast, great actress, and all-around fantastic human being. I may be considered slightly biased due to our friendship, but it’s all still very, very true. Her book, Late Bloomer, is an excellent memoir and a must-read for folks who grew up wondering why they felt ‘different’.

    – Dana Kane

  3. Zelle, Missy, Dana — I love you guys! 🙂

    Mark — thank you so much for asking me to do this interview. It was my pleasure and I enjoyed your questions.

  4. Erica, can you suggest to whoever is in charge of ‘Spanking Court’ productions. Let the guilty one’s who are spanked, wear regular type of clothing. ‘NOT, the ‘orange’, ones, they look horrible. Variety is the spice of life, so let it be with clothing. Thank you. I like the interview.

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