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Lana and Snow Mercy spank two naughty ladies in Exclusive Education 6

While readers of this website may only be aware of Snow Mercy from her internet spanking scenes, Snow Mercy’s blog tells us that she’s also “a professional dominant, fetish model, multimedia artist, radio personality, film & television actress, photographer, videographer, video editor, film director, scholar, humanitarian, and world traveler.” With naturally dark hair and porcelain skin it seems like Snow was born for the world of kink. Not only is she beautiful, tall and shapely but she is also very intelligent with a great sense of humour. Snow works as a dominant at The Dominion and has many interests outside of spanking, as we discovered. Snow Mercy was kind enough to answer our questions in June 2012…

I’ve read that you had an interest in BDSM from a young age. What came first for you, the spanking or the BDSM?

I was primarily into spanking and simple rope bondage as early as 4 or 5 years old.

Did you start off with one fetish and broaden out or did you try everything from the start?

I started with spanking and rope bondage, mixed with role play. Later I met someone who was skilled in many areas of BDSM, some of which I had no idea that existed, like mummification. That’s the time when I really dove into bdsm. He and I started going to local Hollywood BDSM clubs where I picked up more skills.

What was your first BDSM experience? Top or bottom?

Bottom for many, many years. It never occurred to me to be a top until I started working at The Dominion, L.A.’s longest running dungeon.

Is there any conflict between getting spanked and being a dominant?

Well, in the strict sense of BDSM, yes there is conflict. A domme is not someone who gets spanked. It’s a submissive role to be spanked.

Snow Mercy gave some classes at The Dominion's Third Annual Valentines Day Worshop

You are tall, shapely, beautiful and sophisticated. These matters always depend on the level of tolerance of the other person, but do you also bring the pain?

Thank you! You are very kind. I’m a sensual sadist. I am known to dish out pain when it is carefully negotiated in a safe, sane way. I’m very strong and can deliver quite a lot of impact.

There will be dominants who have different styles but generally, what makes a good domme?

This question, “What makes a good domme?” is often discussed and I hear a lot of opinions. I’ll attempt to give my take on this subject.

A “good domme” can be any gender, size, shape, age, and can come from any background. Anyone is eligible. It seems the single, unifying qualities I see in good dommes are confidence, self-control, responsibility, humility, and compassion.

Confidence is probably the most important quality I try to teach to people I mentor who wish to be dommes. It’s easier to be confident if the person understands how to use implements with skill, knows the limits of the environment/sub/self, and is open to the experience.

Self-control—some dommes lack it and this can lead to boundaries getting crossed, injuries, and feelings being hurt.

Responsibility for the safety of others, the relationships involved or evolving, play space, finances, environment, schedules, etc., make a domme into a good domme. There is always a time and place for everything. If a domme makes His/Her sub miss work because a scene was too demanding or has visible marks, or if a domme leaves behind a play space a mess isn’t being responsible.

Being able to admit to mistakes, being able to make compromises like, “No, you don’t have to call me Master in front of your grandma,” being able accept constructive criticism, and not boasting are very desirable traits in a good domme.

Compassion. If a domme lacks compassion…run away!

I often hear, “The best domes were the best subs,” but this isn’t entirely true. Some dommes I know and respect never played as a sub.

I could probably write a whole book on this subject, but I’ll end here.

Is spanking just a form of BDSM or do spanking people want different things to normal BDSMers?

I often find spankers/spankees will separate themselves from BDSM. It might be because BDSM involves so many forms of play that if a pure spanker includes this label, then it’s assumed the person is interested in more than spanking. However, I believe spanking is a form of BDSM. Specifically, it’s a form of impact play.

I’ve read that you met a dominatrix at a fetish club and decided to apply to The Dominion after plucking up courage. How did you get into being in front of the camera in spanking movies?

This is true. Before I ever considered doing spanking movies, I spent a lot of time doing fetish modeling. I also did a lot of acting here in Los Angeles. So the cross-over was natural after Dallas of asked me to star in a movie. I had gotten to know and trust Dallas, so I felt comfortable working with him on a movie. It seemed like a good way to branch out and reach an audience that shares my enthusiasm for spanking and make new friends. It worked!

How would you describe your relationship with spanking?

Happy and healthy!

Alanah Rae and Alicia Panettiere gang up on show Mercy with all three ladies in sexy nightgowns

What do you like about being spanked?

What I like depends on the person, situation, the relationship, my mood, etc. All of it interests me. Sometimes I want to send somehow back home with lasting memories, so I deliver an especially hard spanking. Sometimes I need a good release that only strict discipline mixed with pain can offer. It varies.

Does being spanked turn you on?

Yes, but shhh…don’t tell anyone. 😉

What would happen if your dominant self met your submissive/bottom self?

Oh, boy, that would be an epic moment. I’d make sure to have plenty of film to capture what unfolds. I can see it being rather intense…maybe some wrestling would be involved to overpower the submissive one…we can only dream.

Clare Fonda paddles Snow Mercy on the couch

Can you tell us a spanking fantasy that you might have at the moment.

Don’t you think Katy Perry deserves a good spanking on stage while wearing one of her silly outfits?

What implements do you like and which do you not like to use and receive?

My hands are my favorite spanking tool, followed by the strap, both as top and bottom. I don’t like using what we at The Dominion call the “lollipop” because it breaks skin so easily. We have a paddle used for ping pong that is very large thin plastic that I adore for both top and bottom play.

Anything spanking-related you won’t do?

I don’t like breaking skin.

What’s your most dreaded implement?

I HATE Dallas’ “pimp stick.” It’s evil.

Snow Mercy paddles Ten Amorette at the front of the class in Exclusive Education 6

I’ve heard you’ll be interviewing and spanking a new lady on Spanked Sweeties!! I like hearing what people have to say about spanking (obviously, lol) but I’m also looking forward to seeing more of you topping because a girl-girl scene with one beautiful lady topping another is just very sexy. Do you watch your scenes back? Do you like porn?

I’m happy to hear you are excited about my new interview on Spanked Sweeties. I don’t want to give anything away, but I interviewed Porcelain and I think you’ll be happy with it. It’s my first interview on the SS site as the one doing the interview. Be sure to watch it!

To tell you the truth, I don’t usually watch my own work, fetish and non-fetish. I am my own worst critic so I tend to not watch my own videos. I was there at the shoot so I know what happened, right? It’s nice to see how I look so that I can learn from it and make improvements, but I also don’t always have access to my work—many sites require passwords. There are a lot of videos I star in that I’ve never seen. I also don’t watch TV nor do I watch movies in general. I guess I’m a bit odd in this way.

Porn is great and I’ll watch it sometimes. However, I’m rather lucky and find myself in real-life situations that are on a porn-level. So I don’t find myself watching much porn lately. Tough life I have, right? I’ll sometimes watch rather exotic porn that I am too embarrassed to mention to spice things up. Some of my friends are porn stars so we’ll watch it more for a laugh to tease them…oh, it’s a fun life I have.

Your “About Me” on your blog there is a list of some of your interests. For those that don’t know, it’s a long list including radio, TV and charity work… and there’s also music! I love your new single “Dig Dig Dig (Gold Mine)”. You’re on your third album now, which is very impressive. Can you tell me about how you got into making music.

I’m was raised playing classical piano as a child and I am a flamenco dancer, which requires me to use my shoes and hands as percussion instruments. I’ve always been around musicians and have been in relationships with many professional musicians. It seems I’ve gravitated towards people in the music industry, but I never really considered myself a musician until recently. Last year I met legendary record producer Kim Fowley, who has worked and influenced some of the biggest names in music like KISS, Alice Cooper, Joan Jett (he discovered her), and so many others. (Google him for the long list of people he’s worked with.) He has dozens of gold and platinum records, and it’s his livelihood to record artists. So, in a way, I had no choice but to record with Kim. It’s what he does, and of course he’s going to produce albums using me as an artist.

Snow Mercy and Kim Fowley

I was just thinking whether being creative with fetish is the same as being creative with music. Does the music scratch a different itch?

Both take creativity and require me to be very emotive. People can relate to music in general, but not everyone relates to fetish. The majority of my music discusses fetish, like my songs “Dominatrix Doll Deluxe” and “Pleasure and Pain.” Both can be found on my first album called “Goddess of Love.” I sing what I know about and I try to make it fun, but it’s not the same as doing a scene.

I’ve just learnt that you have a PhD in Physics. Being a doctor of physics is just about the opposite of what you do now. Did you like the science?

I have a Ph.D. in biochemistry and molecular biology. It’s a single degree that encompasses several fields. Yes, it’s very different from being a pro domme. I like science and appreciate it, but right now I’m taking a break from it as a career. I definitely use the skills I acquired in school in my day-to-day life such as critical thinking skills. I’ll return to making a living in science when being an entertainer is no longer lucrative.

I’d noticed that one of your tattoos looks like some kind of atom or molecule. What is it please?

You are right, I actually have both tattoos. They’re my little secret, but anyone who does their research can decipher them.

On your fetlife… Do you have nice feet?

I have been told by many people that my feet are rather nice. I’ve even won the “Most Beautiful Feet” category at Foot Night International, which is an organization that hosts parties for foot fetishists. I spend a lot of time and care on my feet to keep them looking their best.

And, Latex, what’s good about it?

I feel like a giant doll when I wear latex because it’s so shiny, slick, and smooth. It’s like a second skin and shows off curves.

What does the future hold for Snow Mercy?

My life has been so unexpected that I honestly cannot predict where I will be in the future, but I can give a vague answer. I hope to continue bringing happiness and joy through my work, whatever that may be. I hope my future includes more artist projects, more traveling, humanitarian work, and lots of love. Of course, the future holds lots of spanking, but that goes without saying. =)

To read much more of Snow Mercy’s domination, spanking and fetish plus all her other work and interests go to Snow Mercy’s blog!


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