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Miss Cassie as Elvira in 2013

Miss Cassie is a sexy blonde Professional Domme who specializes in rope bondage. We were introduced to her via her appearances on the Clare Fonda websites, but Miss Cassie does plenty more, as you’ll read. We think Miss Cassie’s fans will recognise her personality from this interview in which she gives us some full and frank answers as well as educating us. These questions are meant as a follow up to Miss Cassie’s bio. Miss Cassie was kind enough to answer our questions in June 2016…

Did you have an interest in BDSM before you became a fetish model and started performing as a rope bottom? What first attracted you to the idea of BDSM?

It’s hard to explain what caused my initial intrigue because I really don’t know, I can only guess. I grew up watching westerns and recently while watching reruns of Daniel Boone realized just how much rope bondage and other things that could be BDSM related appear in the old western shows of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s. My favorite cartoon as a child was Dudley Do Right, which involves a lot of classic Damsel in Distress (DiD) scenarios. Some of the things I saw I tried on my siblings and friends when we played. Then of course there was my fascination with Harry Houdini the escape artist. When I was around 8 or 9 years old I stumbled across my uncle’s Wicked Wanda comics, that’s when I realized that sex happened outside the traditional Husband/Daddy/Wife/Mommy ideal my very sheltered world wanted me to believe and it was really naughty. I had my first BDSM spanking scene when I was about 27 years old. I was walking with my lunch date back to his car, he was an older gentleman and was quite respectful, certainly seemed benign. When we got into the car he told me just how much he enjoyed our lunch and was wondering if I would be open to indulging him in a role play game he really liked. It peaked my curiosity and since he didn’t want sex I said sure why not. He asked if he could give me a bare handed spanking on my bare butt laying across his lap while he called me dirty names. I liked it.

I imagine being a rope bottom is a bit like riding a rollercoaster. Were you nervous at first? How was your first time?

I wasn’t nervous as a rope bottom, I had a boyfriend who after the initial circus fuck stage of our relationship was over asked if I was open to trying something kinky. That was my first introduction to a safe word, sensory deprivation, bondage, spreader bars and blind folds. I was in my early thirties and it gave me a thirst for bondage I didn’t know had.

You teach various aspects of BDSM, I imagine it’s very different from teaching in a school/college. Rope bondage can be very pretty, and obviously restraining, but it also seems very technical, especially with something like suspension. With the right teacher can anyone pick it up? How long have you been involved with rope?

Rope Bondage is a skill like a sport or art form. You can learn many aspects of it, not every one feels the need to suspend, most just want to learn some things to enhance the intimate relation between them and their mate/s. I share an opinion with many of my fellow riggers that one should practice as many ties as possible on the ground before ever considering taking their rope bottom off the ground, for most people that’s about a year of practicing, taking classes and studying. We all know that a good teacher can be really helpful but it’s all going to come down to how much a person wants to put into learning this skill. It does require some spacial reasoning, physical coordination, memorization and discipline, so it is possible that this may be difficult to learn for some people. I’ve always played with rope a bit, circa 1992/93 when my boyfriend tied me to that bed I developed a passion for rope bondage and became very interested in learning more about BDSM. I been seriously involved in rope for almost 25 years.

Miss Cassie torments a rope bondage sub

What would be the one piece of advice you would give to anyone thinking about getting into rope bondage?

If someone is interested in learning about rope bondage, please get some education about rope bondage safety, some instructions for some basic ties (like a book, video, tutorial, classes for example) and learn a bit about basic anatomy so you don’t cut anyone’s circulation off, put to much pressure on a nerve area, bend a joint the wrong way or past your bottom’s ability to bend. Make sure you have some safety scissors and have cell phone signal when you play, just in case something happens beyond your control and ability to handle.

In your experience do people who are kinky go from one kink to another, or do they tend to find out what they like and stick with that?

Some people just know their kink right away and that’s their bliss. Many other’s are curious or under educated and need to learn or transition to what really speaks to their inner kinkster. Like anything in life, people grow, grow up, discover new things or re discover old passions. Sometimes they just move on because it was a phase or fad to them, not what they were seeking or it wasn’t what they thought it would be.

I imagine a lot of what you do now is teaching/instructing/doing the tying, are you still on the receiving end?

I’m rarely ever on the receiving end. Sometimes I’m asked to bottom for different projects, the last film I rigged for I was both the rope top and the bottom, I rigged one of their actors, then tied and suspended myself dressed in typical DiD wear, then a quick costume change and I was a Femme Domme Fatale who tied a helpless man to a rack torturing him in all sorts of delightful ways. So occasionally in a professional capacity I will switch. On the lifestyle side of things I’m a Domme, I pretty much had the masochist beat out me years ago, so I no longer feel that need to submit.

Do you prefer top or bottom?

I prefer to Domme/Dominate/Top.

Miss Cassie paddles a man in Femdom spanking

How does an online session work?

For on line web cam sessions and/or lessons, we chat briefly via email or phone about what they are looking for, rules and negotiate the fee which depends on what they are requesting. Then we schedule a session and take care of the agreed upon session fee.

Are you still learning in terms of kinkiness? Is there anything that you want to try out that you haven’t already tried?

Kink Education, yes I’m always learning new things. BDSM is an old tradition and I’ve been very fortunate to meet old guard, new guard, leather traditionalists, old school mistresses, new sensations and there are always new toys. I do have some things I desire to learn, things that are no longer in vogue on a different level, but for now that is my yummy delirious secret for me to savour as I see fit.

This website is primarily focused with spanking. It seems like during a spanking it would only take a handkerchief or neck tie to ties someone’s wrists or cover their eyes. Once you do that you’re almost at BDSM. Is it a similar buzz to be restrained on-the-fly during a spanking and getting restrained in BDSM, or is it a completely different feeling?

Some people like to mix spanking with restraints and some don’t. Just like some are only into bare handed OTK and others love paddles, brushes, switches, belts and other implements. The feeling is as individual as the people that are playing. I’ve played with total spankos with absolutely no need of restraints and played with those that if I didn’t restraint their limbs I was at risk of injury because of their flailing. BDSM is in the eye of the beholder, I know lots of people that do kinky things in their bedroom and have no clue that it may be BDSM stuff. From a practical stand point other than securing limbs because you have a kicker, there doesn’t seem to be many who combine the two things together.

Miss Cassie spanks sexy Brianna Brown at Spanked Sweeties

Any spanking experiences growing up?

I did get spanked as a child until I was around 10 years old for discipline reasons, nothing particularly exciting most people spanked their kids then as well as the nuns at my grade school when necessary. Most spankings were bare handed, the last couple of years there was a progression of wooden paddles. We were allowed to keep our pants on, the worst part was never the spanking. It was the freaking mind games and yelling that went with it to teach you a lesson.

Did you start off with adult spanking as a top or bottom? How was the first time?

As an adult I started from the bottom, see question one for my first experience.

Miss Cassie spanks sexy Brianna Brown at Spanked Sweeties

We’ve seen you in some spanking scenes on the internet. For you what would make the perfect spankee? Or, who would you like to spank? Or, who most needs a spanking?

I prefer to spank but I like to play too and I love an ample booty. One that has plenty of well distributed padding so I can spank from mid thigh to the meaty gluts, a beautiful female booty that has just the right amount of bounce so you can make it twerk and dance. I’m more into who wants a spanking then who needs a spanking.

I think it’s possible to be a spankee without doing any acting, technically all you’d have to do is lie over the knee. But, I think being a top requires some acting skills with the scolding and such. Are you naturally strict?

I can be very strict and stern. I like discipline, manners, protocol and order. I’m also capable of complete kaos and spontaneity. Depends on my mood and the other players involved in the scene as to what direction our whimsy may go.

What makes a good spanking scene?

Energy, commitment and passion make for a good spanking scene. If someone is just going through the motions your can tell, makes me wants to do something to get a reaction out of them, like poke them with a hat pin, lol just kidding. I’ve been very lucky that the women I’ve played with really enjoy what they do. I’ve worked with some fabulous directors and cameramen that really know how to make the spanking experience fun, full of life.

Anything spanking related you’d refuse to do?

I no longer switch or bottom for clients professionally because many years ago a man came in who wanted the typical school girl discipline scene. He promised he would warm me up properly before using paddles. He had some very, very hard wood paddles with no give. I had been spanked for so long I could really feel how hard he was hitting me. I was so bruised I couldn’t sit down for almost 2 months, after him and a few other untrained sadists I made the decision to only Domme professionally after that and the only people who touch my booty are other professionals who understand if you don’t damage the talent.

Miss Cassie getting spanked OTK

Do you like it when people top from the bottom?

I won’t play with anyone who tops from the bottom, I will either call the scene or gag them.

What does “call the scene” mean?

Call the scene means stop or end the scene.

You have a show on Talking Sex Radio called “Naughty or Nice”, sounds like a lot of fun, we’ve just listened to the show with Jack Steel. Can you tell us about your show please?

My show “Naughty or Nice with Miss Cassie” was on the TSR Network from Feb 2014 through June 2015, the TSR Network is currently on hiatus and I’m not sure when we will return to the air. It was a live web tv talk show with a chat room for our audience to talk, comment and ask questions. I interviewed so many people in the Kink community and Kink friendly communities. It was a total blast and my guests were fabulous! I had Mistresses, Dungeon owners, BDSM Educators, BDSM Celebrities, Musicians, Photographers, Fetish Models, Toy Makers, Activists, Tattoo Artists, Body Piercers, Event Promoters and others. We learned, we laughed, we shared, we had so much fun!!!!

Miss Cassie spanks Whitney Morgan at Spanked Sweeties

Have I missed anything out? What does the future hold for Miss Cassie?

I’m currently a Professional Dominatrix and I’m on staff at Sanctuary Studios LAX. I also teach rope bondage classes there twice a month and I teach every week on Wednesdays in North Hollywood at The Lair de Sade. I love teaching, please go to Miss Cassie Loves Rope if you’d like to find out more information about my skills, sessions, lessons, classes and how to contact me for sessions, lessons, classes, performances, events, modeling/acting or rigging. For the future I have many projects I’m working on and expect to launch soon, so stayed tuned this is going to be a fun ride!

This is our first interview for a while but Miss Cassie’s awesome answers have inspired us to attempt to do some more quite soon. Thanks Miss Cassie, and we hope everyone enjoyed the interview.

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