Spank Place is a blog containing original interviews with many of the familiar faces you know from spanking websites and spanking movies. At the moment there is a new interview going up every Thursday (until we run out of interviews) but there will also be articles and discussions about spanking eventually.

When I started interviewing people about their love of spanking I found it interesting from the outset, but the more I ask questions the more I’m learning about a fasinating and diverse fetish.

While there are certain similarities between different people there are some striking and very important differences. Some people enjoy the roleplay and light spanking, others need it to be harder for it to do anything for them. Some people are either dominant or submissive, some can be either (switches).

I also find it very interesting to find out how people first got into spanking, what was it that tweaked something in their brain and make them spankos. Sometimes it is an event in their life, or just a feeling, or maybe they were introduced into it by a partner.

The interviews here are all original and were carried out either face-to-face, via e-mail, instant messenger or on the phone… or a combination of ways 🙂

We are interested in interviewing a wide range of people who are involved in spanking so if you would like to answer some Qs and be a part of Spank Place please leave a comment and I’ll be in touch with questions!

Info about the header images and logos used on this website…

The header images come from Clare Fonda’s Exclusive Education spanking movie series that are available from the Girl Spanks Girl website (membership is also included within the Clare Fonda Pass). The icon and site logo (black paddle) is the Wood Ping-Pong Paddle with Holes from the Stockroom.

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