Alicia Panettiere

Alicia Panettiere presents her bottom during a spanking

The lovely Alicia Panettiere is a fairly new spanking model on the scene. Alicia is very much into spanking and gives private sessions as well as acting in spanking movies. Alicia is a beautiful lady from the Midwest who also models for glamour photography which shows an entirely new side to her. And if all that wasn’t enough Ms Panettiere is also a web designer!! You can already find many of Alicia’s spanking videos at her website & video store – and for more photos and discussions about spanking and related issues check out her blog –

We caughty up with Alicia in July 2010…

I’ve enjoyed reading your blog a lot. A recent article that I liked very much was about bratting, a lot of new bottoms could benefit from reading that post. It’s very well written indeed. Do you like bratting? Are you good at it?

Thank you! When I first came into the spanking scene as a bottom I would purposely do or say things to “get in trouble”, but it seemed that it was too forced. Honestly I am not and have never been any good at bratting in my opinion but I envy those who can do it and make it fun for both themselves and the Top.

You say, when discussing how you got into spanking on your blog, that it’s purely the discipline you crave, as opposed to the actual spanking. Do you not have to follow rules and behave at work? Whats the difference between what you need and the regular everyday school discipline (don’t run in corridors, etc)?

For me it all just goes back to the past. You would never know it by observing me at this point in my life, but as I grew up I was a terror to my parents and brother. I was the boss of the family, the “in charge” one. I ruled by intimidation and my parents didn’t know what to do about it so there was no discipline given. Somehow though, I turned out ok, but I have no idea how. I guess I realized that I needed to get it together once I became an adult so everything just snapped into place. But yet I still craved the discipline that I should have gotten all those years ago. It was missing and needed to be experienced. Receiving discipline nowadays is a healing and therapeutic experience for me. It sort of takes me back to my little girl self. So this being said I usually don’t “feel” like an adult when I’m being spanked. I don’t know if it is necessarily age play or not, but all I know is that it’s good for me. I don’t think I really answered the question, but it was good anyhow I guess. 😉

Do you need the spanking aspect of it or would a stern scolding and cornertime be enough? Do you get anything from the actual spanking?

For me, spanking is not about a physical sensation, but rather an inner feeling and mindset. There is just something about an authority figure taking the time and exerting themselves to punish me. Sending me to my room requires no effort on their part, but to physically “take me in hand” and spank me requires quite a bit of physical energy and exertion from them. It shows they really care for me to take the time to punish me like that. As for getting something out of the actual spanking, if scolding was to be totally removed from the picture, then no I wouldn’t get anything out of it at all – it would feel like someone was simply beating on me. The two have to be used in conjunction in order to evoke the feelings and mental place that I look to get to.

I do not believe that I need the actual spanking every single time. Quite honestly, if I’m being punished for a real-life issue, being grounded or restricted from privileges seems to be more effective at correcting me. Corner time and scolding alone doesn’t do much to correct a real misbehavior, but it is very good for getting into my headspace and causing me to feel very submissive and disciplined.

You say spanking isn’t sexual for you. Do you fantasize about it in a sexual way? Does it feel sexy afterwards or is it a turn-off? Do you think that maybe with the right person it might become sexual?

I don’t ever get aroused by spanking and I do not fantasize about it in a sexual way. My spanking interest is purely disciplinary and to me discipline and sexuality are on totally opposite ends of the spectrum and I don’t associate pleasure with pain.

I have never tried bringing spanking into my sex life so I don’t know whether or not it would work for me. If I was in a committed relationship, I would be open to experimenting with sensual spanking and sexuality. But for me there could be no scolding or pain involved with this.

What would be a perfect spanking for you?

There are so many different factors that can go into a good discipline spanking and I can’t possibly hit on them all, but here are a few that come to mind right now:

The perfect spanking has to include real, stern, scolding. The spanker needs to be someone who I know and trust and who knows and cares for me and understands what I need and want. I like being asked alot of questions about my behavior and being required to answer them quickly and respectfully. Being made to keep still and no kicking or excessive squirming, taking my punishment like a good girl. Getting “the look”. Being unexpectedly swatted while I’m standing in the corner, say for not answering a question quickly enough. Required to address someone as sir or ma’am. I like the spanking to occur in layers (i.e. over jeans, panties, and then bare bottom). After care is a big thing for me. I like to be held and cuddled afterwards and reassured that I’m still loved.

Alicia shows her dominant side as she spanks a naughty lady

How long have you been a practicing spanko for? And how long have you been switching?

I’ve been a practicing spanko since January 2009, and had my very first switching experience in August of that same year. The very first time that I spanked someone, it was a complete disaster! I was SO awkward, didn’t know what to say verbally as far as scolding, and only hit the spanking target zone like 20% of the swats I delivered. But word got out at the party and others asked me to spank them and even when I told them that I was terrible they still wanted me to try! As the evening wore on I became more and more comfortable with it and started enjoying it. January of 2010 marked my transition to Topping publicly and bottoming in my personal life only.

With my transition in January, I began getting requests from individuals who desired me to Top in private sessions. At first I wasn’t sure I was comfortable with being a “Professional Top” but in talking with some trusted friends and doing some self-searching, I decided that I would do it. The majority of people who I see are those who are extremely private with their spanking desires and who for various reasons can’t or won’t venture out to a public spanking event. They value the discretion that a private session offers them and if not for that they would never get to experience a spanking.

Is there anything you’ve learnt while topping that you’ve gone on to do whilst being on the bottom? Or vice versa?

There are more things that I’ve learned as a bottom that I use when I Top people. When I am bottoming, I’ve had a Top do or say something to me that really worked well with my headspace so I try to incorporate those things into my sessions.

Are you a strict top?

Yes, I have been told that I am and it is how I desire to be. People are not going to find much (if any) leniency with me because rules are there for a reason and if they are broken there will be consequences doled out. A good number of people that I encounter have a craving for consistency when it comes to discipline and they need to feel safe in knowing that the boundaries are always upheld. In addition to the strictness I also have a caring and affectionate side to me and I feel that both are needed when delivering discipline.

Has spanking made you a different person in your vanilla life? How?

Yes. One of the biggest changes that I’ve noticed is the betterment of my communication skills. Communication is so essential to ensure the safety and enjoyment of both parties. I’ve learned to ask for what I want which is something very simple but so often lacking in the vanilla world. People often assume that others know what they want and are mind readers.

It has also filled the void that I have felt for a long time, and that is to experience parental discipline in a caring but firm manner. It seems I’m more at peace with myself now.

Do you like to be scolded or told off in your vanilla life?

No. I find that there seems to be a totally different tone used in the vanilla world and the scolding is not done from a caring perspective usually. Their motives are generally not with your best interest at heart, but rather what will benefit them and it is often done in a way that puts you down rather than correct you so you can be a better person. I don’t care for it at all.

How did you choose the name Alicia Panettiere?

Panettiere is just a last name that I thought was pretty. Kinda stole it from Hayden Panettiere who is a mainstream actress. I didn’t think I would actually ever use it that much. I chose it before I ever thought I’d be doing any videos or anything.

Were you nervous about getting spanked for the first time in a movie? How did the first time go?

I was, actually. Primarily I think because I found out there would be no rehearsing it first so I was afraid my piece in the video would turn out to be bad. I was lucky to have a co-bottom, Lily Anna, who was very helpful in answering the tons of questions that I had and giving me advice. It was a pleasure working with her.

“Aunt Bella” is the name of the first video I did and it was for Clare Fonda’s site, After the first dialogue scene I was feeling more comfortable and of course the spanking scenes are just second nature to me. I do wish that I had been more vocal with ad libs in the non-spanking scenes because I was pretty quiet and Lily Anna did most of the talking. 🙂

Alicia relaxes after being spanked

Whats the future for Alicia Panettiere?

I recently opened my own website where I sell video clips and DVDs of the spanking films I have produced. I hope to buy some professional lighting and another camera or two so that the films are of even better quality. I have plans to shoot for more spanking production companies in the future as well.

I will continue meeting with individuals to give them private discipline sessions, and plan to expand my wardrobe and implement collection so that I am able to cater to each client’s unique fantasies.

On the vanilla side of things, I plan to start a web design business and pursue mainstream acting in films, commercials, and TV. Eventually my varied interests may take me away from Kansas, but no move is planned at the present. I’ll just continue to travel to and fro for now.

For more from Alicia please check out her websites…


Leia-Ann Woods

Leia-Ann Woods posing seductively on the bed with a leather strap enticingly placed
Leia-Ann Woods posing seductively on the bed with a leather strap enticingly placed

Leia-Ann Woods is one of the most famous and well-loved of the British spanking stars, along with the likes of Amelia Jane Rutherford, Niki Flynn and Sam Johnson. Leia-Ann is very recognisable from her many appearances in spanking scenes in both the UK and US. The slim and very pretty brunette is also a switch and loves all things spanking-related. You can really get a sense of Leia’s enthusiasm for the world of spanking by reading her Leia’s New Musings blog and read all about her at her website Leia’s Fantasies.

Leia-Ann Woods was kind enough to answer our questions in May 2010.

I’ve just been reading your “about me“. Do you think you were subliminally wanting to be spanked when you were winding up your boyfriend that first time?

Yes, I think I was, though I do have a real love of the old wind up, probably as a result of life at a boarding school. I think though I was pushing to see whether the man was of actions as well as words. It was terrifying when it actually happened though, because I had this audience. It was an event I enjoyed after the moment and not at the time!!!

It doesn’t sound like you were spanked growing up. What was it about spanking that caught your imagination from such a young age?

Well, no I was not. My parents did not believe in it and my Mother had other, far better measures of instilling right and wrong to me. I believe she succeeded well, despite the odd occasion of naughtiness! I was given old versions of the St Clair’s series and the Mallory Towers series and was inspired by the boarding school spankings that occurred within the stories. I read them over and over again and became quite obsessed by going to a British boarding school. Sadly I was out of time and no corporal punishment was ever administered at my school, though this is probably a good thing in many ways!

What do you enjoy about being spanked?

I am big into the psychology. I like the feel of the humiliation of it, such as the panties being taken down and corner time with my punished bottom on show (this famously happened to me once at the Janus shop as a result of bad behaviour). For me spanking is much more than the pain of the corporal punishment being applied to the bottom; it is about mindset as well.

Do you like BDSM?

Yes I do, but it is something I tend to explore only with my partner and friends and not on the scene as a whole. This is because the trust levels required for some of the BDSM activities I do exceed those of someone I have met only a few times. What I mean is it needs a stronger relationship than some spanking scenes I do with scene guys, where the impartiality can really help me get into role and enjoy the scene and my punishment. I hope this makes sense!

I’ve read you talk about psychological intensity in a spanking. What do you mean by that?

I mean some of the verbals I may receive as someone who is genuinely in trouble with someone. A reprimand before a spanking can do just as much for me as the spanking itself. I was also recently punished in front of an audience. The intensity of my shame at having this happen also acted as a significant part of the punishment. The psychology of a scene may take a large role in the punishment itself. As I said, spanking for me is not just about the corporal punishment itself.

Strict teacher Miss Woods exercises the cane during parents' evening
Strict teacher Miss Woods exercises the cane during parents’ evening

Have you become a better bottom/sub after having switched?

I would not say that. For me becoming a better sub has been a mixture of growing up, learning about myself, accepting my faults and experience as a sub and of course 14 months as a full time slave.

Now, as well as being a spanking model (both top and bottom) you also have your own spanking website: Bars and Stripes. How do you find the production/direction? Can you tell me about the website?

I certainly set up Bars and Stripes in 2005, but for personal reasons I had to leave in 2008. Production and direction is difficult, but thoroughly rewarding. I have learned about this mainly with Northern Spanking, where I do technical work for them too. Bars and Stripes I set up with Michael Stamp because I have a real interest in institutional punishments and role-plays. As a result of my obsession with the TV series Bad Girls, I came up with the idea for Bars.

Leia has a delightful bottom that looks delicious in this scene as she lies OTK at Northern Spanking
Leia has a delightful bottom that looks delicious in this scene as she lies OTK at Northern Spanking

What would be a perfect spanking for Leia-Ann Woods?

Oh that is easy! As I said before any situation where I have no choice but to accept the situation. I love institutional scenes but also I loved an early scene I did with my present partner, ‘The way of a man and his maid’, where I am in Edwardian England, taken from the streets by a cruel landowner who punishes and humiliates me as he pleases. As you may guess I am into quite ‘dark’ scenes!

What are your pet hates in spanking?

Being asked for sex from people I do not know! Very irritating and the wrong sort of approach to someone like me.

How are/were your studies? Does being a famous spanking model help/hinder you in real life?

My studies were fine. I have now completed my PhD and graduated only the other day, so am officially a Dr. The scene did little to hinder or help, my health was the major factor, but is much better now!

Do you think that the nearer we inch towards equality in the real world, the more power exchanges like spanking will be in demand?

Oh I think so definitely. In the real world, when I am studying or when I (soon) begin work I can be quite a dominant character. I do not want that in my spanking scenes or with my partner. I sense I am not alone there!

What does the future hold for Leia-Ann Woods?

I want to develop my switch side, but also hope to make my own full-length movie one day. At the moment that is a mere pipe dream!

For more information about Leia check out her websites:


Amber Dawn

Amber Dawn bends over nude for a hand spanking

Amber Dawn is a beautiful redheaded spanking and glamour model from California. As she says on the “About” page of her blog, she eventually started modeling after a conversation with her grandma about regrets. After that point Amber started to dance and one thing led to another. Amber runs her three websites Spank Amber, Amber Spanks and Amber Dawn Nude with her partner…

When you went to your first spanking shoot did you know you’d enjoy it before you went?

My first spanking shoot was actually my very first nude photoshoot, I had no idea that i would be spanked. I met a photographer in my area and told him my web dreams. He took several shots of me and put ankle cuffs and wrist restraints on me while i was naked except for a crotchless fishnet bodysuit. He placed a paddle next to me and told me about a Victorian artist named Egon Schiele who always painted the woman’s erogenous zones red and found it compelling. he said he’d like to take some pictures after he’d redden my behind, he wanted to create a story with the images, how did my behind get red, what was going to happen next. I giggled and said ok sounds fun, not completely understanding what he meant. Then i quickly learned as he came over and sharply paddled each of my cheeks. I felt alive for the first time and felt aroused. I hadn’t been spanked since i was a little girl and now 15 years later i was getting it again. i will never forget my first shoot and to this day he is the only man besides my father who has spanked me.

Amber Dawn spanks a lovely bare bottom with legs spread wide and pussy on display

It sounds like you got hired for a shoot and ended up hooking up with the photographer from that first shoot! Is that right?

You’re right, after 8 months of working together we fell in love and I was never paid for any of the shoots, it was a trade.

How do you like to be spanked?

i like it all and get into different moods where i need a hard discipline spanking. For erotic needs to be sharp and crisp and in charge but not to the point of crying, unless that release is part of the turn on which is sometimes for me. Light spanking doesn’t do much for me except make me brat till i get the harder one i crave 🙂

Amber gets a nude spanking from Anna Evans

What aspect(s) of spanking do you like (the pain, aftermath, being the center of attention, being submissive/dominant, roleplay, etc)?

OMG! You just nailed it! Those are all of the reason i love it. I’m a camera whore and webslut, love the attention, love the endorphin buzz and the intimacy of being bottomless over his or her lap. I love roleplay feeling like a bad girl or punishing a hot girl for being bad.

What would make a perfect scene for you to be in?

i’m totally living my spanking dreams out everyday since i live with and make movies with my spanker. Although i haven’t been spanked on a beach yet, that would be sexy. I would love to have a budget to travel to exotic locations, agent provocateur lingerie, costumes, and hiring the hottest women to up the production value. Do a spankamber/amberspanks tour where i spank the hottest women from around the world and get spanked myself too of course!

In your two websites AmberSpanks and SpankAmber you play both top and bottom roles. Do you have any practical advice for newbie tops and bottoms from your experience of working with lots of different people?

Yes, i do and I really love being in control and spanking naughty women. My advice is to watch your on yout movies and to study and learn from each spanking. You have to be in control and not second guess yourself, but still be loving not cruel. Listen to the spankers sounds and body reactions. That’s what tells you to spank harder or lighter. So my advice is to be a good listener and not be afraid to give them what they deserve, I think because i love being spanked i try to give the best spanking i can because i know how good it can feel.

Redheaded Amber Dawn spanks 19 year old Jessika OTK with a paddle

Are you naturally a switch or do you prefer top or bottom, or does it depend on the other person?

I’m naturally a switch, but a total sub with my man, i need a very strong man to handle me, I’m a feisty redhead who can be a real brat. Although I do enjoy being spanked by a woman who knows what she’s doing. I feel naturally dominant with younger women because I like women and i get to pick my own girls. I develop little crushes on them and it has really opened my eyes up to all types of beauty. They usually don’t know what they want yet and are naturally submissive. It’s so fun to spank and grope beautiful young women flesh.

Fav / least fav implement? Anything you refuse to be spanked with?

My fav implements are daddy’s hand, leather paddle and leather belt. I’m terrible a vegan with a leather fetish. I won’t refuse to be spanked with anything but hard wooden paddles and the cane will keep my butt marked for up to 2 weeks so we have to shoot those scenes sparingly to keep up with the updates.

Whats the kinkiest/wildest thing you can admit to having done?

public nudity, walking around for 2 hours completely naked in downtown San Francisco during work week lunchtime and walking into walgreens naked to buy suncreen. Fucking Amy with a strapon while I spanked her and making her lick of her juices!

What does the future hold for Amber Dawn?

I see many more spankings in my future and there are so many bad girls out there that need to be spanked. I’m gonna keep making the best spanking content and putting my heart and ass into it!

For much more of beautiful, redheaded switch, Amber Dawn, getting spanked and spanking other lovely ladies check out her websites:


Amber Spanks

Chelsea Pfeiffer

Chelsea Pfeiffer

Chelsea Pfeiffer is one of the biggest names in spanking. She appears all over the web and on DVDs in some of the hardest and sexiest girl-girl spanking scenes. Chelsea stars in movies and also produces and directs through her CPEntertainment company. While she is mainly a top in her scenes she does switch and takes a spanking on occasion in her spanking scenes. Chelsea also enjoys getting spanked off-camera too, as we discovered when we interviewed her in October 2009…

What kind of things were you spanked for growing up?

I was spanked for being naughty, like most kids were back when I was growing up. Things like asking both parents if I could go somewhere and getting a “no” from both, then telling one the other said yes and taking off to do my thing. God forbid I was late getting home and both parents had time to get together to find out neither had given permission. It was usually things that were so bad it kinda scared them, like crossing the street without help at the wrong time, or getting in trouble at school. Problem was, it only taught me to be a crafty liar instead of getting it through my head that what I’d done was really wrong. I believe that if you invade a child’s space like that, in what seems to them a violent way, kids only get pissed off and learn to get around you instead of respecting you.

Have you used real life experiences as inspiration for scenes?

I have used real life experiences for inspiration for scenes, but not in that childlike way. I use conflicts between myself and my husband, or between myself and friends, or what used to be co-workers (before I worked for myself), or store clerks…anyone I encounter that makes me think, “This person could use a good spanking!” BTW, I’m the only one spanked in my marital relationship, so that usually means I’ll use some argument we’ve had where I was wrong. Or, if he was wrong, I super-impose that onto a woman. Also, I’m never spanked in real life for being “naughty” anymore. We just spank for spanking’s sake, because it turns us on.

I was reading in David Pierson interviews Chelsea Pfeiffer that you like some sex comedies from the 60’s. Which ones do you like that inspired the sexy/naughty aspects of your work?

“The Pink Panther” movies, or just about anything with Peter Sellers. “Casino Royale,” “What’s New Pussycat,” “The Party.” I loved those hotel hallway chase scenes. Too funny! Just wish once they would have thrown open the door on a good spanking scene. 😉

I’ve just been looking through your websites and it is definitely clear that you are one of the biggest names in spanking. Your classics website has some amazing scenes.. Do you have a favourite scene from “Good Spanking Classics”?

Oh dear…there are so many! I’ve been doing this since 1998 on my own and since 1991 for other companies… I think I liked “House Rules” (CP-93). It starred Samantha Woodley and Ashley Fires and was just a good, sound spanko plot. No one sent it to me, it just came to me one day, and it turned out to come out of the mind of many a spanking enthusiast. It was very popular. Unfortunuately, it’s been taken down from and has a long way to go before it turns up on Good Spanking Classics. Actually, I take that back now that I think about it, I might have to change the way I’m posting to Classics. I’ve been doing it in numerical order, first movie first, etc. But, I miss seeing some of the more popular ones myself! Right now, however, it IS still available on DVD at

How has spanking changed from when you started out? If at all.

It’s changed tremendously since I first started out. The spanking movies that I first saw were deadly! So boring I thought I was going to cry (and not in a good way) before they got to the end. Hours and hours of girls who couldn’t care less spanking each other like they were afraid to hurt each other, shot in REALLY bad apartments with worse lighting, no scripts, bad 70’s and 80’s wardrobe… No wonder what I shot at first was so exciting to me and, thankfully, others. Then I saw Shadow Lane videos and was greatly relieved to see that someone out there knew what it was really about. They inspired me, we inspired each other…all of us producers, and it’s made for a much better genre. The spankings are real. The girls are real. The scenes are something we can all relate to.

The biggest change is not a good one, lately, in my opinion. It’s not about the movie anymore. It’s about the updates. Lots of short scenes shot on the fly… I’m not any better in my trying to keep up, either. I would love to get back to shooting full movies, but sales of DVDs are not what they used to be. It’s all about subscription sites now. If I shoot a 48 minute movie it takes a little long to get to the end of the movie and I can’t offer full movie download for a movie that long because of the file size. Plus, if I give out 48 minutes an update I’d be shooting myself in the foot financially. Still, I try to take my challenges as they present themselves. I think we’re doing pretty well, now that we’ve figured out the newest format. That’ll change, too, soon I’m sure. Change is what it’s all about and I’ve learned, finally, not to fear change.

Strict Chelsea Pfeiffer spanking a naughty girl OTK

Now you are spanking all the hot new starlets on the block like Sinn Sage and Snow Mercy and all the Kink girls like Jade Indica, Cherry Torn and Dia Zerva. What qualities makes a girl good to work with?

First, they can’t be afraid (I mean seriously afraid). A little nervousness is fine, but if they’re scared I’m going to truly hurt them then they are no one I’ll consider. That’s what you have to be careful with when you get the “porn” girls. I mean, they’ll be taking DP one day and then they’re scared to get spanked? Please… A deadpan personality is pretty much a turn off, although Sinn was pretty darn deadpan when I first met her. She was suspicious of me, because she’d done a scene with another producer who spanks super hard (makes my spankings look like a walk in the park!) and she was NOT going to let that happen to her again. But, as she got to know me she relaxed and, strangely, the Chelsea Spanks session I did with her was what won her over. Those are half-hour, non-stop spanking sessions that include at least three implements. There are no cuts, no edits. The camera never turns off. The girls get spanked for a half-hour without rest. It takes fortitude.

Other qualities include looks, of course, and I can work with a lot of different personality types. Some are witty, some are dry, perky, silly, nervous…you name it. I like a girl to be punctual and professional, but friendly. I don’t like to have to baby them along. I’ve turned some girls off that way. When I’m in busy mode, I’m about getting the job done, not about coaxing someone along by telling them how beautiful/wonderful they are when they arrive and when they leave. If they do a good job, I beam with praises quickly, get them to sign the release, pay them, give them a quick hug and send them on their way. I’ll shoot them an email telling them they were great and to email when they’d like to work again. Some have become friends, but I can’t make a friend of every one of them. That’s not to say I’m insensitive to them. As we’re shooting I’m very in tune to them, especially physically, reading body language, etc. When there are cuts (in the storyline shoots) I’ll ask everytime, “Are you okay?” And, it’s funny. They’ll be carrying on during the spanking and making me worry, then the cut comes and I ask and they say cheerily, “I’m fine!” It’s so out of character from the storyline that it cracks me up.

You’re not in every scene, I know that you produce /direct as well. Which side of the camera do you prefer?

I used to be in a lot fewer scenes because I couldn’t direct and perform at the same time. Not the case now. I’m able to direct the scene as I would like it to happen even while I’m in it. I can’t see what’s going on through the camera lens, though, so Larry gets the videographer’s credit there. He takes what I want and shoots it so that it’ll edit together properly, etc. So, sometimes we have to take direction from him, as well. Yes, we occasionally argue. What married couple doesn’t? That kind of arguement is okay. It’s about working together to make a better creative project. But, we try to keep those arguements short. We don’t want to bore the pants off the girl. Pants should come off in a much more appealing way.

Is there an ingredient that every Chelsea Pfeiffer production has?

I used to say that humor was an ingredient in every production, but not so much lately. I’m liking more serious/sexy stories lately. That’s not to say I won’t always love the funny stuff. I (almost) always have something feminine on the set, like a nice vase of flowers or something soft and flowing. I like to accentuate the girl/girl aspect.

I personally love attractive women who switch, your Soccer Moms scene with Clare Fonda was amazing. Do you still switch?

That Soccer Moms scene was Clare’s idea, BTW. She just came up with it off the cuff while we were having lunch one day and I thought it was GREAT! We can both improv pretty well, so we just went at it. It was soooo much fun! Poor Larry. We went on and on with the dialogue and he had to shout to get us to cut so he could go to a different angle. Yes, I do still switch. I’ve done so recently with Kailee and Sinn…a couple of others. Some I’ve shot for the coming-some-day-when-the-economy-recovers

If I was a naughty girl which implement should I be most scared of being in your hands? Which do you love/hate the most?

You should fear my strap. Just watch almost any scene where I strap a girl. I love most implements. I hate the cane because of the aim issue and the inflexibility of it if you miss, but I’m trying to get over that. I admire a lot of the U.K. ladies who can cane like crazy…hair flying, scolding and stinging cane. That said, I really don’t like to see a bottom too mottled up and caning often leads to that.

Any future plans?

Like I said, when the economy finally comes around I’ve got Spanking MILFS about ready. We’ve got an idea for Larry to be a main player in some slightly more graphic movies and a site. I’ve got a vlog in the works for which we’ve already shot the first installment…right before we both came down with the flu. Once we’re better and he can edit it, I’m going to either find a place to post it or buy an url and just go up with it myself. Spank Sinn movies are going to go up for sale at on DVD… I think that’s all for now.

See more of Chelsea Pfeiffer’s spanking movies at her websites…


Clare Fonda

Sexy Clare Fonda

Clare Fonda is a personal heroine of mine. I first realized I was into spanking, or became aware that I was not alone, from stumbling upon spanking movies online in the 1990’s. Clare’s movies were some of the first I was into and I have always liked her style. Aswell as her spanking websites you can read much more about her at her blog. Most of this interview comes from October 2009 but there is one question from an interview I did with Clare back in November 2008.

How have your feelings about spanking changed since you got into the spanking world?

When I first started getting spanked erotically I was working as a pro sub and I became known at the club as a girl who really liked to be spanked and take it hard. You think you’re a heavy player then you shoot some heavy players like Niki Flynn, Amber Pixie Wells and Abigail Whittaker and you realize you are just a hooker! I have also been spanked by some amazing players. I got spanked last week by Steve Fuller and I remembered what a good spanking feels like and it makes you not want to bother in real life. Then again maybe I should date a spanko. It has been a while.

You look great in your movies. What are your secrets?

It’s nice of you to say that. I really appreciate you asking me that question with no prompting from me whatsoever, not one bit!! I try to eat healthily and stay away from hard drugs. In my twenties and early 30’s that did not apply although I never had a hard drug habit, only smoked crack once and that is pretty good for someone who grew up in Florida.

How do you keep in shape?

I go to the gym but mainly I like to walk. A few of my relationships have lasted longer than they should have because he would walk with me. I love liquid food such as Robeks smoothies, and instead of a midnight snack I’ll take an ambien so I can sleep hungry and burn fat, LOL. CF beauty secrets. Brown rice and vegetables is great as well i learned that form the movie Showgirls.

Thats smart, sleep instead of eat. What do you drink in Robeks?

Yeah, I am big on sleep but I am not the one to ask about groceries I think I spend more money on dog food than my own!! I do trader joes.

I drink green tea sensation at Robeks, Jamba green tea jacks me up too much.

Clare Fonda

I’ve been getting some good recommendations from these interviews. Can u recommend me a good movie that is kinky / sexy / edgy?

Hmmm, good kinky mainstream movie.. that is really hard to say. I am sure that some fucked up early movies like Clockwork Orange influenced my sexuality a lot. I know that Paris [Kennedy] and I tried to watch the Secretary but got distracted, then again that is one mean case of ADD between the two of us. I really enjoyed the Duchess I saw the recently but then again it may be to much of a chick flick. To me it was pervy though. Hey if Ralph Fiennes or Jeremy Irons is in it, it is usually pervy. I loved the Movie DAMAGE I saw in college I also liked the new Lolita. Go Jermery Irons!! It is so funny cause my mum loves him and now every movie he does is so pervy. And, i loved it when the robot held Julie Chritsie hostage in Demon Seed.

Do you feel like the spanking community accepts you?

Yes, I think they have been very good to me. I don’t pretend that I had spanking on my mind since I was hatched but i do find it very interesting and hot. My partner, the Cameraman, is a true spanko and he brings so much to the table. I appreciate how people let me know they like to see me being spanked as that is my preference. I get a lot of emails complaining that I don’t get my ass beaten enough and that really caters to my exhibitionist streak. If people don’t like my style as a top or bottom or my look, that is just something I have to deal with for putting it out there. I do stand by my sites though. I think they are great value and that’s a fact. I respect the customer but stand by my work. I have always been a hard worker. I used to work at a theatre directing plays and that was what I loved so I totally see hard work and your interests going hand in hand. If it kills the buzz so I don’t play so much in real life that’s a necessary evil.

When I watch your movies I always think that you are very believable as a strict female character and I love your dialog with whoever you are spanking, whether it be The callgirls on Spanked Callgirls, the students on Exclusive Education or even the guys on Clare Spanks Men. You seem to put a lot of energy into the roles and as such the whole scene works very well. Do you enjoy the acting / roleplaying part of performing?

Yes, I have loved acting ever since I was little. I got in trouble around the neighborhood for organizing plays and forcing the kids to perform, learn their lines etc. If you saw Atonement – I was the little girl in that. I also love role plays in my sex life. I would say most of my sexual fantasies involves me playing a character.

Clare Fonda spanks Chloe Elise on Spanked Callgirls

Tell me about Spanked Callgirls. is set in hotels and motels with girls spanking girls, and some guys spanking girls. No girls spanking guys on this site though. The girls play callgirls and I’m the Madam, I’ve retired from doing sessions and the girls are working for me but sometimes they have to be punished, sometimes they turn on me, they turn on each other. There’s a lot of spanking going on, it’s sort of the accepted form of discipline within the callgirl ring.

What’s the latest project you are working on?

Bringing Chloe Elise to My Spanking Roommate as a star of the site. The two girls we have as stars, Kay Richards and Madison Martin are excelllent, but we wanted to add a model who is a real-life spanko and documents her jounrney with her blog ( She’s a beautiful and talented Chica as well, of course. It’s a great thing for the site and we had her in town a couple of weeks ago shooting with other stars who will really expand the whole spanking soap opera feel of the site.

What are some of your real life interests and hobbies?

Animal rescue- mainly dogs. I rented a house this year so I could help some dogs. I am done giving my money to dudes. It’s all about the dogs now. I am that crazy dog lady who lives in the house on the corner and shoots porn. You know- every ‘hood has one.

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Sinn Sage

Sinn Sage and Naomi Cruise on Exclusive Education 3
Sinn Sage stands up in class in Clare Fonda’s “Exclusive Education 3” movie

Sinn Sage is a cute and naughty babe who runs her own girl-on-girl spanking website. She has a perfect bottom that gets spanked hard by the many strict females in her life, one being Chelsea Pfeiffer, and she loves to get her own back on her sexy girlfriends.

I’ve just been checking out your website Spank Sinn, can you describe your site to the readers?

Sure, my website is basically Girl/Girl Erotic Spanking, that’s the way i usually refer to it when people ask me. So instead of typical, punishment-oriented spankings based on pain, my site is based on spanking pain for mutual pleasure, more of a reward than a punishment.

Your scenes look very sexy and a lot of fun to make, it definitely looks like it’s just you and your hot girlfriends having fun. Whats it like to be in one of your scenes?

You’ve described it well, in the sense that i do try to get other girls who are into spankings, or at least have an interest in being spanked or learning about how to spank, to come on the site and basically play and have sexy fun with me. Being in a scene on my site is fairly simple, i just like to have lots of kissing, groping, fondling, and caressing along with a LOT of spankings, running from mild to heavy.

What’s your favorite scene on your site?

i should just go with the first one that pops into my head always when i think about the best scene on my site, and that is the one with Ariel X. She is such a great woman with a STUNNING body and sweet ass, and she and i did a simultaneous spanking thing with sexy lighting, and it was so out of this world. She was truly turned on by it and i could feel her energy from it, and that’s what really made that scene stand out.

Sinn gets spanked by Lana in the foreground, while Kay gets spanked by Clare at the same time
Sinn gets spanked by Lana Wilson while Kay Richards is spanked by Clare

How did you start in spanking?

Well, it’s definitely one of those kinks i’ve always somewhat fantasized about, since i was very young actually. it always sounded naughty to me and so it always seemed like something i would of course be in to. But it really started for me once i got into doing adult work, it just naturally seemed like something i would do, because pretty much as long as it’s not anal penetration or working with men then i’ll do it. Turned out i really loved it so it worked out well.

What do you like about getting spanked?

There are so many things. i guess for one i’d say the endorphins. When you warm up slowly to some really hard spankings with a hand or a strap, the endorphins are rushing through you so fast it’s just a great natural high. When you hit that point where you’re asking for it harder, that’s what i love. The perfect amount, for me, as in don’t make me cry, but hit me really hard and it’s pretty much ecstasy. i can go in tired and not even wanting to shoot, and halfway through i’m like “yee-haw!” i also like the emotional release that can come from a really hard spanking. In my most extreme spanking shoot ever, i started crying towards the end, and afterward i just cried for about an hour, and realized that i was letting a lot of emotions get pent up from my personal life at that time, and being spanked so hard for so long just allowed me to let it all out, and i really felt much better after that.

You’re a switch. Are you more submissive or dominant?

Of course IT DEPENDS!!! With most girls, i really feel a strong dominant streak, and i love spanking them, and if they spank me and suck at it, i just want to take them down and show them how it’s done! but for example with Chelsea i like to be submissive. Usually though, even when i’m doing regular girl/girl sex scenes, i end up taking control and i like it that way.

Sinn Sage's spanked face
Sinn Sage’s pretty face as she gets spanked OTK

What makes a perfect spanking for you?

i think that’s hard to describe, because everyone understands pain in a different way. For me, the perfect spanking is hand, over the knee, not too-too hard, but definitely not too soft. Firm, but make my butt jiggle a little bit. i like to be worked up to a really hard spanking. But LOTS of butt rubbing in between! You must soothe the butt as well as spank it!

Your website is girl-only. Why is that?

i’ve always just done girl/girl work since i first entered the business about 6 years ago. Although you might find a few scenes of me from a few years ago getting spanked by men, at some point i decided that it made more sense for me to restrict all of my work to women (except for some of the wrestling work i’ve done). i’m just genuinely attracted to females and working with men doesn’t really interest me at all, and i feel that anything you do in adult you should feel passionately about in your personal life. i don’t like fakes!

Sinn Sage's beautiful spanked bottom
Sinn Sage’s beautiful spanked bottom from a recent spanking on her website: Spank Sinn

What does the future hold for Sinn Sage?

That is a loaded question, which is difficult for me to answer right now. Coming off of a serious accident that landed me in the hospital for 3 weeks, i feel i’m forced to re-evaluate everything in my life, and it’s very difficult. But continuing with work has helped me a lot, to feel like i do still have some stability. i’m glad my website is going well, and i really hope that people find it sexy and intriguing, and i hope i can have growing success with that. So hopefully, the future holds a lot more delicious spankings with super hot chicks!

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Samantha Grace

Samantha Grace

Samantha Grace is a sexy brunette glamour and fetish model. .. I think she says it best in Samantha Grace’s Grand Adventures

I couldn’t cut it as an evil super villain so, I became the second most evil thing I could think of… a professional model so I could take over the world. When I am not planning global domination and total anarchy, I have grand adventures and I’ve decided to share them.

As well as glamour and spanking Samantha Grace gets up to many different forms of bondage and fetish in the movies in her Clips4Sale Store.

Here’s what we asked Samantha…

What was your first spanking scene and how did it go?

I was a very young 19 year old girl. I experienced it after meeting a few BDSM friends in the city I was living in at the time. My first spanking scene was actually with a female top and yes it was actually for a spanking site as well. I am not even sure if the site is even around anymore. But it was back in the early 2000’s. It went well, since then I can handle a tough spanking.

Who have you worked with in spanking? Any stories you can share?

Oh, goodness tons of people at this point Julie Simone, Clare Fonda, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Dallas, Punished Brats, Kelly Payne and Shadow Lane are some of the big names. I am sure there are a few I am missing. I will say one of my favorite spanking scenes was with Julie Simone when we shot with Gwen Media a number of years ago. Right before our scene I had a scene were I was dreaming about being a kitty cat as a pet. Julie let me pick my paddle and she happened to have a kitty cat paddle. I picked that one and the sting was great.

What would make your perfect spanking scene?

I experienced my perfect spanking scene at Fetishcon in August. It was the most romantic experience of my life to date and it was when my master Rifferus collared me at Fetishcon. He bought me my first collar which, really showed me his commitment to me. I was so surprised! The key to my heart is actually commitment, I am bit of an old fashion romantic. He also bought be a slapper that would be used in my training as a pet. I am his little kitty baby after all. Both of us are huge spank-o’s by the way, if you haven’t figured by now.

Anywho, after collaring me Rifferus broke in the new slapper on by bottom, by giving me the most passionate, loving, and orgasmic spanking of my life time. It was such a great moment in my life. He is such a tender and loving top. I will admit being I am a softy, I love the tender romantic moments. I am just a very passionate woman.

Samantha Grace among the cast of Exclusive Education 4

How did you become a pro domme?

I am not sure how to answer this? I started off as a bottom like most dommes. In my personal life I am a submissive and I guess it is natural to branch off into becoming a pro domme. I pretty much started because people asked me if I would top them and agreed to. I will admit, I love topping and my special knowledge is in, humiliation/ financial domination, impact play, and rope bondage. I never have enough slaves who want impact play! Which is my favourite.

You call yourself a “mean submissive” or switch, which do you prefer subbing or domming? And why?

I am first an foremost always a submissive. But I am selective who I bottom to these days. I pretty much only bottom to Rifferus in my personal life. But on camera I bottom to some producers. Being a collared bottom is sacred to me. My relationship with Rifferus very sacred. I love being a bottom to Rifferus. It’s special to me because not everyone gets to top me. As a bottom I am offering my whole self to Rifferus. As a top he is offering his full self to give me pleasure. It’s a very spiritaul and deep exchange.

As for being a top, I will top just about anyone…. girls or boys. Anyone, who wants someone who can take charge. I am a natural born leader, so I guess it is natural I would enjoy being a top. I am a take charge kind of a woman. But I also have a lot of respect for bottoms. A bottom is offering themselves to me. A person who wants to please and serve me. I tend to be kind of a motherly top. I treat my subs, as my little children. I am strict but loving.. Like any good top should be. A bottom is not to be abused, but cherished and loved.

Do you get to combine your love of glamour and corsets with spanking? What is it like getting spanked in a corset?

I have from time to time. I find myself not wearing corsets much because it is restrictive to the play sometimes. I tend to like a lot physical contact and I tend to wear as little as possible when being spanked. Unless it is for a shoot or I am out on the town.

Samantha Grace, right, and Ariel X

What is it about being spanked that you like/dislike?

I love being spanked. One of my favourite things in my person life is that Rifferus carries that slapper around whenever we are together and swats me, when I am being a brat. I think spanking brings people together. More people need to explore spanking. I will admit I am more of the loving tender spankees. I am not intro hardcore spanking. I like a nice romantic and sexy spanking, not one that that leaves me black and blue for days. I mean I have experienced that before, I’ve been spanked by Dallas after all. It’s not that I hate a rough spanking, I just am a romantic.

Implements.. what do you like and dislike?

I am not a fan of wood. But I love leather! Leather straps and slappers are the best! Hair bushes are good too. But nothing beats and old fashion OTK hand spanking. I love feeling my top’s hand on my bum.

Do you have a favorite spanking fantasy you can share?

Being a the romantic I am, my fantasy includes being spanked in my wedding dress on my wedding night. I just think there is nothing sexier then a spanked newly married blushing bride. This is a shocking fantasy even for myself because I was never a girl who wanted to marry anyone until fairly recently. But a paddled bride in her dress, the imagery is sexy. Then the idea of the husband paddling her for over cooking dinner or getting spanked for taking too long to get ready when they need to be on the road. It is just domestic sexy bliss to me. Most of my fantasies are of a domestic theme, so I guess it is natural that I think in the terms of spanking in a marriage. I think if more married couples spanked, there would be fewer divorces.

What does the future hold for Samantha Grace?

It holds the launch of!

And a number of other sites, I am co-creating a spanking site with Rifferus in the near future. So, lot’s of sexy spanko times coming up. There will be some spanking on my personal site as well.

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Addie Juniper

Redheaded Addie Juniper getting a hard OTK hairbrushing from Lana in Exclusive Education 2

Addie Juniper calls herself “a fetish/art/glamour model, a fetish/adult video producer, an actress and a marketing slut“. We know her from many spanking scenes including in Clare Fonda’s “Exclusive Education 2” (2007) where Addie and a classroom full of misbehaving “schoolgirls” got a strict spanking at the front of the class when she used to have red hair. Now she is a brunette and she is happy to answer questions about spanking…

I’ve just been looking at your blog and you seen to have been busy.. ballbusting, tickling, foot-fetish, bondage, balloons, glamour, spanking… have I missed anything out?

That’s pretty much it!

Are you a switch? Are you more dominant or submissive?

I’m more submissive, but enjoy switching, on occasion. I find some dominant activities fun to engage in, but I generally top from the bottom. In other words, I like to tell my partners how I like to be dommed. But I want them to WANT to domme me out, too, not just do it because I’m telling them to. Does that make sense?

Makes total sense! When was you first spanking scene? Can you tell me about it?

My first spanking scene was with a company in Tennessee. It was a man spanking me and it was not enjoyable because he kept putting ice on my butt and then spanking me, which hurt more than you can imagine. I’d rather have been eased into the spanking world, but what are ya gonna do? 🙂

What do you like / dislike about spanking?

I like it in moderation. I like hand spankings. I like doing it with someone I’m attracted to and/or in a relationship with. I don’t enjoy many implements, expect for crops. The other ones just feel too impersonal to me.

Can you tell me about one spanking scene you really enjoyed? Who was it for and why did you like it?

My most recent spanking shoot, actually, was for a guy in Pennsylvania. I didn’t like the majority of the shoot; it was wayyy too hard and he was mostly an implement guy. But we did a scene that involved my model friend using a Magic Wand on my clit while the guy spanked my bottom with a heavy wooden paddle. The combination of pleasure and pain drives me crazy. It was such a rush. 🙂

Addie Juniper spanking Kendra James in this sexy nude lesbian spanking scene

Your bio on your blog says you’re a “model/producer/actress/rockstar” .. what do enjoy doing the most? Why is that?

Well, I’m not REALLY a rockstar, hehe. I enjoy producing the most. It gives me great satisfaction to create videos that people enjoy…..and to continue to make money off them! Modeling is fun, too, but just ends in a single wad of cash. With producing, the videos are MINE and always will be.

What does the future hold for Addie Juniper?

I’m moving to LA next year and I’m going to continue to build my business. Beyond that, the sky’s the limit! 🙂

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Lily Anna

Lily Anna getting spanked by Veronica on Punished Brats

Lily Anna has appeared on spanking website, Punished Brats, and has worked with Clare Fonda on a few scenes, including for the new “Exclusive Education 4” on Girl Spanks Girl.

I love what I’ve seen of your work! You’re fairly new to the adult biz and I don’t know much about you at all so here’s some very basic Q’s to begin. How old are you? When did you start working in adult? What did you start off shooting and how did you get from that into be a spanking model?

I am 23 years old, and I have been in the industry for about 18 months. I started out doing nude and lingerie modeling, then when I found out about fetish, I was instantly hooked! I did my first spanking shoot with Punished Brats about 8 months ago, and had so much fun! since then I have been shooting as much spanking as my butt can take.

You seem to react a lot to being spanked, this is great and makes your scenes look amazing. Do you enjoy being spanked? Were you into spanking before you started working in the industry? What do you like about being spanked? What do you dislike about being spanked?

Oh goodness, I tend to be such a baby about being spanked, I do complain a lot, but its all in good fun! I am very reactive to getting spanked! any sort of pain, actually, I’m quiet a brat! I don’t enjoy being spanked, I don’t enjoy pain. But I do have fun doing it. I enjoy acting, and although the pain is real, I love playing the roles! I don’t like the pain aspect of spanking, I do like when its meant to be sensual!

Lily Anna getting spanked by Snow Mercy on Exclusive Education 4

Is spanking sexual for you? Do you prefer being spanked by men or women? Does it make a difference? Do you get turned on by being spanked?

Sometimes it is! when its really hard, or meant for punishment, I hardly get aroused! I prefer being spanked by women, although I don’t mind men spanking me either. I think that women are very good at sensing pain thresholds, and tend to be great spankers! but I might just be bias, I love girls!

What would be your ideal spanking scene? Position? Implement? What kind of person would be spanking you? Would it be any particular spanking fantasy?

Well, I don’t like OTK spanking, simply because I have such a big rear (a good thing?) that I always fall off. plus I kick and wave about alot, so I spend most of my time adjusting and balancing, not easy for someone who is naturally not coordinated. I like bending over a stool, or bench. I would have to say, that I would ideally have a girl spanking me, or a guy, softly, perhaps to lead to something a bit more sexual!

Lily Anna naked outdoors in the snow

You’ve just filmed a hard spanking scene, your bottom is very red. What do you do? Do you just drive home and get on with your life or do you sleep on your front / rub lotion on your bottom? What happens?

Well to be honest, I check my butt in the mirror about a hundred times after a shoot. I complain about pain, but I certainly wear the bruises and marks with pride. I have a lot of cushion back there, so although it will hurt a little when I go to sit down, I seem to get by pretty well.

Do you switch? Would you say that you tend to be more dominant or submissive?

i am definitely a switch. I much prefer to be dominant, but I love to be submissive too! I find it a little difficult to be dominant with women though. I would have to say with women I am a bit more submissive. I think the best dominants at least try to be submissives.

Are you saying that you like to be dominant with men? Can you tell me about that?

I definitely prefer to be dominant with men, even in my private life! I also like to top guys for work, but girls, I have difficulty topping girls, id much rather kiss them 🙂

Do you have a favorite sensual spanking fantasy?

I think a spanking fantasy of mine would involve a lot of rubbing, a hand spanking, perhaps laying down, or bent over. super sexy!

What does the future hold for Lily Anna? Any new scenes that we should look out for?

Oh geez, I have no idea! I am finishing up a degree, and just working as much as I can! I truly love my job, and hope I can keep doing it as long as possible!

thanks for all the great questions!

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