Sinn Sage

Sinn Sage and Naomi Cruise on Exclusive Education 3
Sinn Sage stands up in class in Clare Fonda’s “Exclusive Education 3” movie

Sinn Sage is a cute and naughty babe who runs her own girl-on-girl spanking website. She has a perfect bottom that gets spanked hard by the many strict females in her life, one being Chelsea Pfeiffer, and she loves to get her own back on her sexy girlfriends.

I’ve just been checking out your website Spank Sinn, can you describe your site to the readers?

Sure, my website is basically Girl/Girl Erotic Spanking, that’s the way i usually refer to it when people ask me. So instead of typical, punishment-oriented spankings based on pain, my site is based on spanking pain for mutual pleasure, more of a reward than a punishment.

Your scenes look very sexy and a lot of fun to make, it definitely looks like it’s just you and your hot girlfriends having fun. Whats it like to be in one of your scenes?

You’ve described it well, in the sense that i do try to get other girls who are into spankings, or at least have an interest in being spanked or learning about how to spank, to come on the site and basically play and have sexy fun with me. Being in a scene on my site is fairly simple, i just like to have lots of kissing, groping, fondling, and caressing along with a LOT of spankings, running from mild to heavy.

What’s your favorite scene on your site?

i should just go with the first one that pops into my head always when i think about the best scene on my site, and that is the one with Ariel X. She is such a great woman with a STUNNING body and sweet ass, and she and i did a simultaneous spanking thing with sexy lighting, and it was so out of this world. She was truly turned on by it and i could feel her energy from it, and that’s what really made that scene stand out.

Sinn gets spanked by Lana in the foreground, while Kay gets spanked by Clare at the same time
Sinn gets spanked by Lana Wilson while Kay Richards is spanked by Clare

How did you start in spanking?

Well, it’s definitely one of those kinks i’ve always somewhat fantasized about, since i was very young actually. it always sounded naughty to me and so it always seemed like something i would of course be in to. But it really started for me once i got into doing adult work, it just naturally seemed like something i would do, because pretty much as long as it’s not anal penetration or working with men then i’ll do it. Turned out i really loved it so it worked out well.

What do you like about getting spanked?

There are so many things. i guess for one i’d say the endorphins. When you warm up slowly to some really hard spankings with a hand or a strap, the endorphins are rushing through you so fast it’s just a great natural high. When you hit that point where you’re asking for it harder, that’s what i love. The perfect amount, for me, as in don’t make me cry, but hit me really hard and it’s pretty much ecstasy. i can go in tired and not even wanting to shoot, and halfway through i’m like “yee-haw!” i also like the emotional release that can come from a really hard spanking. In my most extreme spanking shoot ever, i started crying towards the end, and afterward i just cried for about an hour, and realized that i was letting a lot of emotions get pent up from my personal life at that time, and being spanked so hard for so long just allowed me to let it all out, and i really felt much better after that.

You’re a switch. Are you more submissive or dominant?

Of course IT DEPENDS!!! With most girls, i really feel a strong dominant streak, and i love spanking them, and if they spank me and suck at it, i just want to take them down and show them how it’s done! but for example with Chelsea i like to be submissive. Usually though, even when i’m doing regular girl/girl sex scenes, i end up taking control and i like it that way.

Sinn Sage's spanked face
Sinn Sage’s pretty face as she gets spanked OTK

What makes a perfect spanking for you?

i think that’s hard to describe, because everyone understands pain in a different way. For me, the perfect spanking is hand, over the knee, not too-too hard, but definitely not too soft. Firm, but make my butt jiggle a little bit. i like to be worked up to a really hard spanking. But LOTS of butt rubbing in between! You must soothe the butt as well as spank it!

Your website is girl-only. Why is that?

i’ve always just done girl/girl work since i first entered the business about 6 years ago. Although you might find a few scenes of me from a few years ago getting spanked by men, at some point i decided that it made more sense for me to restrict all of my work to women (except for some of the wrestling work i’ve done). i’m just genuinely attracted to females and working with men doesn’t really interest me at all, and i feel that anything you do in adult you should feel passionately about in your personal life. i don’t like fakes!

Sinn Sage's beautiful spanked bottom
Sinn Sage’s beautiful spanked bottom from a recent spanking on her website: Spank Sinn

What does the future hold for Sinn Sage?

That is a loaded question, which is difficult for me to answer right now. Coming off of a serious accident that landed me in the hospital for 3 weeks, i feel i’m forced to re-evaluate everything in my life, and it’s very difficult. But continuing with work has helped me a lot, to feel like i do still have some stability. i’m glad my website is going well, and i really hope that people find it sexy and intriguing, and i hope i can have growing success with that. So hopefully, the future holds a lot more delicious spankings with super hot chicks!

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Emma Bishop

Emma Bishop

Emma Bishop is an English spanko and lives in the Midlands/South East area of England. You may know of her spanking adventures from her website The Trouble with Emma. I caught up with Emma in October 2009…

Hi Emma, I’ve just been reading your blog. What is your spanking school?

Spanking school? Well, I think in my blog that’s a turn of phrase when I talk about having mentoring i.e. ‘going back to school’? It’s not an actual place but a situational state. I have had on/off periods when I was ‘back at school’ and it’s about having that discipline.

I know you’ve said that you do a lot of improvisation, when you are playing do you trust the other person enough to just roll with it from the outset? Or do you say in advance what you’re going to do?

That’s a great question! I have been so very lucky with the people I have worked with, and those I have seriously role played with in that without exception all have been natural leaders. Playing opposite a strong authoritative person naturally gets me into my space and I’m so ‘there’. My job is easy, who wouldn’t be with such great actors to play alongside 🙂 Yes, I trust them because I am strong on trusting my instincts and going with the flow. I never rely on a script but just feelings and my method acting style.

Can you tell me a bit about the UK spanking scene?

The scene? Well, I’m not really a scenie. I go to events and parties but its most often social or some kind of PR for me. Here goes though… My view is that the UK scene is probably more open than most. There are forums such as British Spanking, Fetlife, Informed Consent and ALT. People can buddy up either online or pop along to a munch (daytime meal/drink in a vanilla setting) or, go to an organized non-professional party run by shared kinksters. On the professional side, there are private 121’s pretty much as the oldest trade has always been (lol!), and parties run on a professional basis. Additionally the girls appear in spanking movies and photo shoots. Now is that enough info for a non UK person?!

Haha, awesome

Oh, I went to a party in Copenhagen once when I was shooting there and it was VERY cloak and dagger like something out of ‘Allo Allo’ lol!!

Or like Eyes Wide Shut?

Haven’t seen that yet, Nicole Kidman?

Yeah, and Tom Cruise, the book’s good too. Check it out.

Yes I will, if its anything like The Secretary (which I can bore you for ages about parallels and how spooked I was when I saw it), then I’m sure it will touch a nerve!

Wow, cool, I DO want to ask u about The Secretary but first, how did u get to go to a cloak and dagger spanking party in Denmark?

I was doing a shoot there and my friend/associate at the time managed to find out about a club on the outskirts of town. It was more of a BDSM type party but run by people who knew each other really well, very much like a family type atmosphere in a village hall lol! When we got there we were quizzed on who tipped us off, how we knew them etc and eventually managed to talk ourselves in.

It felt like being in an old style western though being looked at like “Hey Sheriff, lookey here, there’s a stranger in town!” (hee hee)

[They had some] some good props, spanking benches etc, like a play room in a small BDSM club anywhere really. Apart from the skæreost lol (just kidding!!) That’s Danish cheese 🙂

Did you like that party?

Well, I had a bit to drink and we played semi privately. I was tied to a stand and it was more erotic play, light flogging etc, and of course the cane. We got invited back and to their Summer Camp but I haven’t been able to go. [It’s] a nice memory now.

Now you’re a part of their community, cool. Sounds like fun! Do you like BDSM as well?

I’ve been embroiled in oh-so-long debates about what constitutes ‘BDSM’. At one time I said I was only into spanking and can still clearly see a line between BDSM and DD (Domestic Discipline). I am more heavily in the DD camp but over the past few years have dabbled into BDSM territory. Things like hot candle wax, Estim machines, pony play and bondage. When I tried them I giggled and had great fun. I’d always thought of it as being heavy and that I had to be deadly serious and in the headspace. Once I realized it is also about relaxation and that I can also relax and enjoy it as an experience, it was easier. Now I am curious and admit I like a bit more of it!

BUT.. I’m not a slut/slave victim or doormat guys so please, no more lewd attempts to get me to turn 🙂 That goes to a few who have dated me and one in particular who asked me if id mind having shit thrown at me, as his previous slave loved it!!

The secretary is one of those iconic movies, I’ve seen the poster everywhere, but I’ve never watched the movie. Were you into spanking when you first saw it?

Oh by far, hell yes! But, I didn’t realize that I had had ‘the secretary’ experience myself until I saw it in the film. The moment when she waits for him to come back and punish her, and waits, and waits. I cried when I saw it and was shaking, it was a weird experience like “OMG that happened to me, I know EXCATLY what she is feeling! He didn’t come and a denial experience like that is one of the most painful things that has ever happened to me as a submissive.

I’m going to buy that DVD on Amazon today, does she get spanked?

Ok, look out for that moment. Yes, but the spanking looks very un-authentic. To the viewer it is erotic enough to hear it and know it’s going on but to any experienced spankophile we all know it was heavily staged. Maggie Gyllenhaal is actually a great actress, I have seen her in movies since and I admire her for taking that part she was superb in it and got the character and her feelings and emotions spot on.

I would have love that part since I have now acted a lot more for real.

Emma Bishop at Northern Spanking
Emma gets the riding crop from Donna Davenport at Northern Spanking

You mention acting, how’s that going?

Slow lol!! I don’t have a time limit on anything but will take every chance I ever get. It’s rather like being an Olympic athlete, staying in training and being prepared are the most important tools. It is the hardest thing to break into though. As someone said.. “Acting is a terrible way to make a living but a wonderful way to live a life” ..So true!

As for spanking movies, I am always ready for the call but am not out there chasing them. I hope my so called bad girl reputation goes before me and that is enough of a challenge 🙂

Think Katherina and Petruchio haha

Hehe. Your first ever spanking was with a retired headmaster who placed an ad for girls to spank. At the time, had you had thoughts about spankings, and just saw an ad in a paper or online? Or had you started talking to other spankos?

I had always had thoughts about it, but all private. I thought it was something not to talk about and didn’t know there was a whole world of people into it. I guessed that if people were advertising then it must be relatively safe as they probably had to give their personal details to be able to post an Ad. I was very naive for a long time and looking back got into some scrapes that could have been hairy but thankfully I only ever met lovely safe trustworthy souls 🙂

That’s good! So, reading some of your answers it seems to me that the scared feeling, is a big part of spanking for you.

It is the height of the whole experience for me, but it has to feel real, or else I draw on my training to trigger it. When I really am scared, I am there in a personal way and it affects me such that I take a long time to come down afterwards. That’s has only happened a few times in my career but that’s as it should be, Special moments by their nature need something far out to make them happen.

Emma Bishop at Northern Spanking
Leia Ann Woods is on the other end of the cane. “I admire and love her work, although to say much as Ms. Woods is deadly with a cane I prefer to see her getting hers!” Photo courtesy of Northern Spanking

I know that you weren’t spanked growing up but that you recall one time when your dad took off his belt and that was all you needed to be good. So, I guess as a child, and when your dad took off his belt, that made you scared, and stuck with you so when u saw the ad you had to respond.

Yes it was the taking off of the belt feeling. The waiting, the telling off, the anticipation, the not knowing, that is the most real experience anyone can have I think.

So it is scary, but it’s also a safe scary, so you know that whatever happens you’re going to be ok. It’s not like crossing the road blindfolded.

Well at the moment I don’t look that far ahead and remind myself it is just ‘play’. If I did I would lose a lot and I doubt it would all appear as ‘real’ as it really is for me at the time. When I tremble, cry before punishment, scratch my skin and wrangle with my hands so hard they are marked when I am waiting for punishment , it is all what I am really going through. These things have actually happened so I am not going to pretend I am a great actress. The difference is that now I know how to make it happen in the same way if the other person isn’t able to bring that out of me.

But I have never used a safeword if that what you mean.

Ok. Coming down from the high, is that the subdrop? How long does it take and how does it feel?

That depends on who, what, when and how.. OMG hard to quantify. In my most serious moments, I have been found outside the room crying, sometimes in a chair or wherever I may fall, often on the floor in a heap and being inconsolable. That has scared people who I have worked/played with who of course genuinely care about me. I can’t help it though and hate myself sometimes for being too serious about it all but the cathartic release from it is something I need at that time so I have to have that space. When it happened to me in a serious acting role and I came out of a performance and had to say goodbye to a character I grew to love, I cried a lot the next day. I know now it isn’t about being spanked, or pain.

Do u like implements? What’s your favourite implement?

OTK hand spanking always, but only when its given ‘right’. The cane I love now as it tests me, but I hate it when it doesn’t feel right, it feels like I have been deprived. I’m not so into heavy straps, just things that sting more, and absolute not into deep bruising.

I know that you were once dommed by Leia Ann Woods, what was that like?

Lol yes Leia. The movie isn’t out yet and I’m not sure if/when it will be but it was something that surprised me. The gorgeous Leia, an absolute icon in the scene, taking on a role I didn’t expect her to be in with me. As it happens, and I told her this at the time, she is an expert with a cane and one of the best. I was soooo surprised but that is the benefit of good training, I think, and also she has the advantage of being a naturally brilliant actress.

Generally do u prefer men or women to domme you?

Men or women? Well, I loved watching Miss Brown in the Red Stripe videos and she is someone I would love to have worked with because she has what it takes to get me in the moment I think. Lucy McLean was fantastic too and as she spoke to me and told me she was ‘telling my parents’. I was sooo in the moment. She also knew what and how to do it all. I can mention three other brilliant women I’ve been dommed by who have totally done it for me in terms of finding my headspace. Sorry I’m rambling but I think as long at there is authority, control and getting me to know my place with them then I can be there with both….fence sitting I know but hey!!

Is spanking a sexual thing for you?

Easy to answer. Erotic, but the level of that is based on the other person, and sensuous. Sexual? If that means do I want to have sex with the person afterwards then I’d have to say “No”. The sexual bit comes later when I’m thinking about it, nursing a sore bottom or sent to my room 🙂 I clearly separate spanking and sex but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it.

So, you get sent to your room, think about it and get turned on, then you want to maybe have sex with your partner (not necessarily the person who spanked you)?

Well, nothing is in any particular order lol and I can’t say that I always feel sexy after every spanking but if I do I can safely say I would only want to have sex with my serious and lovely boyfriend 🙂 Definitely not on camera though in a movie!

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Kate James

Kate James

Kate James (also previously called Katie Rose) is a lovely, cute, blonde spanking model from the east coast of the US with a big, plump bottom. Katie not only loves to be spanked but she is very creative and descriptive about spanking in the stories and articles on her Spanking Kate James blog. Here’s what we asked Kate…

Were you spanked growing up?

– Not really, my mom was more of a yeller. I got the occassional smack but nothing formal or elaborate. I knew I was into spanking from a really young age though, and had daydreams and ‘fantasies’ (if they can even be called that at such an age) from the age of 6 on, that I didn’t understand fully.

How does being spanked in scenes now make you feel?

– In videos or in my personal life? In videos is more fun, no matter the scene, and all for play and games. In my personal life the spanking can often take all sorts of tones and directions and can be deeply personal. Primarily I seek out spanking interactions that make me feel safe, vulnerable and secure, grounded, and cared for. I tend to feel very content after I get spanked – no matter the reason. I feel more centered than I did before the spanking.

Which other spanking model do you admire?

– There are a few that I admire for different reasons. First of all, Amber Wells (aka Pixie) for her ambition, acting abilities, and personality. She’s such a sweet person and really good at what she does. She just seems so very relate-able which is very important to me within TTWD.

Kate James spanked OTK by Mistress Gemini

When did you first meet/work with Clare Fonda?

– Gosh, I first emailed her sometime in May or June of 2007 (I was 18) and we corresponded all summer until I made my second trek to California and got the chance to shoot with her (and others). My first time meeting her was great. We went out for lunch and then shot all afternoon. She then gave me and a friend the first viewing of the new EE film (I think it was 2…). It just rocked and was so funny!

Anyone you haven’t worked with but would like to?

– Well, company wise, I’d love to someday work with both Punished Brats and Shadow Lane. As far as other ‘actors’ go, within the spanking community I would love to work with Tom Byron, Keith Jones, and Rich Windsor. As far as mainstream people go – Mark Harmon (Leroy Jethro Gibbs on NCIS!), George Clooney, and LL Cool J (only, as Sam Hanna on NCIS: LA)

Which aspect of spanking are you most into?

– The ritual, and the feeling. The small details within the ritual are important to me: who pulls down the panties, the positioning, the firm grip around my waist, etc. And the spanking itself, being hard and firm, unrelenting, and yet all at the same time very caring and loving.

Kate James shows off her big, spanked bottom during cornertime

What do you dislike about spanking? / Which situations would make you request a lighter spanking? / Do people spank you too hard or too lightly?

– Dislike? Hm. I’d have to say I dislike being spanked very low on my bottom. I don’t mind terribly the undercurve, but the low sit spots and upper thighs bothers me a lot. I have a rather large bum, there’s plenty of it to spank. The only thing that would make me ask for something specific that would be lighter would be if I had a doctors appointment or hands on class (I am a massage therapy student) and I’d have to show the sides of my bottom/thighs for a classmate to practice on me. Most of the people I play with spank me just how I like – hard and firm – but I’ve played with people who were just too light of players for me. I’ve rarely met someone who spanked too hard, but in those rare cases, I’ve said something and the person built up to a harder spanking for me.

How would the perfect spanking go for you?

A perfect spanking is hard to describe. It would be paternal and caring, authoritative and strict, safe and secure, while allowing me to feel open and raw, maybe even exposed (although not physically). It would be OTK and in the comfort of my home, and I’d have one of my stuffed animals nearby 🙂

Favorite / least favorite implement?

– Favorite is by FAR a leather strap or a belt. I find leather to be delicious, especially when applied firmly to my bum! My least favorite are hairbrushes or wooden spoons. Hard limit ones are anything with holes in it (leather or wood), and plastic/lexan. I only like all natural stuff (wood, leather, and rattan!)

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Samantha Grace

Samantha Grace

Samantha Grace is a sexy brunette glamour and fetish model. .. I think she says it best in Samantha Grace’s Grand Adventures

I couldn’t cut it as an evil super villain so, I became the second most evil thing I could think of… a professional model so I could take over the world. When I am not planning global domination and total anarchy, I have grand adventures and I’ve decided to share them.

As well as glamour and spanking Samantha Grace gets up to many different forms of bondage and fetish in the movies in her Clips4Sale Store.

Here’s what we asked Samantha…

What was your first spanking scene and how did it go?

I was a very young 19 year old girl. I experienced it after meeting a few BDSM friends in the city I was living in at the time. My first spanking scene was actually with a female top and yes it was actually for a spanking site as well. I am not even sure if the site is even around anymore. But it was back in the early 2000’s. It went well, since then I can handle a tough spanking.

Who have you worked with in spanking? Any stories you can share?

Oh, goodness tons of people at this point Julie Simone, Clare Fonda, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Dallas, Punished Brats, Kelly Payne and Shadow Lane are some of the big names. I am sure there are a few I am missing. I will say one of my favorite spanking scenes was with Julie Simone when we shot with Gwen Media a number of years ago. Right before our scene I had a scene were I was dreaming about being a kitty cat as a pet. Julie let me pick my paddle and she happened to have a kitty cat paddle. I picked that one and the sting was great.

What would make your perfect spanking scene?

I experienced my perfect spanking scene at Fetishcon in August. It was the most romantic experience of my life to date and it was when my master Rifferus collared me at Fetishcon. He bought me my first collar which, really showed me his commitment to me. I was so surprised! The key to my heart is actually commitment, I am bit of an old fashion romantic. He also bought be a slapper that would be used in my training as a pet. I am his little kitty baby after all. Both of us are huge spank-o’s by the way, if you haven’t figured by now.

Anywho, after collaring me Rifferus broke in the new slapper on by bottom, by giving me the most passionate, loving, and orgasmic spanking of my life time. It was such a great moment in my life. He is such a tender and loving top. I will admit being I am a softy, I love the tender romantic moments. I am just a very passionate woman.

Samantha Grace among the cast of Exclusive Education 4

How did you become a pro domme?

I am not sure how to answer this? I started off as a bottom like most dommes. In my personal life I am a submissive and I guess it is natural to branch off into becoming a pro domme. I pretty much started because people asked me if I would top them and agreed to. I will admit, I love topping and my special knowledge is in, humiliation/ financial domination, impact play, and rope bondage. I never have enough slaves who want impact play! Which is my favourite.

You call yourself a “mean submissive” or switch, which do you prefer subbing or domming? And why?

I am first an foremost always a submissive. But I am selective who I bottom to these days. I pretty much only bottom to Rifferus in my personal life. But on camera I bottom to some producers. Being a collared bottom is sacred to me. My relationship with Rifferus very sacred. I love being a bottom to Rifferus. It’s special to me because not everyone gets to top me. As a bottom I am offering my whole self to Rifferus. As a top he is offering his full self to give me pleasure. It’s a very spiritaul and deep exchange.

As for being a top, I will top just about anyone…. girls or boys. Anyone, who wants someone who can take charge. I am a natural born leader, so I guess it is natural I would enjoy being a top. I am a take charge kind of a woman. But I also have a lot of respect for bottoms. A bottom is offering themselves to me. A person who wants to please and serve me. I tend to be kind of a motherly top. I treat my subs, as my little children. I am strict but loving.. Like any good top should be. A bottom is not to be abused, but cherished and loved.

Do you get to combine your love of glamour and corsets with spanking? What is it like getting spanked in a corset?

I have from time to time. I find myself not wearing corsets much because it is restrictive to the play sometimes. I tend to like a lot physical contact and I tend to wear as little as possible when being spanked. Unless it is for a shoot or I am out on the town.

Samantha Grace, right, and Ariel X

What is it about being spanked that you like/dislike?

I love being spanked. One of my favourite things in my person life is that Rifferus carries that slapper around whenever we are together and swats me, when I am being a brat. I think spanking brings people together. More people need to explore spanking. I will admit I am more of the loving tender spankees. I am not intro hardcore spanking. I like a nice romantic and sexy spanking, not one that that leaves me black and blue for days. I mean I have experienced that before, I’ve been spanked by Dallas after all. It’s not that I hate a rough spanking, I just am a romantic.

Implements.. what do you like and dislike?

I am not a fan of wood. But I love leather! Leather straps and slappers are the best! Hair bushes are good too. But nothing beats and old fashion OTK hand spanking. I love feeling my top’s hand on my bum.

Do you have a favorite spanking fantasy you can share?

Being a the romantic I am, my fantasy includes being spanked in my wedding dress on my wedding night. I just think there is nothing sexier then a spanked newly married blushing bride. This is a shocking fantasy even for myself because I was never a girl who wanted to marry anyone until fairly recently. But a paddled bride in her dress, the imagery is sexy. Then the idea of the husband paddling her for over cooking dinner or getting spanked for taking too long to get ready when they need to be on the road. It is just domestic sexy bliss to me. Most of my fantasies are of a domestic theme, so I guess it is natural that I think in the terms of spanking in a marriage. I think if more married couples spanked, there would be fewer divorces.

What does the future hold for Samantha Grace?

It holds the launch of!

And a number of other sites, I am co-creating a spanking site with Rifferus in the near future. So, lot’s of sexy spanko times coming up. There will be some spanking on my personal site as well.

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