Amelia Jane Rutherford

Amelia Jane Rutherford

If there is such a thing as spanking superstars, then Amelia Jane Rutherford is definitely one of a very select few. The English bondage and spanking model goes by the name of Amelia for spanking and Ariel Anderssen for her bondage work. Amelia has worked with nearly everyone from Firm Hand Spanking to Clare Fonda to Dallas Spanks Hard.

This interview took place in February 2009.

When was your first spanking?

It was very late I’m afraid. I was thinking about spanking for a long time but the first time I was spanked was when I was 23. So I waited a long time for that to happen.

When I was about 18 I realized that my childhood was definitely behind me and the time when you are most at risk of being spanked is in your childhood. And I realized that mine had certainly passed with no spanking happening. And I remember thinking at the age of 18 sort of thinking “oh no, I’ve missed that opportunity, obviously no-ones going to spank me now because I’m a grownup”. I remember thinking that’s really sad and I started wondering what job I could go into that would make it more likely that something like spanking would happen. I couldn’t think of one at all. I thought maybe the army, I’d get captured and tortured but that really wasn’t what I wanted to happen. No I wanted spanking. And so no, I remember being quite in despair really.

Was the first time with a boyfriend?

Yes. He’s my ex boyfriend. So my first spanking was with someone I now have no respect for and no relationship with. And, of course, looking back my first spanking was rubbish because he didn’t know what he was doing. But, of course, at the time it was the most exciting thing in the world. But I suppose, while that was the first time I was spanked the first time it properly happened was when I went to my first spanking shoot, because then I was working with a professional who knew exactly what he was doing. I remember I was very very frightened because I thought I don’t actually know how much this is going to hurt. You know, I’d watched a lot of videos but I’d had no idea how bad this was going to be. [The shoot] started and I thought “oh no, I’m not into this, this really hurts”. But then afterwards I enjoyed remembering it so I thought “no, the kink’s still there!”

Why do you think that professionals spank hard and boyfriends and girlfriends don’t?

It’s very interesting how much variety there is in how hard spanking is considering it’s the same thing, everyone’s using their hand, if we just talk about hand-spanking. And I think obviously loads of people play around with spanking in the bedroom. Even if they’re not particularly into it. And, I guess, that kind of spanking can be quite light and quite playful. But if you’re really wanting to make a good video or if you’re really wanting to play seriously it’s a whole different experience. And in my experience of doing it for fun and at work it seems like people who have been doing it for a while, I’m not sure what happens to their hands, maybe their hands get desensitized. Because actually spanking someone, if you’ve never done it before, really hurts your hand. I tried it a couple of times. I don’t like it, it’s not my scene, but I tried it and the pain in your hand is much worse than the pain of being spanked. So I think these people who have been doing it for a while get like this weapon on the end of their arm. And, you know it’s scary, you know if you meet one of those people.

Do you prefer playing for fun vs. working?

When I’m playing for fun I like things to feel quite serious. So, I don’t like playful spanking ever. I like it always to feel real and always to feel like a serious event. So, I’m sure there are people who can take it harder at work than they want to in their personal life, for me it might even be the other way round. In a movie I’m always a little bit distracted by trying to do a good job and trying to look nice. But, in my private life, I can concentrate on nothing except the spanking. And so then I think maybe my tolerance goes up in private.

Something about subs and dommes…

Sometimes when I’m playing or even at a video shoot I sometimes feel quite guilty because the person who’s getting all the sensation of the spanking, which obviously for people who like it is great, is the sub. So the sub gets all the sensation, most of the physical experience of the spanking is felt by me, the bottom. Sometimes I think, because I’m not a top and don’t switch, that I just can’t see what you get out of it if you’re the top or the domme. And I guess I never really will. Some people try to explain it to me but it just seems like such a removed way of getting pleasure, but for me I’m getting the sensation, I’m getting the endorphins and I’m getting the adrenaline and that’s lovely. I wish I could see it from the top’s point of view but I guess I never will.

You said that people who give a lot of spankings get harder hands. Has your bottom developed a tolerance too?

Well, the first time I did a spanking movie it was moderately intense but not over the top at all and my whole bottom went black, pure bruising for over a week. And then the next few times I did a spanking video the same thing, terrible bruising. And then my bottom started to recover much faster and bruise less. Now it has to be something quite severe in order to get really bad marks for more than a day. Unfortunately the pain I feel is exactly the same as the first time and I don’t think that’s ever going to change now. I do know girls who have been doing it for long enough that their tolerance keeps getting higher and they need more to get themselves to the same level of excitement. But for me every time is kind of like a first time, but my bottom is telling a different story really.

What is it that you like about a spanking?

Some masochists or submissives say it’s about the pain, and for those people even hurting themselves they can get some pleasure from it. So from time to time they might not have a partner and they say “oh well, I just do so and so to myself”. Now that doesn’t appeal to me at all because for me it’s all about being controlled. So for me I can have a really fun spanking session or BDSM session and there doesn’t actually have to be any spanking there can be all these other things that make me think all my control has been taken away from me and that I’m being punished. So, it’s not all about the sensation, although I like the sensation. I think I would agree with people who say it’s all about the feeling afterwards rather than the feeling at the time. Certainly during the first spanking I ever experienced that’s exactly what I felt, I felt my gosh, this is just horrible, then afterwards I thought “mmm yeah it’s horrible” [cheeky grin] So yeah I think I might be one of those people who isn’t a true masochist, it’s much more from my temperament that I get my pleasure I think.

It’s tricky talking about the things I like as well as spanking because I know that some people that love spanking don’t like the other stuff that for me goes along with it quite naturally. So all my life I’ve fantasized about spanking alongside being kidnapped, tied up or abused or just treated really badly by someone in authority. So, for me there’s a really wide variety of stuff that I like to do and I like to do in movies. But for me I either have to do straight spanking in movies or I have to go and do a bondage movie. And there’s not much that does both unless I was prepared to do hardcore work, which I’m not. So at home, because I get to do loads of spanking movies, I tend to like things that are a bit more subtle and a bit more psychological. So, at my house there are lots of house rules that I have to keep. And it wouldn’t make a good movie because it’s far too subtle and not very visual, but it gives me a lot of happiness. And for me it makes me feel very similar to how being spanked makes me feel.

It sounds like a really subtle form of roleplaying.

My fantasy life involves a lot more storytelling and the stories I tell in my head are kind of complicated. I certainly know people who could totally fantasize about a hand coming down on their bottom and they way that felt, but for me I need to know why, who the person doing it is so all this has to be constructed in my head before it starts to be a fantasy. So my fantasies are quite complicated and that’s one reason I really like making spanking movies because you get to play out the whole story leading up to the spanking. Which is why I like to make spanking movies a lot more than I like to make spanking clips. Because a five minute clips just doesn’t have time for a great big story about what a naughty girl you’ve been, whereas a movie definitely does and that’s where I get a lot of my pleasure from.

Favourite spanking fantasy?

My favourite spanking fantasies change quite a lot but they split into two branches.

The first is getting spanked for something I definitely did by someone who has the moral high ground by someone who is quite kind but very stern. A good example of this would be your classic school fantasy. I’ve just been appalling and this kind teacher, who’s getting no pleasure in having to punish me, punishes me anyway, just for my own good. That’s really hot.

But, the other branch of my main fantasies is being treated really badly and being very much the innocent victim. And, in that kind of fantasy I’m wearing a white dress and am very scared and very victim-y and the person doing the spanking is a cruel Viking warlord or something and definitely does not have the moral high ground, just has the power.

So those are my two favourite families of fantasies. If I’m looking for a fantasy I’d always go to those two first.

Chicken and egg theory. Does porn create certain fantasies?

In my experience porn doesn’t create a taste in you. I feel like you already have sexual tastes and go find something that matches it. Because certainly I’ve watched examples of porn that weren’t my thing and it did nothing for me. I’ve watched balloon fetish and it hasn’t spoken to me personally. No, I feel like your sexual identity is fixed by the time you’re old enough to see porn. I can see that if you got hold of it when you were very young it would certainly affect you. But when I hear people talking about the power of pornography to change people they’re always talking about other people, it’s not changed them. I don’t see porn having the power to do that myself, for me.

Spanking implements?

Before I got spanked if you’d have asked me what I fantasized about being hit with I’m not entirely sure because all I remember is fantasizing about the scenarios so when I moved into doing spanking stuff professionally I wasn’t sure what the options were implement-wise. But then I did some research and I discovered that the cane is really the thing to be scared of. So the first time I was caned I hated it but it was the thing I found myself thinking about the most afterwards. So, for me it’s very complicated, the things I like most are the things I hate most, and the things I can take and feel ok with I guess don’t excite me so much.

So, there’s the intimacy of hand spanking and I think that most spankees would agree that it’s the most personal of all the CP implements and if I can’t be hand spanked I rather have the complete opposite extreme and have the most formal, terrifying scary implement.

I don’t like paddles because I just find them a bit too scary and not in a good way. As the paddle’s going back and I know it’s going to hit me in my head I have this picture of my pelvis just splitting in two from the impact. Whereas no other implement makes me feel like that so there’s something about the paddle, it just seems like to heavy an implement to me to meet with flesh. But everything else I actually like.

Amelia Jane Rutherford nude with a wooden bath brush

Any kind of fantasy you haven’t done but would like to? And why?

My fantasies change quite a lot so I don’t ever think I’ll get to the stage where I’ll have run out of spanking fantasies and move onto something else. I like the idea of being spanked by someone who isn’t English, just for being English for all the crimes we’ve committed over the centuries. That just came out of nowhere and I feel like I’ll always have fantasies like that, that just come out of nowhere. No I feel like I’ll never get to the end of the fantasy world.

Favourite Position?

My favourite position is an unoriginal one, it’s probably what most people like, and it’s over the knee. And I like it because you can be held down while you’re spanked, which is one of my favourite things. So normally if you see my movies you’ll see my arm flail out like that to protect my bottom. And it’s not usually not because I want to protect my bottom, it’s usually because I want them to do the best thing which is grabbing my arm and putting it behind my back. So, I think that will always be my favourite position.

But, that said I like formal punishments, so really formal exposed kind of positions, maybe on a trestle or over an A-frame, something like that would make me quite happy as well because it feels quite judicial, which I like.

Men / women spanking you and why?

All my fantasies all my life have been about men spanking me. Never fantasized about a woman spanking me and I guess that’s simply down to the fact that I’m heterosexual. The idea of a girl doing it never really did much for me. That said, as a professional spankee, I do scenes from time to time with a woman doing it. And I have found that it is certainly a different experience for me but because it’s a woman for some reason I really feel this responsibility to be quite brave. I don’t mind making this big fuss and crying all over a man but I’m certainly not prepared to do that with a woman spanking me. So I feel a lot more competitive because a lot of the ladies who are spanking you as a top started off as a bottom so I certainly don’t want them thinking “oh dear, she’s not very tough, is she” So, actually the experience is very different, less sexy but quite interesting for me.

So, spankings are sexual?

I don’t think that if spankings weren’t sexual for me, I don’t think I could take the pain of them. Because I don’t have a high pain tolerance, some people just do, and I don’t. And I know that from time to time a shoot will happen that really isn’t my cup of tea or I’m not feeling particularly comfortable with the person doing the spanking or something else has gone wrong or I’m not feeling very well.. and I notice that because I’m not finding it very sexual at all, all I can notice is how much it hurts. And this doesn’t happen very much at all, but on those occasions I’ve thought “bloody hell, what am I doing? This is a terrible way of making a living” So no, if it’s not sexual I can’t really take it to be honest.

In that case, if you don’t do porn but you do spanking, isn’t that the same thing?

You could certainly argue that shooting spanking movies is like shooting porn, and I can’t argue with that. I can’t argue with the fact that for some people it would seem like exactly the same thing. To me I suppose I wanted to do it so much I didn’t really care. As a mainstream model I’d worked out what my limits were and I so wanted to do spanking that I don’t think I can afford to care what people might think it is or isn’t. I’m just going to do it and I’m going to do it under my terms, which means that I’m not going to suddenly have someone using a vibrator on me just because they’ve been allowed to spank me. I’m not going to do open leg shots just because I’m doing spanking work. I’m going to do spanking and that’s going to be it. And something that I’ve been quite strict about is not shooting sexual scenes, so I don’t like to do scenes where my character is supposed to be getting sexual pleasure from being spanked. I want to keep it as a quite straight punishment scenario. And how sexual people find that to watch.. well I hope they do find it sexual, of course, but for me it’s a world away from shooting something that is explicitly sexual because I think the sexuality of spanking is much more complicated and hidden that the sexuality of a porn film.

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Chelsea Pfeiffer

Chelsea Pfeiffer

Chelsea Pfeiffer is one of the biggest names in spanking. She appears all over the web and on DVDs in some of the hardest and sexiest girl-girl spanking scenes. Chelsea stars in movies and also produces and directs through her CPEntertainment company. While she is mainly a top in her scenes she does switch and takes a spanking on occasion in her spanking scenes. Chelsea also enjoys getting spanked off-camera too, as we discovered when we interviewed her in October 2009…

What kind of things were you spanked for growing up?

I was spanked for being naughty, like most kids were back when I was growing up. Things like asking both parents if I could go somewhere and getting a “no” from both, then telling one the other said yes and taking off to do my thing. God forbid I was late getting home and both parents had time to get together to find out neither had given permission. It was usually things that were so bad it kinda scared them, like crossing the street without help at the wrong time, or getting in trouble at school. Problem was, it only taught me to be a crafty liar instead of getting it through my head that what I’d done was really wrong. I believe that if you invade a child’s space like that, in what seems to them a violent way, kids only get pissed off and learn to get around you instead of respecting you.

Have you used real life experiences as inspiration for scenes?

I have used real life experiences for inspiration for scenes, but not in that childlike way. I use conflicts between myself and my husband, or between myself and friends, or what used to be co-workers (before I worked for myself), or store clerks…anyone I encounter that makes me think, “This person could use a good spanking!” BTW, I’m the only one spanked in my marital relationship, so that usually means I’ll use some argument we’ve had where I was wrong. Or, if he was wrong, I super-impose that onto a woman. Also, I’m never spanked in real life for being “naughty” anymore. We just spank for spanking’s sake, because it turns us on.

I was reading in David Pierson interviews Chelsea Pfeiffer that you like some sex comedies from the 60’s. Which ones do you like that inspired the sexy/naughty aspects of your work?

“The Pink Panther” movies, or just about anything with Peter Sellers. “Casino Royale,” “What’s New Pussycat,” “The Party.” I loved those hotel hallway chase scenes. Too funny! Just wish once they would have thrown open the door on a good spanking scene. 😉

I’ve just been looking through your websites and it is definitely clear that you are one of the biggest names in spanking. Your classics website has some amazing scenes.. Do you have a favourite scene from “Good Spanking Classics”?

Oh dear…there are so many! I’ve been doing this since 1998 on my own and since 1991 for other companies… I think I liked “House Rules” (CP-93). It starred Samantha Woodley and Ashley Fires and was just a good, sound spanko plot. No one sent it to me, it just came to me one day, and it turned out to come out of the mind of many a spanking enthusiast. It was very popular. Unfortunuately, it’s been taken down from and has a long way to go before it turns up on Good Spanking Classics. Actually, I take that back now that I think about it, I might have to change the way I’m posting to Classics. I’ve been doing it in numerical order, first movie first, etc. But, I miss seeing some of the more popular ones myself! Right now, however, it IS still available on DVD at

How has spanking changed from when you started out? If at all.

It’s changed tremendously since I first started out. The spanking movies that I first saw were deadly! So boring I thought I was going to cry (and not in a good way) before they got to the end. Hours and hours of girls who couldn’t care less spanking each other like they were afraid to hurt each other, shot in REALLY bad apartments with worse lighting, no scripts, bad 70’s and 80’s wardrobe… No wonder what I shot at first was so exciting to me and, thankfully, others. Then I saw Shadow Lane videos and was greatly relieved to see that someone out there knew what it was really about. They inspired me, we inspired each other…all of us producers, and it’s made for a much better genre. The spankings are real. The girls are real. The scenes are something we can all relate to.

The biggest change is not a good one, lately, in my opinion. It’s not about the movie anymore. It’s about the updates. Lots of short scenes shot on the fly… I’m not any better in my trying to keep up, either. I would love to get back to shooting full movies, but sales of DVDs are not what they used to be. It’s all about subscription sites now. If I shoot a 48 minute movie it takes a little long to get to the end of the movie and I can’t offer full movie download for a movie that long because of the file size. Plus, if I give out 48 minutes an update I’d be shooting myself in the foot financially. Still, I try to take my challenges as they present themselves. I think we’re doing pretty well, now that we’ve figured out the newest format. That’ll change, too, soon I’m sure. Change is what it’s all about and I’ve learned, finally, not to fear change.

Strict Chelsea Pfeiffer spanking a naughty girl OTK

Now you are spanking all the hot new starlets on the block like Sinn Sage and Snow Mercy and all the Kink girls like Jade Indica, Cherry Torn and Dia Zerva. What qualities makes a girl good to work with?

First, they can’t be afraid (I mean seriously afraid). A little nervousness is fine, but if they’re scared I’m going to truly hurt them then they are no one I’ll consider. That’s what you have to be careful with when you get the “porn” girls. I mean, they’ll be taking DP one day and then they’re scared to get spanked? Please… A deadpan personality is pretty much a turn off, although Sinn was pretty darn deadpan when I first met her. She was suspicious of me, because she’d done a scene with another producer who spanks super hard (makes my spankings look like a walk in the park!) and she was NOT going to let that happen to her again. But, as she got to know me she relaxed and, strangely, the Chelsea Spanks session I did with her was what won her over. Those are half-hour, non-stop spanking sessions that include at least three implements. There are no cuts, no edits. The camera never turns off. The girls get spanked for a half-hour without rest. It takes fortitude.

Other qualities include looks, of course, and I can work with a lot of different personality types. Some are witty, some are dry, perky, silly, nervous…you name it. I like a girl to be punctual and professional, but friendly. I don’t like to have to baby them along. I’ve turned some girls off that way. When I’m in busy mode, I’m about getting the job done, not about coaxing someone along by telling them how beautiful/wonderful they are when they arrive and when they leave. If they do a good job, I beam with praises quickly, get them to sign the release, pay them, give them a quick hug and send them on their way. I’ll shoot them an email telling them they were great and to email when they’d like to work again. Some have become friends, but I can’t make a friend of every one of them. That’s not to say I’m insensitive to them. As we’re shooting I’m very in tune to them, especially physically, reading body language, etc. When there are cuts (in the storyline shoots) I’ll ask everytime, “Are you okay?” And, it’s funny. They’ll be carrying on during the spanking and making me worry, then the cut comes and I ask and they say cheerily, “I’m fine!” It’s so out of character from the storyline that it cracks me up.

You’re not in every scene, I know that you produce /direct as well. Which side of the camera do you prefer?

I used to be in a lot fewer scenes because I couldn’t direct and perform at the same time. Not the case now. I’m able to direct the scene as I would like it to happen even while I’m in it. I can’t see what’s going on through the camera lens, though, so Larry gets the videographer’s credit there. He takes what I want and shoots it so that it’ll edit together properly, etc. So, sometimes we have to take direction from him, as well. Yes, we occasionally argue. What married couple doesn’t? That kind of arguement is okay. It’s about working together to make a better creative project. But, we try to keep those arguements short. We don’t want to bore the pants off the girl. Pants should come off in a much more appealing way.

Is there an ingredient that every Chelsea Pfeiffer production has?

I used to say that humor was an ingredient in every production, but not so much lately. I’m liking more serious/sexy stories lately. That’s not to say I won’t always love the funny stuff. I (almost) always have something feminine on the set, like a nice vase of flowers or something soft and flowing. I like to accentuate the girl/girl aspect.

I personally love attractive women who switch, your Soccer Moms scene with Clare Fonda was amazing. Do you still switch?

That Soccer Moms scene was Clare’s idea, BTW. She just came up with it off the cuff while we were having lunch one day and I thought it was GREAT! We can both improv pretty well, so we just went at it. It was soooo much fun! Poor Larry. We went on and on with the dialogue and he had to shout to get us to cut so he could go to a different angle. Yes, I do still switch. I’ve done so recently with Kailee and Sinn…a couple of others. Some I’ve shot for the coming-some-day-when-the-economy-recovers

If I was a naughty girl which implement should I be most scared of being in your hands? Which do you love/hate the most?

You should fear my strap. Just watch almost any scene where I strap a girl. I love most implements. I hate the cane because of the aim issue and the inflexibility of it if you miss, but I’m trying to get over that. I admire a lot of the U.K. ladies who can cane like crazy…hair flying, scolding and stinging cane. That said, I really don’t like to see a bottom too mottled up and caning often leads to that.

Any future plans?

Like I said, when the economy finally comes around I’ve got Spanking MILFS about ready. We’ve got an idea for Larry to be a main player in some slightly more graphic movies and a site. I’ve got a vlog in the works for which we’ve already shot the first installment…right before we both came down with the flu. Once we’re better and he can edit it, I’m going to either find a place to post it or buy an url and just go up with it myself. Spank Sinn movies are going to go up for sale at on DVD… I think that’s all for now.

See more of Chelsea Pfeiffer’s spanking movies at her websites…


Clare Fonda

Sexy Clare Fonda

Clare Fonda is a personal heroine of mine. I first realized I was into spanking, or became aware that I was not alone, from stumbling upon spanking movies online in the 1990’s. Clare’s movies were some of the first I was into and I have always liked her style. Aswell as her spanking websites you can read much more about her at her blog. Most of this interview comes from October 2009 but there is one question from an interview I did with Clare back in November 2008.

How have your feelings about spanking changed since you got into the spanking world?

When I first started getting spanked erotically I was working as a pro sub and I became known at the club as a girl who really liked to be spanked and take it hard. You think you’re a heavy player then you shoot some heavy players like Niki Flynn, Amber Pixie Wells and Abigail Whittaker and you realize you are just a hooker! I have also been spanked by some amazing players. I got spanked last week by Steve Fuller and I remembered what a good spanking feels like and it makes you not want to bother in real life. Then again maybe I should date a spanko. It has been a while.

You look great in your movies. What are your secrets?

It’s nice of you to say that. I really appreciate you asking me that question with no prompting from me whatsoever, not one bit!! I try to eat healthily and stay away from hard drugs. In my twenties and early 30’s that did not apply although I never had a hard drug habit, only smoked crack once and that is pretty good for someone who grew up in Florida.

How do you keep in shape?

I go to the gym but mainly I like to walk. A few of my relationships have lasted longer than they should have because he would walk with me. I love liquid food such as Robeks smoothies, and instead of a midnight snack I’ll take an ambien so I can sleep hungry and burn fat, LOL. CF beauty secrets. Brown rice and vegetables is great as well i learned that form the movie Showgirls.

Thats smart, sleep instead of eat. What do you drink in Robeks?

Yeah, I am big on sleep but I am not the one to ask about groceries I think I spend more money on dog food than my own!! I do trader joes.

I drink green tea sensation at Robeks, Jamba green tea jacks me up too much.

Clare Fonda

I’ve been getting some good recommendations from these interviews. Can u recommend me a good movie that is kinky / sexy / edgy?

Hmmm, good kinky mainstream movie.. that is really hard to say. I am sure that some fucked up early movies like Clockwork Orange influenced my sexuality a lot. I know that Paris [Kennedy] and I tried to watch the Secretary but got distracted, then again that is one mean case of ADD between the two of us. I really enjoyed the Duchess I saw the recently but then again it may be to much of a chick flick. To me it was pervy though. Hey if Ralph Fiennes or Jeremy Irons is in it, it is usually pervy. I loved the Movie DAMAGE I saw in college I also liked the new Lolita. Go Jermery Irons!! It is so funny cause my mum loves him and now every movie he does is so pervy. And, i loved it when the robot held Julie Chritsie hostage in Demon Seed.

Do you feel like the spanking community accepts you?

Yes, I think they have been very good to me. I don’t pretend that I had spanking on my mind since I was hatched but i do find it very interesting and hot. My partner, the Cameraman, is a true spanko and he brings so much to the table. I appreciate how people let me know they like to see me being spanked as that is my preference. I get a lot of emails complaining that I don’t get my ass beaten enough and that really caters to my exhibitionist streak. If people don’t like my style as a top or bottom or my look, that is just something I have to deal with for putting it out there. I do stand by my sites though. I think they are great value and that’s a fact. I respect the customer but stand by my work. I have always been a hard worker. I used to work at a theatre directing plays and that was what I loved so I totally see hard work and your interests going hand in hand. If it kills the buzz so I don’t play so much in real life that’s a necessary evil.

When I watch your movies I always think that you are very believable as a strict female character and I love your dialog with whoever you are spanking, whether it be The callgirls on Spanked Callgirls, the students on Exclusive Education or even the guys on Clare Spanks Men. You seem to put a lot of energy into the roles and as such the whole scene works very well. Do you enjoy the acting / roleplaying part of performing?

Yes, I have loved acting ever since I was little. I got in trouble around the neighborhood for organizing plays and forcing the kids to perform, learn their lines etc. If you saw Atonement – I was the little girl in that. I also love role plays in my sex life. I would say most of my sexual fantasies involves me playing a character.

Clare Fonda spanks Chloe Elise on Spanked Callgirls

Tell me about Spanked Callgirls. is set in hotels and motels with girls spanking girls, and some guys spanking girls. No girls spanking guys on this site though. The girls play callgirls and I’m the Madam, I’ve retired from doing sessions and the girls are working for me but sometimes they have to be punished, sometimes they turn on me, they turn on each other. There’s a lot of spanking going on, it’s sort of the accepted form of discipline within the callgirl ring.

What’s the latest project you are working on?

Bringing Chloe Elise to My Spanking Roommate as a star of the site. The two girls we have as stars, Kay Richards and Madison Martin are excelllent, but we wanted to add a model who is a real-life spanko and documents her jounrney with her blog ( She’s a beautiful and talented Chica as well, of course. It’s a great thing for the site and we had her in town a couple of weeks ago shooting with other stars who will really expand the whole spanking soap opera feel of the site.

What are some of your real life interests and hobbies?

Animal rescue- mainly dogs. I rented a house this year so I could help some dogs. I am done giving my money to dudes. It’s all about the dogs now. I am that crazy dog lady who lives in the house on the corner and shoots porn. You know- every ‘hood has one.

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