Amber Dawn

Amber Dawn bends over nude for a hand spanking

Amber Dawn is a beautiful redheaded spanking and glamour model from California. As she says on the “About” page of her blog, she eventually started modeling after a conversation with her grandma about regrets. After that point Amber started to dance and one thing led to another. Amber runs her three websites Spank Amber, Amber Spanks and Amber Dawn Nude with her partner…

When you went to your first spanking shoot did you know you’d enjoy it before you went?

My first spanking shoot was actually my very first nude photoshoot, I had no idea that i would be spanked. I met a photographer in my area and told him my web dreams. He took several shots of me and put ankle cuffs and wrist restraints on me while i was naked except for a crotchless fishnet bodysuit. He placed a paddle next to me and told me about a Victorian artist named Egon Schiele who always painted the woman’s erogenous zones red and found it compelling. he said he’d like to take some pictures after he’d redden my behind, he wanted to create a story with the images, how did my behind get red, what was going to happen next. I giggled and said ok sounds fun, not completely understanding what he meant. Then i quickly learned as he came over and sharply paddled each of my cheeks. I felt alive for the first time and felt aroused. I hadn’t been spanked since i was a little girl and now 15 years later i was getting it again. i will never forget my first shoot and to this day he is the only man besides my father who has spanked me.

Amber Dawn spanks a lovely bare bottom with legs spread wide and pussy on display

It sounds like you got hired for a shoot and ended up hooking up with the photographer from that first shoot! Is that right?

You’re right, after 8 months of working together we fell in love and I was never paid for any of the shoots, it was a trade.

How do you like to be spanked?

i like it all and get into different moods where i need a hard discipline spanking. For erotic needs to be sharp and crisp and in charge but not to the point of crying, unless that release is part of the turn on which is sometimes for me. Light spanking doesn’t do much for me except make me brat till i get the harder one i crave 🙂

Amber gets a nude spanking from Anna Evans

What aspect(s) of spanking do you like (the pain, aftermath, being the center of attention, being submissive/dominant, roleplay, etc)?

OMG! You just nailed it! Those are all of the reason i love it. I’m a camera whore and webslut, love the attention, love the endorphin buzz and the intimacy of being bottomless over his or her lap. I love roleplay feeling like a bad girl or punishing a hot girl for being bad.

What would make a perfect scene for you to be in?

i’m totally living my spanking dreams out everyday since i live with and make movies with my spanker. Although i haven’t been spanked on a beach yet, that would be sexy. I would love to have a budget to travel to exotic locations, agent provocateur lingerie, costumes, and hiring the hottest women to up the production value. Do a spankamber/amberspanks tour where i spank the hottest women from around the world and get spanked myself too of course!

In your two websites AmberSpanks and SpankAmber you play both top and bottom roles. Do you have any practical advice for newbie tops and bottoms from your experience of working with lots of different people?

Yes, i do and I really love being in control and spanking naughty women. My advice is to watch your on yout movies and to study and learn from each spanking. You have to be in control and not second guess yourself, but still be loving not cruel. Listen to the spankers sounds and body reactions. That’s what tells you to spank harder or lighter. So my advice is to be a good listener and not be afraid to give them what they deserve, I think because i love being spanked i try to give the best spanking i can because i know how good it can feel.

Redheaded Amber Dawn spanks 19 year old Jessika OTK with a paddle

Are you naturally a switch or do you prefer top or bottom, or does it depend on the other person?

I’m naturally a switch, but a total sub with my man, i need a very strong man to handle me, I’m a feisty redhead who can be a real brat. Although I do enjoy being spanked by a woman who knows what she’s doing. I feel naturally dominant with younger women because I like women and i get to pick my own girls. I develop little crushes on them and it has really opened my eyes up to all types of beauty. They usually don’t know what they want yet and are naturally submissive. It’s so fun to spank and grope beautiful young women flesh.

Fav / least fav implement? Anything you refuse to be spanked with?

My fav implements are daddy’s hand, leather paddle and leather belt. I’m terrible a vegan with a leather fetish. I won’t refuse to be spanked with anything but hard wooden paddles and the cane will keep my butt marked for up to 2 weeks so we have to shoot those scenes sparingly to keep up with the updates.

Whats the kinkiest/wildest thing you can admit to having done?

public nudity, walking around for 2 hours completely naked in downtown San Francisco during work week lunchtime and walking into walgreens naked to buy suncreen. Fucking Amy with a strapon while I spanked her and making her lick of her juices!

What does the future hold for Amber Dawn?

I see many more spankings in my future and there are so many bad girls out there that need to be spanked. I’m gonna keep making the best spanking content and putting my heart and ass into it!

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