Alicia Panettiere

Alicia Panettiere presents her bottom during a spanking

The lovely Alicia Panettiere is a fairly new spanking model on the scene. Alicia is very much into spanking and gives private sessions as well as acting in spanking movies. Alicia is a beautiful lady from the Midwest who also models for glamour photography which shows an entirely new side to her. And if all that wasn’t enough Ms Panettiere is also a web designer!! You can already find many of Alicia’s spanking videos at her website & video store – and for more photos and discussions about spanking and related issues check out her blog –

We caughty up with Alicia in July 2010…

I’ve enjoyed reading your blog a lot. A recent article that I liked very much was about bratting, a lot of new bottoms could benefit from reading that post. It’s very well written indeed. Do you like bratting? Are you good at it?

Thank you! When I first came into the spanking scene as a bottom I would purposely do or say things to “get in trouble”, but it seemed that it was too forced. Honestly I am not and have never been any good at bratting in my opinion but I envy those who can do it and make it fun for both themselves and the Top.

You say, when discussing how you got into spanking on your blog, that it’s purely the discipline you crave, as opposed to the actual spanking. Do you not have to follow rules and behave at work? Whats the difference between what you need and the regular everyday school discipline (don’t run in corridors, etc)?

For me it all just goes back to the past. You would never know it by observing me at this point in my life, but as I grew up I was a terror to my parents and brother. I was the boss of the family, the “in charge” one. I ruled by intimidation and my parents didn’t know what to do about it so there was no discipline given. Somehow though, I turned out ok, but I have no idea how. I guess I realized that I needed to get it together once I became an adult so everything just snapped into place. But yet I still craved the discipline that I should have gotten all those years ago. It was missing and needed to be experienced. Receiving discipline nowadays is a healing and therapeutic experience for me. It sort of takes me back to my little girl self. So this being said I usually don’t “feel” like an adult when I’m being spanked. I don’t know if it is necessarily age play or not, but all I know is that it’s good for me. I don’t think I really answered the question, but it was good anyhow I guess. 😉

Do you need the spanking aspect of it or would a stern scolding and cornertime be enough? Do you get anything from the actual spanking?

For me, spanking is not about a physical sensation, but rather an inner feeling and mindset. There is just something about an authority figure taking the time and exerting themselves to punish me. Sending me to my room requires no effort on their part, but to physically “take me in hand” and spank me requires quite a bit of physical energy and exertion from them. It shows they really care for me to take the time to punish me like that. As for getting something out of the actual spanking, if scolding was to be totally removed from the picture, then no I wouldn’t get anything out of it at all – it would feel like someone was simply beating on me. The two have to be used in conjunction in order to evoke the feelings and mental place that I look to get to.

I do not believe that I need the actual spanking every single time. Quite honestly, if I’m being punished for a real-life issue, being grounded or restricted from privileges seems to be more effective at correcting me. Corner time and scolding alone doesn’t do much to correct a real misbehavior, but it is very good for getting into my headspace and causing me to feel very submissive and disciplined.

You say spanking isn’t sexual for you. Do you fantasize about it in a sexual way? Does it feel sexy afterwards or is it a turn-off? Do you think that maybe with the right person it might become sexual?

I don’t ever get aroused by spanking and I do not fantasize about it in a sexual way. My spanking interest is purely disciplinary and to me discipline and sexuality are on totally opposite ends of the spectrum and I don’t associate pleasure with pain.

I have never tried bringing spanking into my sex life so I don’t know whether or not it would work for me. If I was in a committed relationship, I would be open to experimenting with sensual spanking and sexuality. But for me there could be no scolding or pain involved with this.

What would be a perfect spanking for you?

There are so many different factors that can go into a good discipline spanking and I can’t possibly hit on them all, but here are a few that come to mind right now:

The perfect spanking has to include real, stern, scolding. The spanker needs to be someone who I know and trust and who knows and cares for me and understands what I need and want. I like being asked alot of questions about my behavior and being required to answer them quickly and respectfully. Being made to keep still and no kicking or excessive squirming, taking my punishment like a good girl. Getting “the look”. Being unexpectedly swatted while I’m standing in the corner, say for not answering a question quickly enough. Required to address someone as sir or ma’am. I like the spanking to occur in layers (i.e. over jeans, panties, and then bare bottom). After care is a big thing for me. I like to be held and cuddled afterwards and reassured that I’m still loved.

Alicia shows her dominant side as she spanks a naughty lady

How long have you been a practicing spanko for? And how long have you been switching?

I’ve been a practicing spanko since January 2009, and had my very first switching experience in August of that same year. The very first time that I spanked someone, it was a complete disaster! I was SO awkward, didn’t know what to say verbally as far as scolding, and only hit the spanking target zone like 20% of the swats I delivered. But word got out at the party and others asked me to spank them and even when I told them that I was terrible they still wanted me to try! As the evening wore on I became more and more comfortable with it and started enjoying it. January of 2010 marked my transition to Topping publicly and bottoming in my personal life only.

With my transition in January, I began getting requests from individuals who desired me to Top in private sessions. At first I wasn’t sure I was comfortable with being a “Professional Top” but in talking with some trusted friends and doing some self-searching, I decided that I would do it. The majority of people who I see are those who are extremely private with their spanking desires and who for various reasons can’t or won’t venture out to a public spanking event. They value the discretion that a private session offers them and if not for that they would never get to experience a spanking.

Is there anything you’ve learnt while topping that you’ve gone on to do whilst being on the bottom? Or vice versa?

There are more things that I’ve learned as a bottom that I use when I Top people. When I am bottoming, I’ve had a Top do or say something to me that really worked well with my headspace so I try to incorporate those things into my sessions.

Are you a strict top?

Yes, I have been told that I am and it is how I desire to be. People are not going to find much (if any) leniency with me because rules are there for a reason and if they are broken there will be consequences doled out. A good number of people that I encounter have a craving for consistency when it comes to discipline and they need to feel safe in knowing that the boundaries are always upheld. In addition to the strictness I also have a caring and affectionate side to me and I feel that both are needed when delivering discipline.

Has spanking made you a different person in your vanilla life? How?

Yes. One of the biggest changes that I’ve noticed is the betterment of my communication skills. Communication is so essential to ensure the safety and enjoyment of both parties. I’ve learned to ask for what I want which is something very simple but so often lacking in the vanilla world. People often assume that others know what they want and are mind readers.

It has also filled the void that I have felt for a long time, and that is to experience parental discipline in a caring but firm manner. It seems I’m more at peace with myself now.

Do you like to be scolded or told off in your vanilla life?

No. I find that there seems to be a totally different tone used in the vanilla world and the scolding is not done from a caring perspective usually. Their motives are generally not with your best interest at heart, but rather what will benefit them and it is often done in a way that puts you down rather than correct you so you can be a better person. I don’t care for it at all.

How did you choose the name Alicia Panettiere?

Panettiere is just a last name that I thought was pretty. Kinda stole it from Hayden Panettiere who is a mainstream actress. I didn’t think I would actually ever use it that much. I chose it before I ever thought I’d be doing any videos or anything.

Were you nervous about getting spanked for the first time in a movie? How did the first time go?

I was, actually. Primarily I think because I found out there would be no rehearsing it first so I was afraid my piece in the video would turn out to be bad. I was lucky to have a co-bottom, Lily Anna, who was very helpful in answering the tons of questions that I had and giving me advice. It was a pleasure working with her.

“Aunt Bella” is the name of the first video I did and it was for Clare Fonda’s site, After the first dialogue scene I was feeling more comfortable and of course the spanking scenes are just second nature to me. I do wish that I had been more vocal with ad libs in the non-spanking scenes because I was pretty quiet and Lily Anna did most of the talking. 🙂

Alicia relaxes after being spanked

Whats the future for Alicia Panettiere?

I recently opened my own website where I sell video clips and DVDs of the spanking films I have produced. I hope to buy some professional lighting and another camera or two so that the films are of even better quality. I have plans to shoot for more spanking production companies in the future as well.

I will continue meeting with individuals to give them private discipline sessions, and plan to expand my wardrobe and implement collection so that I am able to cater to each client’s unique fantasies.

On the vanilla side of things, I plan to start a web design business and pursue mainstream acting in films, commercials, and TV. Eventually my varied interests may take me away from Kansas, but no move is planned at the present. I’ll just continue to travel to and fro for now.

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