Ten gets her ass seen to at Everything Butt

Today we bring you Ten, a sexy, brunette lifestyler from New Jersey. At just 24 Ten has already had many experiences in the world of kink and she writes about them in her blog: The She-donist. If her scenes on the internet seem very hard and real, it means they probably are, and that’s how she likes it. The subheading of Ten’s blog is “Pursuing carnal pleasure, one kinky step at a time” so spanking and kink is definitely something that brings pleasure for her. Ten has been very busy over the past few years and you may have seen her in all kinds of kinky bondage and, of course, spanking scenes. Ten is very cute with a lovely bottom and as she says in her blog “[her] life is awesome”!

Ten was kind enough to answer these questions in February 2011…

First things first, we’re guessing that Ten was not the name you were born with. Choosing a stagename is hard, we’ve tried and failed. We like Ten, is there a story behind it?

I have a link to a big, long story here for fetlife users: http://fetlife.com/users/37355/posts/121213

Short version:

I started out belonging to someone as “slave 10”. However, I realized as I started exploring the scene that I wasn’t a slave– I left that man and, since everyone knew me by the name, turned the number into a word. “Ten” became my name in “real life” as well as I became open about my kink. My roommates call me “Ten”, my friends call me “Ten”, even some people at the Vanilla job call me “Ten”.

Currently looking for a ‘last name’ to go with “Ten”. It means “Heaven” in Japanese, so maybe trying to find something that flows with that. Any suggestions?

Can you tell us about your relationship to spanking. When did your interest in it start?

I’ve always felt drawn to dominance and the thought of someone taking me over their knee. When I was a small child I was transfixed by scenes of Corporal Punishment in books & movies. I really didn’t understand what that feeling in my tummy as I imagined myself in that position was about until I was older. I was actually turned on at the idea of having a healthy dose of fear for a patriarchal man in my life.

How did you get to be a spanking model?

Luck… and a few friends who had been doing it recommended me for a few key sites.

Ten gets strapped by David Pearson on Punished Brats

For someone who hasn’t already watched one of your scenes can you describe what you are like in a scene.

I’ve been told I have a “titanium ass.” It can take a lot. It also allows me to be quite the brat. However, my demeanor is based on the “tone” of the site. I can be a good girl if need be 🙂

Does being spanked turn you on?

See above… but yes

We first saw you on a kink.com website. They do some pretty extreme-looking scenes. Do you like the harder/rougher side of fetish/sex?

I like being bound and “forced sex” scenes in addition to the spanking. I’m not a heavy masochist– a true spanko at heart but part of me likes to be “taken”.

Has “working” in the adult industry changed your relationship with sex/fetish?

Only in a positive, growth-inspiring way. I’ve accepted my body, my sexual proclivities, and have come out to embrace this side of me so many others feel the need to hide.

Ten gets her ass seen to at Everything Butt

The upside is obvious, but is there a downside to being a well-known spanking model?

Naw… I heal quick. The only downside is that many prospective play partners are too intimidated to ask me to play–or think I may not enjoy it since I’ve had other, more experienced partners.

What do you like about being spanked? What would be a perfect spanking for Ten?

The control, the discipline, and recently… the sensation. However the perfect spanking would be a “taking me in hand to give me what I’d been asking for”. Preferably if I stepped out of line, being taken over the knee and spanked through my intense struggling, holding me down and spanking me, in spite of my protests. My favorite part of the spanking is the releasing all control. If the spanking persists, my butt growing more and more sore and heated to a point where I finally give in and accept my punishment (probably the point where I’d let go and start crying)–that’s a kind of catharsis therapy rarely can give.

Can you tell us a spanking fantasy that you might have at the moment.

It generally involves me getting mouthy with a man I’m sexually attracted to. I brat, I toe the line, I’m assertive… but inside I hold a need to be put in my place and this guy does it. I eventually say that one thing that trips the boundary and he snatches me. I fight like a wildcat but he gets me over his knee and spares nothing while he goes to down on my backside. Then, he lifts my skirt and keeps going to down until I start to calm down and stop struggling. Tamed, he pulls me up for a deep passionate kiss (awwww) and… cue really corny romance novel ending.

What?! I didn’t say it had to be a good story, this is what I get OFF on! Most porn doesn’t have a good story, sheesh, don’t judge me!

Ten and Mary Jane get spanked by Alicia and Clare in Strict Cousin
Ten and Mary Jane get spanked by Alicia Panettiere and Clare Fonda in Strict Cousin at Girl Spanks Girl

What implements do you like and which do you not like?

I’m a big fan of the hand… and the very “Daddy-like” feel of a belt (especially when it swishes through the loops *sigh* isn’t that sound wonderful?) I’ve grown to discover that the experience I get in response #9 is more than likely created with a big paddle that spans both of my cheeks, swinging unrelentingly over and over again until I realize it’s not going to stop until the person spanking me stops.

Do you switch?

I top women mostly, but have been known to spank a few naughty men in my time!

What does the future hold for Ten?

A big damn question mark. Maybe a change of location/ career/ my own website even? Things aren’t slowing down, that’s for certain!

You can see and read much more from at Ten’s blog: The She-donist!

Ten also appears on the websites Girl Spanks Girl, Punished Brats and Spanked Callgirls!

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