Here’s a list of some of the abbreviations and spanking terms. Some of these are well-known, some less so. This glossary is primarily here for anyone who reads something in one of the interviews and doesn’t know what it means. Will update with more entries as they come up.

APEX – Arizona Power Exchange

Bottom – In spanking this means the spankee, the person receiving the punishment. Can also mean, the buttocks, or ass. See, Top.

Cold Caning – Caning someone without warming their bottom up first with a hand spanking. The hand spanking would release endorphins that would warm up the bottom and mean that the bottom can take more punishment. Not spanking first, means that the bottom is “cold” and the spanking is therefore more painful.

Fetishcon – A fetish convention, similar conventions include Domcon LA. FetishCon website.

OTK – Over the Knee

Percussive spankings – A spanking that is more about the feeling of being over the knee and nicely slapped than something that is very painful.

Pro Domme – A domme who specializes in spanking.

RL – Real Life.

Sub Drop – The period of “coming down” for a submissive after the emotional high of a spanking.

Switch – Someone who can play as a submissive or a domme.

Top – The person doing the spanking.

TTWD – “That Thing We Do”.

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