Dana Specht

Strict Domme Dana Specht
Strict Domme Dana Specht

Dana Specht looks striking with her curvy figure and silvery hair. She is strict and sexy in her lingerie, but do not get any funny ideas, this lady is all about the punishment. Dana specializes in the domestic discipline of naughty adults (males and females) and is available for sessions in Carmel, California. You can see plenty more of Dana in action in the photos and movies of her on her website: www.danaspecht.com. We caught up with Dana in January 2010…

I’ve just been reading the info on your website www.danaspecht.com. When did you give your first adult spanking to a naughty man/woman? Was it with a partner or how did you get into it?

My husband introduced me to the adult spanking world when I first met him. I was in my early 40’s and he was into it but I never knew there was such a fetish. He knew I was very open and could be a little kinky so he showed me his collection of videos, and magazines and I was immediately fascinated. I knew after watching a few videos that this is something I could get into and enjoy. I guess the first spanking I gave was to him – to practice sort of speak, but I was a natural at it right from the beginning.

What qualities do you need to be a good top?

You have to have confidence in yourself and know how to take charge and control of the situation. You have to be sensitive and alert to people’s emotions and feelings and respect for each and every client that walks through your door. Be a good listener.

I like your look a lot, pretty, feminine and strict at the same time. What kind of scenarios do you get the most requests for?

Thank you. I am asked to be the Mom or Aunt most of the time. Schoolteacher and boss are common requests too.

What kind of role-plays are your personal favourites?

I really get into the Mother role and I guess that’s because I am a mother and the role-play comes natural to me. I am very maternal and instinctively know what my clients need.

For the uninitiated, what kind of spankings do you give?

I can give both sensual and severe spankings but I prefer to administer a hard spanking. I like to begin with a light warm up and increase the intensity to medium then hard.

Do you prefer the intimacy of spanking over the knee or the reaction you get from using an implement over a bench or table?

I prefer over the knee for a hand spanking, hairbrush and small paddle. When I use my leather straps and big paddles I like to make my naughty boy or girl bend over the dresser, lie face down on the bed, or kneel on the bed on all fours.

Dana Specht spanking Sarah Gregory OTK
Dana Specht spanking Sarah Gregory OTK

As well as the actual spankings you are famous for your scoldings. I think this is the hardest thing for a lot of tops to master. Did you learn this skill or does it come naturally?

Thank you again. Yes I’ve been told that no one can give a scolding like Dana Specht. As I said before, I am a mother and would scold and lecture my own children when they were growing up. I guess it does come naturally to me too because once I get started you’re in for a long showdown. To me it’s easy – you say the right bullet words like “spank”, “over my knee”, “bare bottom” “shame on you”, etc. and just run with them. Whatever the scenario is, you can ad lib and rant and rave about the crime and subsequent punishment. You’re in charge and the naughty culprit has to take whatever you dish out. I believe that a good scolding is just as important as a sound spanking, especially if you’re role-playing.

Are you ever submissive?


What are your sessions like?

I could take a whole page to answer this but I’ll try and give you the condensed version. Each session is different whether you’ve seen me before or for the 100th time. I find out beforehand what implements you like, if any, and if you are looking for a scenario or coming to me to be punished for real-life issues such as weight loss or smoking cessation. Sometimes my clients request a certain wardrobe they’d like me in. I like to sit and chat with you before we get started so you can relax and feel comfortable with me. This is the time to go over any special issues or concerns and to discuss the scenario again. When I feel you are ready, I pounce and immediately get into character. I slowly build up your pain tolerance to the point where I feel you’ve had enough and I’m usually very in tune to what your body is telling me. I don’t want anyone to not enjoy his or her session. I am not a sadist and I’m not trying to prove anything. I want you to leave with a red sore bottom and have the effects of your spanking linger for a few days. After the session is over I like to have some cool down time where we can talk about the session. I realize the state of euphoria you are in and I don’t want to rush you out the door.

Dana shows you her strap and deals with a naughty male
Dana shows you her strap and deals with a naughty male

Generally speaking, who deserves to be spanked more men or women?

That’s a tough one. Some naughty girls should be spanked as often as the boys but I think boys deserve to be spanked more. They can’t help but get into mischief and they need to be punished for their offences. It makes them feel better and they know it. They also know they’ll still get into trouble no matter how old or how big they get. After all, they’re boys! That’s why I love them.

What makes a good bottom for you?

Physically for my liking I enjoy a nice firm spankable bottom. I appreciate people who take care of their bodies and their appearance too. You earn points with me if you arrive showered and shaved and wearing clean clothes, especially your underwear. Arrive on time! If I ask you to call ahead to confirm your appointment, do it or I’ll assume you aren’t coming and just wasting my time. A good bottom is respectful to me at all times and gives me the reins during the entire session. I can’t stand it when someone tries to top from the bottom!

What does the future hold for Dana Specht?

I hope to continue to spank naughty boys and girls until I can’t raise my arm any more. My clients will age right along with me and I assume they will continue to visit me whenever the need arises. I love what I do and the people I meet are fascinating.

See more of Dana Specht and book a session with her at www.danaspecht.com.

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