Miss Cassie

Miss Cassie as Elvira in 2013

Miss Cassie is a sexy blonde Professional Domme who specializes in rope bondage. We were introduced to her via her appearances on the Clare Fonda websites, but Miss Cassie does plenty more, as you’ll read. We think Miss Cassie’s fans will recognise her personality from this interview in which she gives us some full and frank answers as well as educating us. These questions are meant as a follow up to Miss Cassie’s bio. Miss Cassie was kind enough to answer our questions in June 2016…

Did you have an interest in BDSM before you became a fetish model and started performing as a rope bottom? What first attracted you to the idea of BDSM?

It’s hard to explain what caused my initial intrigue because I really don’t know, I can only guess. I grew up watching westerns and recently while watching reruns of Daniel Boone realized just how much rope bondage and other things that could be BDSM related appear in the old western shows of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s. My favorite cartoon as a child was Dudley Do Right, which involves a lot of classic Damsel in Distress (DiD) scenarios. Some of the things I saw I tried on my siblings and friends when we played. Then of course there was my fascination with Harry Houdini the escape artist. When I was around 8 or 9 years old I stumbled across my uncle’s Wicked Wanda comics, that’s when I realized that sex happened outside the traditional Husband/Daddy/Wife/Mommy ideal my very sheltered world wanted me to believe and it was really naughty. I had my first BDSM spanking scene when I was about 27 years old. I was walking with my lunch date back to his car, he was an older gentleman and was quite respectful, certainly seemed benign. When we got into the car he told me just how much he enjoyed our lunch and was wondering if I would be open to indulging him in a role play game he really liked. It peaked my curiosity and since he didn’t want sex I said sure why not. He asked if he could give me a bare handed spanking on my bare butt laying across his lap while he called me dirty names. I liked it.

I imagine being a rope bottom is a bit like riding a rollercoaster. Were you nervous at first? How was your first time?

I wasn’t nervous as a rope bottom, I had a boyfriend who after the initial circus fuck stage of our relationship was over asked if I was open to trying something kinky. That was my first introduction to a safe word, sensory deprivation, bondage, spreader bars and blind folds. I was in my early thirties and it gave me a thirst for bondage I didn’t know had.

You teach various aspects of BDSM, I imagine it’s very different from teaching in a school/college. Rope bondage can be very pretty, and obviously restraining, but it also seems very technical, especially with something like suspension. With the right teacher can anyone pick it up? How long have you been involved with rope?

Rope Bondage is a skill like a sport or art form. You can learn many aspects of it, not every one feels the need to suspend, most just want to learn some things to enhance the intimate relation between them and their mate/s. I share an opinion with many of my fellow riggers that one should practice as many ties as possible on the ground before ever considering taking their rope bottom off the ground, for most people that’s about a year of practicing, taking classes and studying. We all know that a good teacher can be really helpful but it’s all going to come down to how much a person wants to put into learning this skill. It does require some spacial reasoning, physical coordination, memorization and discipline, so it is possible that this may be difficult to learn for some people. I’ve always played with rope a bit, circa 1992/93 when my boyfriend tied me to that bed I developed a passion for rope bondage and became very interested in learning more about BDSM. I been seriously involved in rope for almost 25 years.

Miss Cassie torments a rope bondage sub

What would be the one piece of advice you would give to anyone thinking about getting into rope bondage?

If someone is interested in learning about rope bondage, please get some education about rope bondage safety, some instructions for some basic ties (like a book, video, tutorial, classes for example) and learn a bit about basic anatomy so you don’t cut anyone’s circulation off, put to much pressure on a nerve area, bend a joint the wrong way or past your bottom’s ability to bend. Make sure you have some safety scissors and have cell phone signal when you play, just in case something happens beyond your control and ability to handle.

In your experience do people who are kinky go from one kink to another, or do they tend to find out what they like and stick with that?

Some people just know their kink right away and that’s their bliss. Many other’s are curious or under educated and need to learn or transition to what really speaks to their inner kinkster. Like anything in life, people grow, grow up, discover new things or re discover old passions. Sometimes they just move on because it was a phase or fad to them, not what they were seeking or it wasn’t what they thought it would be.

I imagine a lot of what you do now is teaching/instructing/doing the tying, are you still on the receiving end?

I’m rarely ever on the receiving end. Sometimes I’m asked to bottom for different projects, the last film I rigged for I was both the rope top and the bottom, I rigged one of their actors, then tied and suspended myself dressed in typical DiD wear, then a quick costume change and I was a Femme Domme Fatale who tied a helpless man to a rack torturing him in all sorts of delightful ways. So occasionally in a professional capacity I will switch. On the lifestyle side of things I’m a Domme, I pretty much had the masochist beat out me years ago, so I no longer feel that need to submit.

Do you prefer top or bottom?

I prefer to Domme/Dominate/Top.

Miss Cassie paddles a man in Femdom spanking

How does an online session work?

For on line web cam sessions and/or lessons, we chat briefly via email or phone about what they are looking for, rules and negotiate the fee which depends on what they are requesting. Then we schedule a session and take care of the agreed upon session fee.

Are you still learning in terms of kinkiness? Is there anything that you want to try out that you haven’t already tried?

Kink Education, yes I’m always learning new things. BDSM is an old tradition and I’ve been very fortunate to meet old guard, new guard, leather traditionalists, old school mistresses, new sensations and there are always new toys. I do have some things I desire to learn, things that are no longer in vogue on a different level, but for now that is my yummy delirious secret for me to savour as I see fit.

This website is primarily focused with spanking. It seems like during a spanking it would only take a handkerchief or neck tie to ties someone’s wrists or cover their eyes. Once you do that you’re almost at BDSM. Is it a similar buzz to be restrained on-the-fly during a spanking and getting restrained in BDSM, or is it a completely different feeling?

Some people like to mix spanking with restraints and some don’t. Just like some are only into bare handed OTK and others love paddles, brushes, switches, belts and other implements. The feeling is as individual as the people that are playing. I’ve played with total spankos with absolutely no need of restraints and played with those that if I didn’t restraint their limbs I was at risk of injury because of their flailing. BDSM is in the eye of the beholder, I know lots of people that do kinky things in their bedroom and have no clue that it may be BDSM stuff. From a practical stand point other than securing limbs because you have a kicker, there doesn’t seem to be many who combine the two things together.

Miss Cassie spanks sexy Brianna Brown at Spanked Sweeties

Any spanking experiences growing up?

I did get spanked as a child until I was around 10 years old for discipline reasons, nothing particularly exciting most people spanked their kids then as well as the nuns at my grade school when necessary. Most spankings were bare handed, the last couple of years there was a progression of wooden paddles. We were allowed to keep our pants on, the worst part was never the spanking. It was the freaking mind games and yelling that went with it to teach you a lesson.

Did you start off with adult spanking as a top or bottom? How was the first time?

As an adult I started from the bottom, see question one for my first experience.

Miss Cassie spanks sexy Brianna Brown at Spanked Sweeties

We’ve seen you in some spanking scenes on the internet. For you what would make the perfect spankee? Or, who would you like to spank? Or, who most needs a spanking?

I prefer to spank but I like to play too and I love an ample booty. One that has plenty of well distributed padding so I can spank from mid thigh to the meaty gluts, a beautiful female booty that has just the right amount of bounce so you can make it twerk and dance. I’m more into who wants a spanking then who needs a spanking.

I think it’s possible to be a spankee without doing any acting, technically all you’d have to do is lie over the knee. But, I think being a top requires some acting skills with the scolding and such. Are you naturally strict?

I can be very strict and stern. I like discipline, manners, protocol and order. I’m also capable of complete kaos and spontaneity. Depends on my mood and the other players involved in the scene as to what direction our whimsy may go.

What makes a good spanking scene?

Energy, commitment and passion make for a good spanking scene. If someone is just going through the motions your can tell, makes me wants to do something to get a reaction out of them, like poke them with a hat pin, lol just kidding. I’ve been very lucky that the women I’ve played with really enjoy what they do. I’ve worked with some fabulous directors and cameramen that really know how to make the spanking experience fun, full of life.

Anything spanking related you’d refuse to do?

I no longer switch or bottom for clients professionally because many years ago a man came in who wanted the typical school girl discipline scene. He promised he would warm me up properly before using paddles. He had some very, very hard wood paddles with no give. I had been spanked for so long I could really feel how hard he was hitting me. I was so bruised I couldn’t sit down for almost 2 months, after him and a few other untrained sadists I made the decision to only Domme professionally after that and the only people who touch my booty are other professionals who understand if you don’t damage the talent.

Miss Cassie getting spanked OTK

Do you like it when people top from the bottom?

I won’t play with anyone who tops from the bottom, I will either call the scene or gag them.

What does “call the scene” mean?

Call the scene means stop or end the scene.

You have a show on Talking Sex Radio called “Naughty or Nice”, sounds like a lot of fun, we’ve just listened to the show with Jack Steel. Can you tell us about your show please?

My show “Naughty or Nice with Miss Cassie” was on the TSR Network from Feb 2014 through June 2015, the TSR Network is currently on hiatus and I’m not sure when we will return to the air. It was a live web tv talk show with a chat room for our audience to talk, comment and ask questions. I interviewed so many people in the Kink community and Kink friendly communities. It was a total blast and my guests were fabulous! I had Mistresses, Dungeon owners, BDSM Educators, BDSM Celebrities, Musicians, Photographers, Fetish Models, Toy Makers, Activists, Tattoo Artists, Body Piercers, Event Promoters and others. We learned, we laughed, we shared, we had so much fun!!!!

Miss Cassie spanks Whitney Morgan at Spanked Sweeties

Have I missed anything out? What does the future hold for Miss Cassie?

I’m currently a Professional Dominatrix and I’m on staff at Sanctuary Studios LAX. I also teach rope bondage classes there twice a month and I teach every week on Wednesdays in North Hollywood at The Lair de Sade. I love teaching, please go to Miss Cassie Loves Rope if you’d like to find out more information about my skills, sessions, lessons, classes and how to contact me for sessions, lessons, classes, performances, events, modeling/acting or rigging. For the future I have many projects I’m working on and expect to launch soon, so stayed tuned this is going to be a fun ride!

This is our first interview for a while but Miss Cassie’s awesome answers have inspired us to attempt to do some more quite soon. Thanks Miss Cassie, and we hope everyone enjoyed the interview.

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Snow Mercy

Lana and Snow Mercy spank two naughty ladies in Exclusive Education 6

While readers of this website may only be aware of Snow Mercy from her internet spanking scenes, Snow Mercy’s blog tells us that she’s also “a professional dominant, fetish model, multimedia artist, radio personality, film & television actress, photographer, videographer, video editor, film director, scholar, humanitarian, and world traveler.” With naturally dark hair and porcelain skin it seems like Snow was born for the world of kink. Not only is she beautiful, tall and shapely but she is also very intelligent with a great sense of humour. Snow works as a dominant at The Dominion and has many interests outside of spanking, as we discovered. Snow Mercy was kind enough to answer our questions in June 2012…

I’ve read that you had an interest in BDSM from a young age. What came first for you, the spanking or the BDSM?

I was primarily into spanking and simple rope bondage as early as 4 or 5 years old.

Did you start off with one fetish and broaden out or did you try everything from the start?

I started with spanking and rope bondage, mixed with role play. Later I met someone who was skilled in many areas of BDSM, some of which I had no idea that existed, like mummification. That’s the time when I really dove into bdsm. He and I started going to local Hollywood BDSM clubs where I picked up more skills.

What was your first BDSM experience? Top or bottom?

Bottom for many, many years. It never occurred to me to be a top until I started working at The Dominion, L.A.’s longest running dungeon.

Is there any conflict between getting spanked and being a dominant?

Well, in the strict sense of BDSM, yes there is conflict. A domme is not someone who gets spanked. It’s a submissive role to be spanked.

Snow Mercy gave some classes at The Dominion's Third Annual Valentines Day Worshop

You are tall, shapely, beautiful and sophisticated. These matters always depend on the level of tolerance of the other person, but do you also bring the pain?

Thank you! You are very kind. I’m a sensual sadist. I am known to dish out pain when it is carefully negotiated in a safe, sane way. I’m very strong and can deliver quite a lot of impact.

There will be dominants who have different styles but generally, what makes a good domme?

This question, “What makes a good domme?” is often discussed and I hear a lot of opinions. I’ll attempt to give my take on this subject.

A “good domme” can be any gender, size, shape, age, and can come from any background. Anyone is eligible. It seems the single, unifying qualities I see in good dommes are confidence, self-control, responsibility, humility, and compassion.

Confidence is probably the most important quality I try to teach to people I mentor who wish to be dommes. It’s easier to be confident if the person understands how to use implements with skill, knows the limits of the environment/sub/self, and is open to the experience.

Self-control—some dommes lack it and this can lead to boundaries getting crossed, injuries, and feelings being hurt.

Responsibility for the safety of others, the relationships involved or evolving, play space, finances, environment, schedules, etc., make a domme into a good domme. There is always a time and place for everything. If a domme makes His/Her sub miss work because a scene was too demanding or has visible marks, or if a domme leaves behind a play space a mess isn’t being responsible.

Being able to admit to mistakes, being able to make compromises like, “No, you don’t have to call me Master in front of your grandma,” being able accept constructive criticism, and not boasting are very desirable traits in a good domme.

Compassion. If a domme lacks compassion…run away!

I often hear, “The best domes were the best subs,” but this isn’t entirely true. Some dommes I know and respect never played as a sub.

I could probably write a whole book on this subject, but I’ll end here.

Is spanking just a form of BDSM or do spanking people want different things to normal BDSMers?

I often find spankers/spankees will separate themselves from BDSM. It might be because BDSM involves so many forms of play that if a pure spanker includes this label, then it’s assumed the person is interested in more than spanking. However, I believe spanking is a form of BDSM. Specifically, it’s a form of impact play.

I’ve read that you met a dominatrix at a fetish club and decided to apply to The Dominion after plucking up courage. How did you get into being in front of the camera in spanking movies?

This is true. Before I ever considered doing spanking movies, I spent a lot of time doing fetish modeling. I also did a lot of acting here in Los Angeles. So the cross-over was natural after Dallas of dallasspankshard.com asked me to star in a movie. I had gotten to know and trust Dallas, so I felt comfortable working with him on a movie. It seemed like a good way to branch out and reach an audience that shares my enthusiasm for spanking and make new friends. It worked!

How would you describe your relationship with spanking?

Happy and healthy!

Alanah Rae and Alicia Panettiere gang up on show Mercy with all three ladies in sexy nightgowns

What do you like about being spanked?

What I like depends on the person, situation, the relationship, my mood, etc. All of it interests me. Sometimes I want to send somehow back home with lasting memories, so I deliver an especially hard spanking. Sometimes I need a good release that only strict discipline mixed with pain can offer. It varies.

Does being spanked turn you on?

Yes, but shhh…don’t tell anyone. 😉

What would happen if your dominant self met your submissive/bottom self?

Oh, boy, that would be an epic moment. I’d make sure to have plenty of film to capture what unfolds. I can see it being rather intense…maybe some wrestling would be involved to overpower the submissive one…we can only dream.

Clare Fonda paddles Snow Mercy on the couch

Can you tell us a spanking fantasy that you might have at the moment.

Don’t you think Katy Perry deserves a good spanking on stage while wearing one of her silly outfits?

What implements do you like and which do you not like to use and receive?

My hands are my favorite spanking tool, followed by the strap, both as top and bottom. I don’t like using what we at The Dominion call the “lollipop” because it breaks skin so easily. We have a paddle used for ping pong that is very large thin plastic that I adore for both top and bottom play.

Anything spanking-related you won’t do?

I don’t like breaking skin.

What’s your most dreaded implement?

I HATE Dallas’ “pimp stick.” It’s evil.

Snow Mercy paddles Ten Amorette at the front of the class in Exclusive Education 6

I’ve heard you’ll be interviewing and spanking a new lady on Spanked Sweeties!! I like hearing what people have to say about spanking (obviously, lol) but I’m also looking forward to seeing more of you topping because a girl-girl scene with one beautiful lady topping another is just very sexy. Do you watch your scenes back? Do you like porn?

I’m happy to hear you are excited about my new interview on Spanked Sweeties. I don’t want to give anything away, but I interviewed Porcelain and I think you’ll be happy with it. It’s my first interview on the SS site as the one doing the interview. Be sure to watch it!

To tell you the truth, I don’t usually watch my own work, fetish and non-fetish. I am my own worst critic so I tend to not watch my own videos. I was there at the shoot so I know what happened, right? It’s nice to see how I look so that I can learn from it and make improvements, but I also don’t always have access to my work—many sites require passwords. There are a lot of videos I star in that I’ve never seen. I also don’t watch TV nor do I watch movies in general. I guess I’m a bit odd in this way.

Porn is great and I’ll watch it sometimes. However, I’m rather lucky and find myself in real-life situations that are on a porn-level. So I don’t find myself watching much porn lately. Tough life I have, right? I’ll sometimes watch rather exotic porn that I am too embarrassed to mention to spice things up. Some of my friends are porn stars so we’ll watch it more for a laugh to tease them…oh, it’s a fun life I have.

Your “About Me” on your blog there is a list of some of your interests. For those that don’t know, it’s a long list including radio, TV and charity work… and there’s also music! I love your new single “Dig Dig Dig (Gold Mine)”. You’re on your third album now, which is very impressive. Can you tell me about how you got into making music.

I’m was raised playing classical piano as a child and I am a flamenco dancer, which requires me to use my shoes and hands as percussion instruments. I’ve always been around musicians and have been in relationships with many professional musicians. It seems I’ve gravitated towards people in the music industry, but I never really considered myself a musician until recently. Last year I met legendary record producer Kim Fowley, who has worked and influenced some of the biggest names in music like KISS, Alice Cooper, Joan Jett (he discovered her), and so many others. (Google him for the long list of people he’s worked with.) He has dozens of gold and platinum records, and it’s his livelihood to record artists. So, in a way, I had no choice but to record with Kim. It’s what he does, and of course he’s going to produce albums using me as an artist.

Snow Mercy and Kim Fowley

I was just thinking whether being creative with fetish is the same as being creative with music. Does the music scratch a different itch?

Both take creativity and require me to be very emotive. People can relate to music in general, but not everyone relates to fetish. The majority of my music discusses fetish, like my songs “Dominatrix Doll Deluxe” and “Pleasure and Pain.” Both can be found on my first album called “Goddess of Love.” I sing what I know about and I try to make it fun, but it’s not the same as doing a scene.

I’ve just learnt that you have a PhD in Physics. Being a doctor of physics is just about the opposite of what you do now. Did you like the science?

I have a Ph.D. in biochemistry and molecular biology. It’s a single degree that encompasses several fields. Yes, it’s very different from being a pro domme. I like science and appreciate it, but right now I’m taking a break from it as a career. I definitely use the skills I acquired in school in my day-to-day life such as critical thinking skills. I’ll return to making a living in science when being an entertainer is no longer lucrative.

I’d noticed that one of your tattoos looks like some kind of atom or molecule. What is it please?

You are right, I actually have both tattoos. They’re my little secret, but anyone who does their research can decipher them.

On your fetlife… Do you have nice feet?

I have been told by many people that my feet are rather nice. I’ve even won the “Most Beautiful Feet” category at Foot Night International, which is an organization that hosts parties for foot fetishists. I spend a lot of time and care on my feet to keep them looking their best.

And, Latex, what’s good about it?

I feel like a giant doll when I wear latex because it’s so shiny, slick, and smooth. It’s like a second skin and shows off curves.

What does the future hold for Snow Mercy?

My life has been so unexpected that I honestly cannot predict where I will be in the future, but I can give a vague answer. I hope to continue bringing happiness and joy through my work, whatever that may be. I hope my future includes more artist projects, more traveling, humanitarian work, and lots of love. Of course, the future holds lots of spanking, but that goes without saying. =)

To read much more of Snow Mercy’s domination, spanking and fetish plus all her other work and interests go to Snow Mercy’s blog!

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Veronica Ricci

Glamour model Veronica Ricci

Veronica Ricci is a sexy redheaded model who has recently burst onto our screens in Clare Fonda’s spanking sites. Coming from the world of glamour, Veronica brings the sexy and has quickly amassed a big online following for her performances as a girl who can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Whereas some spanking models can seem very brash and loud in their bratting, Veronica almost seems like she gets into trouble by mistake which makes her punishments very erotic. Her new blog Spanking Veronica tells us more about what she’s up to in the world of spanking.

Veronica was kind enough to answer our questions in May 2012…

You’re very beautiful and I’ve read that you started off in mainstream modelling then moved onto glamour, and now spanking. Do you like showing off? Could you see yourself having a regular office job?

Thank you. I started off with some “normal” modelling, then exotic dancing then glam adult stuff and now spanking. Showing off, sometimes. In real life, generally I am pretty shy and not showy but I guess I have my exhibitionist side. Office job, not for me!

I’ve read that you’re submissive with your boyfriend, do you like spanking off-camera? Have you always liked it?

I do like spanking off camera. I am usually submissive with any man I am with.

Veronica Ricci sits at the front of class on Clare Fonda's Exclusive Education spanking movie

How would you describe yourself and your relationship with spanking?


What do you like about being spanked?

All of it! I really like the fantasy! and sometimes the pain!

What would be a perfect spanking for you?

Over the knee, usually by a firm hand.

Does being spanked turn you on?


Alexis Grace spanks Veronica Ricci over the knee

How did you get into the spanking world? What were your first thoughts when you first thought about being spanked on-screen?

I got into it after meeting Camera Man and Clare Fonda and was into it ever since.

What was your very first movie / session like?

It was a lot of fun. Clare asked about my childhood spanking experiences and we relived them.

For someone who hasn’t seen one of your movies can you describe what you are like as a sub/bottom?

I am a bit noisy and sometimes bratty as a sub, sometimes I am more submissive. It all depends on my mood and the situation.

Sexy Veronica Ricci's pretty face as she gets an OTK spanking

Can you tell us a spanking fantasy that you might have at the moment.

I want to have my “principal” keep me locked in his office and only come in to spank me until I learn my lesson about discipline.

What implements do you like and which do you not like?

I like all implements if they are USED CORRECTLY. Of course, I don’t like to be paddled on my rib cage or somewhere to the bone usually. I like the pros who are really into spanking themselves and it shows.

Do you switch? How hard do you spank?

I do switch and I love spanking. How hard I can spank someone all depends on their tolerance and how their body is, etc. For instance, I gave Katie Jordin a nice bruising from our spanking without even going full force on her (she’s somewhat of a newbie) and I have done not so amazing top sessions, to be honest. LOL

Veronica Ricci in a blonde wig spanking pornstar Katie Jordin

What does the future hold for Veronica Ricci?

Too much it seems.

Read more about Veronica and everything she’s getting up to in the spanking world at Spanking Veronica and also on her twitter page.

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Jenni Mack

Jenni Mack awaits her spanking from Miss Chris at Spanked Sweeties

Jenni Mack is probably best-known for being a cute, redheaded spankee, but you’ll find Jenni on both sides of a spanking. Jenni is not only all over the internet in spanking scenes as a top and bottom, but she can also be found at parties with her Ma’am where they both take sessions. The Arizona-based switch has appeared in scenes with some of the biggest names in spanking since bursting onto our screens. She can not only take a very hard spanking but she can dish out hard punishments too with equal ease.

Jenni was kind enough to answer our questions in May 2012…

Your blog’s title is “My Dirty Little Secret“. Why is it called that?

At the time my blog was born, I was in a very transitional period in my life. I had decided that I wanted to pursue my spanking interest beyond just having fantasies about it. I had repressed the desire for a number of years, thinking I was wrong, dirty, and quite the pervert. Through some tough experiences, I was forced to take a good long look at what I wanted and needed to be happy. Spanking and being ‘out’ sexually was the answer for me at that time. What started out as ‘My Dirty Little Secret’ evolved into a journey of personal growth and self acceptance I am quite proud to walk with all of the kinky folks I have met.

What do you like about being spanked?

I am a greedy girl when it comes to spanking and happily say that all of the above would suffice to explain the very least about what I enjoy in spanking. The best part for me is the connection and energy with the person I am playing with (on the Top or bottom side) It’s all about chemistry.

Does being spanked turn you on?

Oh my God, YES! Spanking is my sex and has been for a very long time. Vanilla sex doesn’t do anything for me and has never been a turn on. I am one of the lucky ones who can orgasm just from a spanking. Nothing turns my crank more.

Sarah Gregory gives Jenni Mack an OTK spanking over her denim hotpants

How did you progress from being a spank-o to going to parties, doing sessions and appearing in spanking movies?

My development in the spanking community actually happened in reverse order. I appeared in my first spanking movie for Shadowlane called Mischief Makers 3. That was my first public spanking and was very adventurous for me to do. I remember thinking, “Oh God, thousands of people are going to see my butt!” That was a huge stepping stone and really hard for me to wrap my head around at the time. I was always known as the shy girl with her nose in a book and to see my face (and bare bottom) on the internet for everyone to see was such a huge high. From there, I began doing sessions with my Dominant, Miss Chris, and later that same summer went to my first Spanking Party at Shadowlane. My life has been a stream of parties, events, teaching classes, doing videos, and living my kink everyday 24/7. I am very grateful everyday to be able to live my dream.

For someone who hasn’t met you at a party or seen one of your movies can you describe what you are like as a sub/bottom?

I have a wide range of personas I assume as a bottom. It very much depends on the Top I am playing with, my mood and the role-play (if any) as to what bottom head space I assume. I enjoy the occasional bratty scene and when the Top can ‘put me in line’. I am also very much into pleasing the person I am playing with, so I can be quite compliant and contrite when OTK. I have a very high pain tolerance and I’m especially passionate about canes, leather, and whips. When my Dominant and I play, She can take me on a journey to a level so deep inside myself that the room disappears and pain blossoms into waves of pleasure that I transition into an euphoric state. It’s really a beautiful experience.

What implements do you like and which do you not like? What’s your most dreaded implement?

I am highly allergic too wood! I break out in horrible red splotches J teasing. While I am not a huge fan of wood, I can be worked up to taking a decent paddling or hair brushing. My most dreaded implement, one I live in fear of, is the tawse. I hate, hate, HATE having that ‘thing’ used on my hands. As a spanko, I like any and all play on my bottom. When I am in need of discipline, though, Ma’am will tawse my palms as punishment. Needless to say I am an Angel….most of the time.

Jenni Mack on top as she spanks Sarah over her knee

Do you switch? Do you like being on top?

Yes! I am very much a bottom with switch like tendencies. I enjoy topping and taking people on a journey. I derive my pleasure in seeing their needs met. I am also a bit sadistic in that I enjoy giving a hard caning or strapping to a bottom that can handle what I can dish out. Again, it’s about the connection and I like to think I am helping someone by giving them the experience that they need.

If spanking hadn’t been invented have you thought about what you might be doing instead?

Probably pondering some other way to get myself off. *laughs*

Really, I would be a mess. Spanking and kink are both fundamental parts of who and what I am. I found my Family of Choice, my loves, and myself through the Lifestyle. I don’t think I would have been very happy, authentic, or even who I am supposed to be without it.

Jenni Mack's blog: My Dirty Little Secret

I like your new tattoo, is there a story behind it?

It has been a decade in the making . I spent 17 hours under the needle of a wonderful local Artist who has tattooed all over the world for the last 30 years, Sting (www.stings-tattoo-studio.com). I had the Kushiel’s Dart rose (my birth flower), an antique key (my personal symbol), and Ivy (Ma’am’s personal symbol) tattooed on my back. I affectionately refer to it my Marque, which in the BDSM Lifestyle is the equivalent to a collar or promise of submission, service, love, and divine trust.

Ma’am and I celebrated our 5th Anniversary at Darkcon back in January. Along with teaching classes, we did a performance art piece in front of a mostly vanilla audience from the book Kushiel’s Dart in front of the book’s author–Jacqueline Carey. For anyone who is familiar with that series–Ma’am and I did the scene from The Longest Night between the characters Melisade and Phedre.

What does the future hold for Jenni Mack?

Right now, you can expect to see more of my Top side in future videos and more of my bottom side in homegrown videos with my own Dominant. I am planning on attending TASSP, CRIMSON MOON, and SHADOWLANE this summer. My Ma’am and I will be taking sessions at each event, so I hope to meet some new folks in need of a good bottom warming!

As for my vanilla life—I will be enjoying some much needed time off. Ma’am and I have a vacation to Thailand coming up. Time in the garden and with my two puppies is in order, along with poolside-wet-bare-bottom-spankings my Ma’am oh so loves to give!

You can see and read much more about Jenni Mack at her blog, My Dirty Little Secret.

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Sub Carrie

Sub Carrie: Professional Submissive

Sub Carrie is a professional submissive (and switch) working in the Victoria area of London, England. As you can see from the above photo, Carrie is a tiny and petite lady with big, natural breasts, a round bottom and nice figure. Her website SubCarrie.com has plenty of photos, articles and stories, plus all the info you’ll need to have a session with Carrie if you’re in the London area.

Sub Carrie was kind enough to answer our questions in April 2012…

Can you tell us about your relationship to spanking. When did your interest in it start? Was there a specific trigger or just a gradual enlightenment?

I started my discovery in spanking around 10 years ago. I had worked in a fantasy/massage apartment in London and was very interested in spanking as a few clients had spanked me. In those days the internet was not a good source of information. I done my homework and noticed that a lot of Mistress’s worked in the Baker Street area. I enquired and lucklily for me a Mistress was looking for an English girl to train in the art of submission. I trained with her for 5 years gradually building up from hand spankings to severe canings. It triggered a great deal of satsifaction knowing that I could take harder implements.

I’ve just been reading some of the stories and articles on your blog. Do you write all the stories and articles yourself?

All the stories on my blog are actuall day to day stories that I act out in the services that I provide. I decdided to write the blog as I am always being asked by new and old clients what can they do in a service with me. The blog entries are true life scenarios that I act out. I blog 3 times a week and I pick the favourites on that day. Now that it has been going for over a year I do have special requests from clients for example can they be in my blog! This is very exciting for them and me. As you can see from my blog each entry has a photo of me or a client (if they give permission) of what I am wearing just to give the reader a idea of what I can wear as each client wants soemthing different. I write everything myself and try to be as honest about the way I feel when I am getting punished it is so much fun playing the role and then writing it down. I enjoy sharing my experiences with all that read it! It has become very popluar and I have lots of more stories to come!

What do you like about being spanked?

I love being spanked and my limits pushed. I love the control of a man bending me over his knee and spanking me. I have often had compeitions with some of the men that really want to spank me very hard. Usually I say something cheeky like “I bet your hand hurts more before my bottom will.” I usually win! This is just my naughty side coming out! The role-play adds excitment to the proceedings as well as the red bottom that appears on my back side it is very erotic.

It sounds like you enjoy the roleplaying aspect of spanking. What kind of scenarios are most popular?

The most popular is of course school girl. I think it is very popluar as a lot of men associate their first sexual enouncter with a girl from school and she was usually in a school uniform. It does not mean that all then men I see are pervets because this is not true. They always say Carrie I want you to be a adult school girl. Which I accept but any age play I am not comfortable with so do not allow that. Other popular ones are of course secretary and I acutally used to be a secretary so it is quite easy for me to slip into this role! French maid is popular as well as police woman I think a lot of men find the uniforms a great turn on. I always like dressing up in anything that my client wants it just adds a little bit extra to the fun!

What would be a perfect spanking for you?

A perfect spanking for me would have to be over the knee with my knickers down or off! It would have to be hard as well as I do love to have a hot bottom afterwards.

Does being spanked turn you on?

Yes spanking turns me on. I just love to feel the instant hot feeling that comes with a spanking and the carassing of my bottom in between and if the hand slips into in between my legs even better.

How did you get to be a professional sub?

I was trained for 5 years by a very experienced Mistress. I was trained in the art of submission by her and was her slave. When she retired I then set up on my own and by then was professional.

What is your apartment like in Victoria? Do you live there too?

My apartment in Victoria is a very short walk from the station and is fully equipped. I have a Fantasy Room with school desk, gym bench, spanking/caning bench, blackboard, ropes, bondage equipment, implements etc. I did not want a dungeon as a lot of men feel a bit threatened by a dungeon. I also have a mirrored bedroom for some more fun. The apartment is discreet clean and most of all has everything a man could wish for. I do not live here it is just my work place.

For someone who hasn’t already experienced a session with you can you describe what you are like as a sub/bottom?

If you have not seen me before I always ask for clients to get details of fees etc from my secretary. Once you have made a appointment she will suggest that you email me direct so that I can be prepared to what you like/dislike for example do you want me to be noisy when you are spanking me or quiet. I can take high levels of pain in fact I have taken before 100 strokes of the senior cane followed by 40 strokes of the wooden paddle. I do advertise “If you can give it, I can take it.” This is not a lie but the truth by bottom can take severe punishments and I heal up very quickly. I can be bratty, good girl actually what ever you want I can do as long as I know what you want.

Can you tell us a spanking fantasy that you might have at the moment.

I have lots of fantasies that I think about but I have done most of them. My favourite is being a slave girl and trying very hard to please my Master. I usually have to work on my concentration levels otherwise I do get punished for being useless. I love to learn different positions for my Master and pleasing him.

What implements do you like and which do you not like? What’s your most dreaded implement?

My favourite implement changes all the time. If I have had lots of the cane in a month I sometimes like the feel of leather on my bottom. So a good tawsing feels lovely on my bottom. I do not hate any implment but I can tell you now that I have been bought some leather straps recently from a regular who had it specially made for me. They are around 3 inches thick and at the end of them they have metal in them. I received 10 of them on my bottom and I can tell you something it was the hardest thing ever to hit my bottom. I dread that next time. For me the hardest is the American Wooden Paddle. Again I have just had one made for me it looks like a mini cricket bat. After 40 of those on the bare bottom it stings like mad. This bruises my bottom so I usually get this on a Thursday to give my bottom time to heal over the weekend. I must be brave as I have tried giving this in a switch session and after around 2 the men say please no more! This is not for the faint hearted!

When did you become a switch? Do you enjoy being on top?

I have always switched when asked to do so. When you receive a spankings and canings, sometimes you will get a newbie and you will have to show them how to spank, cane etc. I am very accurate and always respect peoples limits. I do enjoy switching as it gives my bottom a rest sometimes lol!

Would you say that in general you spank clients harder, or clients spank you harder?

This one is tricky depending on who is spanking you. Some men spank really hard, then you get some men who just want to spank me but not hurt me, more of a fantasy. Generally I spank hard but again depends on what the other person wants and a lot of men cannot be marked.

I think I have a trapped nerve in my back, it sounds like you might be the person to speak to?

If you have a trapped nerve in your back I would recommend a good massage from me.

What does the future hold for Sub Carrie?

I have had lots of interest from different sources regarding my blog. It has become very popluar and I enjoy my work so much. I am not retiring yet as I am having to much fun the future looks bright for Subcarrie. Thank you for this interview and I hope everyone has a spanking good time!

For much more info and to contact Sub Carrie please visit Sub Carrie’s website.

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Erica Scott

Erica Scott

Sometimes when I’m thinking up some questions to ask for this website I don’t know much about them other than having seen them in their spanking scenes on the internet. From reading Erica Scott’s blog I feel like I almost know her already and I think she may be the only person I’ve interviewed so far with an autobiography “Late Bloomer.” As the title suggests, Erica came to spanking later in life but seems to have taken to it like a duck to water. Erica is a lovely tall, slim brunette whom you may have seen on websites such as Shadow Lane, Northern Spanking and Sarah Gregory Spanking where she plays on camera, and she also plays recreationally. I’m sure everything I have to ask will either be covered either on the blog or autobiography but hopefully it’ll be a starter pack for people who don’t know Erica Scott yet.

We were lucky enough to ask Erica some questions in November 2011..

The blurb to your book mentions the troubles you had to overcome before you got into spanking. Are you better now?

I am much better, thank you. The eating disorders have been well under control for several years now. As for depression, that will always be with me to some degree, but as I said in my book, my worst days now are still better than my best days back then. Fully accepting my kink and immersing myself in the spanking scene worked wonders for my self-confidence and esteem.

Did you always fantasize about spanking, or what was the spark that put it into your mind?

No spark that I can recall; it’s always been with me, even when I was a small child and had no idea what I was feeling. You can add me to the endless list of people who, as children, looked up “spank” and all its synonyms in the dictionary, felt belly-flops when they saw a spanking scene on TV or in a movie, etc. I was kind of a strange child to begin with, so I thought this was just more of my weirdness.

I’ve just been reading some of your blog, you talk a lot about John and ST. Who are they please?

John is my boyfriend; we have been a couple since 1996, but we don’t live together. I met him when I placed a spanking personal ad in a local free paper (this was before I got on the Internet). This was shortly after I first “came out” as a spanko, so my relationship with him grew alongside my growth in the scene.

ST is my friend and play partner. He goes by the name “SpankoTango” on FetLife, which explains the initials. For a long time, I called him “New Guy,” but after a year, that seemed a little ridiculous. He comes over to my place every Monday and we have a spanking session, which I then blog about. Readers have come to enjoy that regular feature and I enjoy writing about our adventures.

Erica Scott spanked by Steve Fuller in Shadow Lane's The Spanking Professor

In a recent post you were talking about getting spanked by ST and you were saying how you were trying to be quiet because you have a new neighbour. How loud are you normally during a spanking? Does muffling your cries change the experience of a spanking?

I am normally quite loud, as my fellow party-goers will attest to! When being spanked at a party or a shoot, I will holler, sass, swear, make a lot of noise before I settle into the scene and quiet down a little. But in my apartment, I have to be careful. I figure my neighbors can hear the smacking sounds, but if they don’t hear any accompanying screams or protests, they can’t quite determine what’s going on. I must be doing something right, because I’ve been playing in this apartment for over 15 years and have never had a complaint.

Muffling my cries has a bit of an effect on the experience, because part of my mind always has to be aware of my sounds and reactions and I can’t fully lose myself in the scene. But I’ve been doing it for so long, it’s fairly automatic. That said, it’s really a treat when I get a chance to let go and be noisy!

Do you find that being spanked helps you deal with ordinary life better? If you go without being spanked for a period of time what happens?

It isn’t pretty, let me tell you. I am a very moody and mercurial person, and regular spanking helps me release stress and manage my wayward emotions. If I go without spanking for a while, not only do I miss the sensation, the special attention, etc., but I can feel angry, weepy, restless, depressed, prickly… sometimes all of those. Like I said, it isn’t pretty. That’s when my blog gets particularly snarky.

For me, spanking has the same effect as vigorous exercise; it releases endorphins along with the stress, and I feel much calmer and happier afterward. Unfortunately, the effects are short-lived and I always need more!

Erica Scott punished by The Villain at the Spanking Court

What is the “Spanking Court”?

Spanking Court is the brainchild of Alpine Sierra Studios, run by Cali and Heinz. They’ve been shooting for over a year and their premise is simple: People with a dispute, a claim, an issue that needs resolving, come to the Court and present their case to the judge. Topics addressed have included speeders, rude neighbors, perpetrators of malicious pranks, exam cheaters, and errant wives. The judge passes sentence (a number of strokes from 100-300 with the implement of his choosing), and the defendant is remanded to the bailiff (Dana Kane) and the court disciplinarian (The Villain) for the punishment. The sentencing room is formidable, with spanking benches and two walls filled with implements. The spankee has to count the strokes out loud.

I was lucky enough to shoot with them this year, a story arc with six scenes. My last scene was shot on November 5. Spanking Court has been headquartered in Hollywood, CA, but they will be relocating. I will miss them, but hope to be flown to their new location sometime next year for more. You couldn’t ask for a nicer, more fun group of people!

Can you tell me what is it you like about getting spanked?

In a word: everything. But I guess that’s a boring answer.

Physically, I love the sensation of the impact, the pain that blends seamlessly into pleasure. The feeling of his hands, his thighs under my belly, the sound of his voice. Physiologically, I love the endorphin surge and all those delicious feelings that ensue. Emotionally, so many things… the power exchange. The pretense of not wanting it when we both know I do. The game of it: the tease, the anticipation, the banter, the push and the pull, the struggle—all the while knowing that he will win (and because of that, of course, so will I).

It’s sexy, it’s naughty, it’s (somewhat) forbidden and it’s fun.

What makes a good spanker for you?

Powerful hands, dexterity with implements, a calm voice and demeanor, a strong presence that commands to be taken seriously. A man who knows the difference between assertion and aggression, confidence and arrogance, and who can read me and know when it’s time to push and when to back off a bit. Someone strict and firm but caring, who knows how to caress as well as chastise. He respects limits, but knows when he can challenge them a little.

But what takes him from good to excellent is a mutual attraction, an emotional connection, and trust.

Erica Scott and Sarah Gregory punished together with the ruler by Paul Rogers

Do you/would you switch?

I do not; it’s not in me. I have a toppy personality, but I don’t have the capacity to inflict pain, no matter how much the other person wants it. I tried many years ago with John (he is a switch). I got dressed up in black lingerie and heels, and he had me flicking him with a riding crop. What a joke that was; every time he flinched, I’d stop and blurt, “Oh, honey, are you OK?” Some top!

I topped once on video, very briefly, and I still can’t watch that scene. I will never do that again.

Some people say that going from bottom to switch is a natural (and somewhat inevitable) progression in the scene. Not for this girl.

What spanking implements do you like and which do you not like?

I’m more partial to leather than to wood. It’s hard to say which implements are my favorites, since there are so many sizes, shapes and materials and no two are quite alike. I do love a man’s belt; not just the feel of it, but the snapping sound, the ritual of his unbuckling it, yanking it from the loops and doubling it. Hairbrushes hurt like crazy, but they work well with OTK and their classic look in a spanking scene is undeniable. I like some thinner, lighter wooden paddles that pack a sting, but one of my hard limits is the thick, heavy “frat-style” paddles.

Generally, if it stings and snaps, I like it, but if it strikes with a dull thud and feels like I’m getting hit with a 2 x 4, I’ll pass on it.

Erica Scott lies over the bed next to some spanking implements during a private session with ST

What does the future hold for Erica Scott?

I have no video plans at this point. Every time I do a shoot, I think it may be my last, because I’m a lot older than most video bottoms and my “career” has been a bit of an anomaly. But then someone or another always comes along and yanks me out of retirement, so who knows? I absolutely adore shooting, so I hope that will continue.

I’m toying with the idea of collecting all my “Correspondence Hall of Shame” entries from over the years and creating a book out of them. And of course, lots more blogging and lots more spanking!

You can see and read much more about Erica Scott’s spankings at her blog: Erica Scott: Life, Love & Spanking and you can find a copy of Erica’s book here!

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Miss Chris

Miss Chris spanking Jenni Mack at My Spanking Roommate
Miss Chris spanking Jenni Mack at My Spanking Roommate

Miss Chris is one of the very hardest female spankers you’ll see on the internet, if you have a high tolerance and want to test your limits Miss Chris is your lady. Along with the top female spankers at the moment, such as Chelsea Pfeiffer and Clare Fonda, Miss Chris can make a lady’s (and man’s) bottom very red indeed. Miss Chris is a lifestyle player who is also a professional disciplinarian, so you can see her at a spanking party, or in a private session on top of her rapidly growing body of spanking movies. We’ve seen Miss Chris in a dominant role most often but when we learnt that she also bottoms we had to ask her some questions about both sides of spanking. There is much more info about Miss Chris including her schedule, global tour dates and information for booking a session on her website: Discipline by Miss Chris.

Miss Chris was kind enough to answer our questions in June 2011…

I’ve just been reading a few of your interviews from your website just now so I’ll try not to overlap with them too much. You’ve said that you first started to get an interest of spanking at your Catholic school. Were you ever spanked back then? Some of the teachers would walk around with paddles. Did you see anyone else get spanked back then or was it the threat that turned you onto it?

I was *never* spanked back then by any teachers, clergy or lay staff — I was the culminate “good girl”! It was the threat of the taped frat paddle that my PE teacher brandished. It was actually more about the scolding back then. Hot dang, could those teachers make you want to crawl into a hole and die just from their tongue lashings!!! As for watching others get it, well again I got way more out of the experience NOT seeing it! The PE teacher would bring the miscreant into the auditoriums back office for their swats. You only heard muffled sounds, implied cries and squelched dismay. My own imagination filled in the blanks.

When did you receive your first spanking as an adult? What was it like?

I received my real first adult spanking at APEX (the AZ Power Exchange) during a regular Saturday night “dungeon” party. I was restrained on a spanking bench while wearing panties and a leather corset. It wasn’t a traditional spanking scene, it was a percussive session with hands, crops, small straps and paddles. I experienced the most profound sense of subspace I have felt yet to this day, and it was bliss!

As a professional disciplinarian do you still get spanked yourself?

Yes absolutely!!! Disciplinarians can certainly benefit from taking a good spanking just like everyone else! I do consider myself a switch (although I loathe the term) and for me it’s about the balance. If I get too “top heavy” it causes other problems in my life, so I need to balance that out with some heavy caning sometimes.

Everyone likes different aspects about being spanked, what is it you like? And how severe? What is your own tolerance like?

I’m a canes girl, I like to both give as well as receive heavy caning. As a bottom, I like receiving the pain from a cane specifically (I don’t like the pain from straps or paddles for instance). I like the feeling that I’m atoning for my sins through a physical test of endurance. I feel emotionally cleansed from a blood letting caning. I have a fairly high tolerance to canes when the right stimulus is provided *smiles*.

What would be a perfect spanking for you to receive?

I enjoy being caned until I orgasm. It’s a different type of orgasm than the strictly sexual one of clitoral or g-spot stimulation, but it’s very orgasm-like. I call them cane-gasms, a full body, almost electro-chemical feel in every fiber of your being.

Miss Chris drags Sarah Gregory over her knee on Clare Fonda Pass
Miss Chris drags Sarah Gregory over her knee on Clare Fonda Pass

Does spanking turn you on? Is spanking sexual?

Bottoming in spanking/caning scenes can be very sexual, very erotic for me, but that depends totally on the chemistry I share with the top. Most spanking scenes for me are disciplinary in nature.

It sounds like you became a top almost by mistake but your build, long limbs and hard hands meant that you were an ideal top. What qualities make an ideal bottom? Do you prefer men/women to submit completely or do you like some backchat, brattiness?

I did initially become a top out of necessity, but these days I top to advance my skills, to enjoy guiding people on their journeys, and to heal from my own character flaws. The qualities I enjoy in a bottom are politeness/respect, service/detail orientation, capability of “going there” (emotional and physical health). Moderate bratting is fine as long as they know that bratting will result in a larger physical response from me (in other words, bratting = I hit harder), and they accept those consequences.

When did you give a public spanking on film for the first time? Was that a big deal?

The first video company I worked for was Shadowlane. It was “Mischief Makers III” and I spanked Jenni Mack and Sarah Gregory. It was definitely a big deal for us all! It was Jenni and my first video, and I think it was only Sarah Gregory’s second (her first being with Punished Brats, if I’m not mistaken). The thing is Eve, Tony and Butch were so cool about everything. The set was real relaxed and we were really able to be ourselves, do some improv and even got to add elements (the double OTK hand spanking was my creative input!) We had a blast, and I think it really showed in that video!

From what I’ve seen of you on the internet it seems that your spankings tend to be at the harder end of the spanking spectrum. Do you enjoy giving a harder spanking more than a milder one?

Not at all! That’s an unfortunate myth about me! It’s true that more times than not the types of spankings I’m directed to do are on the harder end of the spectrum because that’s what looks the best on screen. As well, I tend to attract many folks who enjoy a heavier handed spanking because statistically there are not many of us out here who can spank hard just with our bare hands. But I very much enjoy giving a nice percussive spanking on occasion. For percussive spankings, I use both hands in a light, rapid, drumming rhythm. At the end of one, the recipients bottom is a nice light warm pink, nothing crazy, not even red! I have many different levels, and I enjoy giving the spankee an experience that matches their hopes and fantasies rather than spank them clean out of the ballpark!

Miss Chris returns and gives Clare Fonda a very hard spanking on Spanked Callgirls
Miss Chris returns and gives Clare Fonda a very hard spanking on Spanked Callgirls

I’ve been reading about your “Mother” (short for “Mother of all hairbrushes”). For the uninitiated are there any dangers when trying a new implement for the first time?

I teach various classes around the country and I explain there are always risks when you pick up something new or try something for the first time. I always tell folks to start their exploration with the shortest and lightest possible implement (usually ones hand, a very small pocket paddle or even a hairbrush). Accuracy is your number one priority and it always should be! Learn what the target area is, and then practice until you can hit that area every time. Once you master the short and light category you can move up in length…a medium sized leather strap, a fraternity paddle, a short flogger or even a small cane. The longer the implement the more challenging accuracy becomes so don’t advance up to lengths you can’t control before you’re ready. Finally, when you’re ready try a singletail whip, a long senior cane or a super long flexible strap. Note that implement flexibility will play a pivotal part in your ability to hit your target. A rigid long armed wooden paddle is easier to aim and hit with than an equally long ultra limp leather razor strop.

Do you have a favourite roleplay scenario?

Oh wow, people ask me that question all the time and I still don’t know how to answer, I have too many favorites! *laughs* I suppose the 2 that come to mind for me the most are Nun/parishioner and Boss/employee. If I were to say why, I would say that both of those scenarios I have real life exposure and experience with, in fact I have some very rich memories of both my time as a Catholic and as an employee in an “Office Space” type of environment. I remember the fear that both sets of authority figures invoked by just walking the halls and I like to recreate that for others. My role plays have an enormous amount of detail in them, the more authentic the better! Because I lived both scenarios extensively, I call on those memories to help enrich and color the scenes I have today.

What does the future hold for Miss Chris?

Watch for a lot more home grown videos!!!! I have some absolutely amazing footage of real life spankings and canings that will blow you away!!! I’m also really looking forward to adding International Presenter to my lifestyle resume as I take my classes over to the other side of the pond in September 2011 for Twisted Leprechaun. As always I will post extensively on my website and send out monthly email blasts to let you all know about what’s going on with me. Please consider joining my mailing list, or just read my email blasts in the blog on my site.

Find out more about Miss Chris and see more of her giving spankings at her website: Discipline by Miss Chris.

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Sophia Locke

Sophia Locke

Sophia Locke is a lifestyle submissive who has recently burst onto the internet. She may be new but you may well have seen her at parties and she has already worked with the likes of Ron Jeremy and Clare Fonda. While she may look different in every movie, one thing you’ll notice is that Sophia loves her wigs and can always be seen wearing one. Sophia is an intoxicating mix of BDSM, spanking and sex, she says that among the craziest things she’s ever done are having sex in public on a ferris wheel and in a restaurant, and a 7 Brazilian guy gang bang. You can find out more and catch all the latest news at Sophia Locke’s official website.

Sophia was kind enough to speak to us in June 2011…

You were saying on your tumblr that you’ve had the fantasy of being captured since you were much younger. Can you describe what it is you like about being tied up?

That fantasy has been with me for as long as I can remember. As a little girl, I didn’t understand why I felt so strange every time a girl was tied up in a movie. I was always disappointed when the hero saved her. What turns me on the most with these scenes is the loss of control, the fear, and the idea of being used. I wanted the bad guy to abuse the poor helpless girl. I wanted him to rip off her clothes and make her vulnerable and scared. I also love the erotic energy that comes from struggling against someone. Of course I would hope to lose!

Can you tell us about your relationship to spanking. We’ve seen the photos of your bruised bottom after the pirate outfit spanking. It sounds like you’re not a fan of the bruising but you like being spanked. Everyone likes different aspects of spanking, what is it you like?

Actually, I really enjoy getting marks. It’s a nice reminder of what I went through every time I sit down for a few days afterward. The bruising that I received during my “pirate spanking” was pretty extreme, though. The reason it may have seemed like I wasn’t happy with it was because I couldn’t work on webcam while I was that bruised. I don’t want to scare away the vanillas!

What would be a perfect spanking for Sophia Locke?

I’ve actually had my perfect spanking! It started out with me requesting a OTK spanking from my Owner. He put me over His knee on the couch and it started out nicely. I decided to be a little bratty by trying to run away. I really enjoy the takedown and capture sort of play. He chased me around the room, grabbing me by my hair and forcing me down on my knees for more spankings. Each hit was more severe! He would tell me after each time that He was finished – our game was over. He used that line to get close to me again so He could hold me down and spank me more. Each individual spanking was almost over my limit of how much pain my body could take. Being on the edge of that pain eventually brought me to such a deep subspace that I was able to truly believe that I would never get away, that it would never end. I had tears streaming down my face and onto the carpet. I had given up. I felt like He could do anything to me and I would just take it. He played with my pussy for a while, telling me that He would loan me out to friends, that I could never escape Him. I have never been so turned on in my life! Of course, in the very back of my mind I knew it was a game. I could have never gone that far mentally (and enjoyed it) with someone that I didn’t trust so deeply.

Sophia gets spanked by Snow Mercy at a convention
Sophia gets spanked by Snow Mercy at a convention

Does spanking turn you on?

Absolutely! Because bare handed spanking can get very intense for me physically, it helps turn me on when there are mental aspects to it as well. I like being lectured while being spanked. When I did my scenes with Snow Mercy, she did a lot of lecturing. I was pleasantly surprised with how turned on I was!

You’ve been collared by M for a couple of years after you read his personal and liked it. What was it he said in his ad that was so scary?

I could tell by His writing that He was clearly intelligent, and He didn’t beat around the bush. He wrote about how long He had been involved with the scene and what He expected from potential submissives. His profile was aggressive without being arrogant. There was a part in bold that said, “I am the One who will expose you/ I am the One who will hurt you/ I am the One who will humiliate you/ I am the One who will cherish you.” It ended with: “you will learn to fear Me/ you will learn to serve me/ you will learn to love Me/ you will yearn to hate me.” It still makes me wet every time I read it. He also had blogs written by past slaves and submissives. They were heavy with public humiliation and punishment scenes that scared the shit out of me. All of that combined was the reason I contacted Him.

Do you have a D/s 24/7 lifestyle relationship? I’ve never understood how 24/7 can work when there are times when you’re grocery shopping, for example. How does it work?

As close as we can get to 24/7, yes. To use your example, I always push the grocery cart or hold the baskets when we go to the store. I have to ask permission to get any type of food or drink. Sweets and alcohol are considered treats and are usually not allowed unless it’s a special occasion. He gives me His grocery card and credit card at checkout, so I always complete the transaction. I am not allowed on the furniture at home without His permission. I also sleep in a cage and wear a special sleeping collar to bed. What I was hoping to get out of the relationship was negotiated before I was collared, so it’s completely consensual. The control over my life is what works for me, sexually. There are certainly large aspects to our relationship that are vanilla, though. I feel comfortable being myself and speaking as I wish most of the time. The main difference in our lifestyle compared to others is that He has the final say in what I do. Of course, there are times when I don’t want to do what I’m told and I can be quite bratty. I’m outspoken and dominant in my life outside of this, so that interferes with our dynamic at times. It’s hard work and a lot of fun, like most relationships.

Sophia playing with her Owner
Sophia playing with her Owner

Do you switch?

I don’t. I’m not interested in dominating men or women. What seems silly to me is that I know how it feels to sexually enjoy pain, but I still feel bad inflicting it on fellow masochists. Weird, I know!

We’re very glad that you did, but why did you go from being kinky in private to being kinky in public on your website?

When I realized I wanted to try webcam and video work to make a living, it was a difficult decision to actually act on. A lot of my life revolves around my sexuality, so it seemed like a natural thing for me to do and something that I have no regrets doing. It’s scary knowing that your face is out there, though. The dichotomy between my vanilla work and lifestyle outside of work was eating away at me, so it was the right thing to do.

Your website seems to cover everything from sex to BDSM and everything inbetween. Which scenes do your members enjoy the most? Which are the most fun to shoot?

I’ve only shot a few videos. As far as webcam work goes, my guys (and gals!) like to personally have control over me. I give that to them in the best way I can while staying within my personal limits. It’s a really interactive way for all of us to get off!

I really liked the fun section, especially the Monday Night Fuckball. Do you actually play those games?

I do! I also play Jack Off Jenga, Battlestrip, Pussy Bingo, and a few others. They make my shows fun for me and the people watching. Monday Night Fuckball works like a football pool, but with more fun prizes than normal football pools.

Sophia Locke gets spanked by Snow Mercy on Spanked Sweeties
Sophia Locke in a schoolgirl outfit gets spanked by Snow Mercy on Spanked Sweeties

I’ve not watched the movie yet but I gather you were spanked by Snow Mercy on Spanked Sweeties? How were the scenes?

I adore Snow! She’s such a professional and a really good person. It certainly doesn’t hurt that she’s very hot to scene with, too. The scenes were so much fun! I got very lucky, considering it was my very first spanking video shoot. Snow Mercy and I had played previously at a party, so I knew I was going to be comfortable with her. She’s very respectful of limits and really gets into it!

Is there a difference for you between being spanked by a man or a woman?

As I mentioned before, the lecturing during our scene really got me going. With women, spanking usually feels more like a fun and silly thing. It can get intense but I feel more playful about it than with men. When I am spanked by a man (especially my Owner), it feels more animalistic and raw. It’s a different headspace that I get into. I feel the same way about those differences when fucking men as opposed to women.

What spanking implements do you like and which do you not like?

I actually haven’t had an implement used on me that I haven’t at least grown to like eventually. Some of my favorites are paddles, canes, floggers, and most recently a dragon’s tail.

What does the future hold for Sophia Locke?

I would love to eventually run a production company with my Owner that specializes in videos featuring women in submissive roles that truly enjoy the mental and physical aspects of submission. Right now I’m really enjoying my webcam work and look forward to doing more videos. I feel blessed that I have the opportunity to be picky about the people I work with as well as the scenes I’m in. You’ll be seeing a lot more of me!

You can see and read plenty more about Sophia from the links below…

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Ten gets her ass seen to at Everything Butt

Today we bring you Ten, a sexy, brunette lifestyler from New Jersey. At just 24 Ten has already had many experiences in the world of kink and she writes about them in her blog: The She-donist. If her scenes on the internet seem very hard and real, it means they probably are, and that’s how she likes it. The subheading of Ten’s blog is “Pursuing carnal pleasure, one kinky step at a time” so spanking and kink is definitely something that brings pleasure for her. Ten has been very busy over the past few years and you may have seen her in all kinds of kinky bondage and, of course, spanking scenes. Ten is very cute with a lovely bottom and as she says in her blog “[her] life is awesome”!

Ten was kind enough to answer these questions in February 2011…

First things first, we’re guessing that Ten was not the name you were born with. Choosing a stagename is hard, we’ve tried and failed. We like Ten, is there a story behind it?

I have a link to a big, long story here for fetlife users: http://fetlife.com/users/37355/posts/121213

Short version:

I started out belonging to someone as “slave 10”. However, I realized as I started exploring the scene that I wasn’t a slave– I left that man and, since everyone knew me by the name, turned the number into a word. “Ten” became my name in “real life” as well as I became open about my kink. My roommates call me “Ten”, my friends call me “Ten”, even some people at the Vanilla job call me “Ten”.

Currently looking for a ‘last name’ to go with “Ten”. It means “Heaven” in Japanese, so maybe trying to find something that flows with that. Any suggestions?

Can you tell us about your relationship to spanking. When did your interest in it start?

I’ve always felt drawn to dominance and the thought of someone taking me over their knee. When I was a small child I was transfixed by scenes of Corporal Punishment in books & movies. I really didn’t understand what that feeling in my tummy as I imagined myself in that position was about until I was older. I was actually turned on at the idea of having a healthy dose of fear for a patriarchal man in my life.

How did you get to be a spanking model?

Luck… and a few friends who had been doing it recommended me for a few key sites.

Ten gets strapped by David Pearson on Punished Brats

For someone who hasn’t already watched one of your scenes can you describe what you are like in a scene.

I’ve been told I have a “titanium ass.” It can take a lot. It also allows me to be quite the brat. However, my demeanor is based on the “tone” of the site. I can be a good girl if need be 🙂

Does being spanked turn you on?

See above… but yes

We first saw you on a kink.com website. They do some pretty extreme-looking scenes. Do you like the harder/rougher side of fetish/sex?

I like being bound and “forced sex” scenes in addition to the spanking. I’m not a heavy masochist– a true spanko at heart but part of me likes to be “taken”.

Has “working” in the adult industry changed your relationship with sex/fetish?

Only in a positive, growth-inspiring way. I’ve accepted my body, my sexual proclivities, and have come out to embrace this side of me so many others feel the need to hide.

Ten gets her ass seen to at Everything Butt

The upside is obvious, but is there a downside to being a well-known spanking model?

Naw… I heal quick. The only downside is that many prospective play partners are too intimidated to ask me to play–or think I may not enjoy it since I’ve had other, more experienced partners.

What do you like about being spanked? What would be a perfect spanking for Ten?

The control, the discipline, and recently… the sensation. However the perfect spanking would be a “taking me in hand to give me what I’d been asking for”. Preferably if I stepped out of line, being taken over the knee and spanked through my intense struggling, holding me down and spanking me, in spite of my protests. My favorite part of the spanking is the releasing all control. If the spanking persists, my butt growing more and more sore and heated to a point where I finally give in and accept my punishment (probably the point where I’d let go and start crying)–that’s a kind of catharsis therapy rarely can give.

Can you tell us a spanking fantasy that you might have at the moment.

It generally involves me getting mouthy with a man I’m sexually attracted to. I brat, I toe the line, I’m assertive… but inside I hold a need to be put in my place and this guy does it. I eventually say that one thing that trips the boundary and he snatches me. I fight like a wildcat but he gets me over his knee and spares nothing while he goes to down on my backside. Then, he lifts my skirt and keeps going to down until I start to calm down and stop struggling. Tamed, he pulls me up for a deep passionate kiss (awwww) and… cue really corny romance novel ending.

What?! I didn’t say it had to be a good story, this is what I get OFF on! Most porn doesn’t have a good story, sheesh, don’t judge me!

Ten and Mary Jane get spanked by Alicia and Clare in Strict Cousin
Ten and Mary Jane get spanked by Alicia Panettiere and Clare Fonda in Strict Cousin at Girl Spanks Girl

What implements do you like and which do you not like?

I’m a big fan of the hand… and the very “Daddy-like” feel of a belt (especially when it swishes through the loops *sigh* isn’t that sound wonderful?) I’ve grown to discover that the experience I get in response #9 is more than likely created with a big paddle that spans both of my cheeks, swinging unrelentingly over and over again until I realize it’s not going to stop until the person spanking me stops.

Do you switch?

I top women mostly, but have been known to spank a few naughty men in my time!

What does the future hold for Ten?

A big damn question mark. Maybe a change of location/ career/ my own website even? Things aren’t slowing down, that’s for certain!

You can see and read much more from at Ten’s blog: The She-donist!

Ten also appears on the websites Girl Spanks Girl, Punished Brats and Spanked Callgirls!

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Sarah Gregory

Sarah Gregory
Sarah looking adorable in bunches, and showing off her new shorter haircut

Sarah Gregory has burst onto the spanking scene in recent years. As she explains, Sarah had been fascinated by spanking for most of her life but her first ever spanking was on film. Now she has been spanked many times for websites and in her personal life, and her own website has taken off too. As you’ll read in this interview Sarah is a very talented switch as well as being very sexy. Plenty more of her thoughts regarding spanking can be found at her spanking blog.

We caught up with Sarah Gregory in September 2010…

I was sorry to hear that you were in hospital recently. Are you ok now? How long before you get your next spanking?

I am ok now thanks. I had a hernia repair surgery for what looked like a congenital femoral hernia. It was rather serious though, more than first expected to be. Luckily I have a great family when it comes to health issues. They were there to take care of me in my first week and a half of recovery.

As far as spanking…. I have already received my next spankings…….hehe. This booty could not wait. I probably pushed it a bit too soon, but being at a spanking party two weeks after surgery was like putting candy in front of a child and telling them not to touch it.

Were you spanked growing up?

No I was never spanked growing up. My mother, being a social worked doesn’t believe in spanking or any kind of physical punishment. She was all about positive reinforcement through charts and stickers and rewards. My father I think went along with her, though threatened once from him, he never went through with it. I think the threat in itself worked enough….

When did you first realise you might like spanking?

Hmmmmm, I can’t exactly pin down an exact age, but I am sure it is around 5 or 6 years of age, when I was in Kindergarten. That is when I had my first fantasy of a teacher spanking me and I was hooked on this idea. I was determined at that point to watch it in as many mainstream movies as I could, look it up in the dictionary, and play school with my friends to try to get them to spank me. The idea of spanking was so interesting to me, but at the same time I felt like there was something “wrong” with me for thinking these thoughts, so I hid them from everyone and was quite embarrassed at the mention of spanking around me.

How was your very first spanking?

My very first spanking was not something that I had expected. Let’s just say it was not at all what I had hoped for and longed for. I think this had to do with the fact that my first time getting a real spanking, as in hard, was in a Punished Brats video where Veronica Bound spanked me. Based on this experience, I got labelled as having a low tolerance…well it was my first damn time getting spanked, of course I would need to work up a tolerance over time, which I know realize. I currently have a medium to high tolerance and can gradually keep taking more and more. I surprise myself sometimes with what I take.

Deep down, I really consider my first spanking experience off camera to be more of what I had in mind and expected. This was with Stephanie Locke at the first Shadow Lane party I attended in 2008. I wrote in detail about it in this blog posting that I think everyone should read.

Some people say they like the pain, other people don’t like the pain but like the feeling of being submissive and being controlled by the other person. What do you like about being spanked?

Well, I am definitely not a submissive. I like to call myself a brat or bottom. I don’t like the pain from the actual spanking at all. It is more emotional for me. As Mike Billa once said, “Spanking is 80% emotion and 20% pain.” That will stick with me forever.

I like best when I am spanked by a mother or father figure because it gives me the sense of “being taken care of and loved” If someone takes the time to spank me for something they see is important, or even something they know will help relax me in times of stress, it shows that they care for me in a way that I have felt lacking other place in my life.

I also like being spanked by a woman whom I am sexually attracted to as foreplay for sex. I love role-play and sensual spanking with more feeling and rubbing as well as spanking. I like this kind of spanking because it turns me on and makes me again feel loved and like the woman wants me and therefore, I want to please her knowing that she is in control and can control my sexual arousal. There is just something so hot about this whole concept of spanking in sex and I hope to continue exploring this in future sexual and romantic relationships.

Krystal Star spanks Sarah Gregory OTK in her Spanked Stripper update
Krystal Star spanks Sarah Gregory OTK in her Spanked Stripper update

I hear you’re a spokeswoman for a paddle manufacturer. Do you like implements? What makes a good paddle?

Yes, I am a spokesperson for PM ProductX, formerly Paddle Master Pro with my friend Kat. St. James. I love of course getting my name and website out there to as many people as possible and being a spokesperson for a paddle company helps with marketing for me and for them. I like PMX because their paddles come in many colors and styles. I think variety is good when owning paddles. Because I make my own videos for my site, I like to use different implements in each scene. Being a girl, I also love brightly colored things and being able to have paddles like this rocks. I also like a paddle that is lighter and stingy vs. heavy and thuddy. I want to feel it, and hear it, but I don’t want a mark there a week later. I am also a huge fan of leather. I have a bunch of leather products from Ian at the London Tanners and Cane-iac. I have done work on the Cane-iac website as well in the past.

What with your blog and your website you must be very busy. Do you find time to get spanked off-camera any more?

No not really, which makes me kinda sad. I don’t have anyone local to do this with. However, I have a new good friend, Paul “Tubaman” Rogers, who has been kinda taking care of me and there for me lately. We have become close in the scene and attend most parties together now. He has topped me on my website and will be doing quite a bit more. I sort of see him as a daddy figure. Weird as it may sounds since I used to not get spanked by men, but he is great and there for me emotionally and for spanking me. When he comes to visit me and me him, I do get to do a lot of off camera spanking, but this is only maybe every other month or so.

How is your website doing?

My website is doing pretty good for being so new, better than I thought. It has been so fun doing all my shooting, editing, and all the work myself…yes hard work…but work I find fulfilling and enjoy. I can’t see myself doing anything else at this point. Also, working behind the scenes more gives me a whole new respect for what all the other companies do whom I have worked for as just the talent. What the viewer sees as the final project has had so much time, money, and energy that have gone into it on all levels.

I like the scenes where you’re with another sexy lady and one or both of you switch. You seem to relish taking charge and topping in a scene? Do you enjoy it?

Yes, I do love taking charge in a scene with a young lady. It gives me a chance to do for others what I like done with me. I feel as a mentor in a way to these newer girls getting into the business and it is fulfilling knowing I am guiding them and helping them and through spanking them, I believe it helps them get farther in their careers, I know it did for me, the more people I had to spank me, the farther I got and more confident I got. Plus, being on the bottom of so many talented tops over the years has taught me how to be a good top. It is my belief that every good top has been on the bottom at some point. And I believe that because I know what a bottom wants and craves, I can give them this as one who has been in their shoes. I look forward to being able to keep developing my topping side. I will always be a true bottom at heart, so don’t you worry, but that doesn’t mean I won’t top as well and enjoy it.

Sinn Sage gives Sarah Gregory a kinky nude lesbian spanking with her hand, belt and paddle
Sinn Sage gives Sarah Gregory a kinky nude lesbian spanking with her hand, belt and paddle

What do you like doing when you’re not involved with spanking?

I do so much when I am not involved with spanking. I take part in many community theatre productions. I usually am in two every fall and try to do one in the spring providing I have time between all the spanking work. But, my main two I do are in the fall from September through January, so my spanking and modelling work gets limited around rehearsal schedules during these months. I also take private voice lessons, acting lessons, and sing in a Jewish Choir. I recently adopted a one-year-old puppy who is my pride and joy. I love him and spend a lot of time with him, taking him on walks, runs, and just playing in the apartment. I have put the dating thing on hold for now as I have had so much trouble with it, that when I am ready to meet that special someone, I am hoping it just happens. I need to stop trying to hard I realized. As lonely as it gets, I do have a lot to keep me busy. I have a great vanilla roommate and we go out dancing, watch movies, and just have fun hanging out. I also have a few other local vanilla friends, all of whom know what I do and respect my work, but I can have vanilla fun with them too. I love amusement parks, going swimming, and to the beach in the summer.

From reading about your adventures on your blog it sounds like you get to travel the world and meet lots of interesting people. I’m sure a lot of people would LOVE to swap places with you… if you were to swap your lifestyle for another, what would you do?

I think that if I were to swap my spanking life style and work with another form of work and lifestyle, I would love to live in Hollywood and be involved with mainstream acting and movies. I would love to do commercials, be in real movies, and hopefully make it big in that world.

If not to Hollywood, then maybe to New York City to attempt being a Broadway star, living in a cute Manhattan apartment with other theatre geeks and working the subway, shopping in the city, and going to some cool lesbian bars at night when not in shows.

What does the future hold for Sarah Gregory?

Good question!….I hope to keep building my website with lots of new and fun content. I want to add some more disciplinary type videos as well as get a little more erotic. I want a huge variety of a lot of different types of spanking videos that all interest me in different ways. I want to get to as many spanking parties as possible and just go to the top until I can’t climb anymore. I want to not have to work at the strip club anymore and be bringing in enough income through spanking. I have just started booking a few private spanking session as I have a link for this on my website. I hope to build my clients up on this and book more and more sessions. I have so much fun with them.

As far as vanilla work, I plan to continue with the Community Theater, voice, and acting lessons. I also plan to look into grad school within the next 4 years or so I am thinking of that. I want a degree to fall back on, and just having my B.A. is not enough these days. I also plan to take up my vanilla photography and try to sell some of my work on a vanilla website. Lots of ideas going around in my head. But some of the money I make off the website, I would like to save for Grad School. That was a main idea I had before even going into this as a full time job.

For more from Sarah Gregory check out her websites…

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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